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St. Mary’s Catholic Tombstones

One mile north of Reliance, SD.

Updated June 2004.

Name and Photo Link
Anderson, Elmer
Anderson, Florence
Arnoldy, Roland
Arnoldy, Ruth
Banks, Charles Russell
Banks' cornerstones
Banks' family stone
Banks, Lou Fannette
Banks, William John
Banks, Mercedes
Bowar, Charles T.
Bowar, Fred J.
Bowar, John
Bowar, Julia
Bowar, Mary Elizabeth
Bukacek family stone
Bukacek, Adolph
Bukacek, Amalia
Bukacek, Baby Boy
Bukacek, James
Bukacek, Jerome and Connie
Bukacek, Joseph
Bukacek, Marie
Cullen, Bernard P.
Cullen, Edward
Cullen, Edward P.
Cullen, Francis V.
Cullen, John J.
Cullen, Louis
Cullen, Margaret
Cullen, Mary E.
Cullen, Mary V.
Cullen, Ralph and Martin
Cullen stone
Cullen stone (2)
Cullen, William "Babe" and Irene
Dirks, Three Angels
Dirks, Isaac
Dirks, family plot
Donelan, Anthony
Donelan, Bertha Sauer
Donelan, Ester
Donelan, James
Donelan, John
Fletcher, Donald and Joanne
Fletcher, Joanne
Gaede, Edith
Gaede, Herman
Geppert, George and Loretta
Geppert, George
Geppert, Irene
Graves, Alicia
Graves, Dorothy
Graves, James
Graves, Otis Lloyd
Graves stone
Griffin, Ann
Gudahl, Baby Boy and Baby Girl
Hahn, Dewey
Hahn, Marie
Handley, Morming
Hodgin, Art and Carmen
Hodgin, Harold
Hodgin, Helen
Hofer, Raymond and MIldred
Hurd, Eilene
Karlen, Madeline
Karlen, Merrill
Karlen stone
Karlen, Vida M.
Kentch, Elwood K. and Katie E.
Kentch, George and Alice
Kentch, Katie
King, Cecil and Darlene
King, Emily
King, Joseph M.
Kistler, Francis
Kistler, Grace
Kistler, Milo
Kistler stone
Laberge, P. Joseph
Laberge, unknown
Lehma, Esther Melton
Lippens, Charles
Lippens, Joanna
Lund, June Anita
Maag, Patricia
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Joseph Ignatius
Martin, Joseph Ignatius
Matthews, C. J.
Matthews, Julia
Matthews, Robert
McDonald, Norene and baby
McManus, Bertha
McManus, George
McManus, Grace
McManus, William (infant son)
McManus, Lyle
McManus stone
McManus, William J.
McNeill, Hazel
McNeill, J. Harvey
Melton, Esther
Murphy, Laverne
Murphy, Marion and Claire
Murray, Frank
Murray, Joseph E.
Murray, Joseph (2)
Murray, Mabel
Murray, Mary S.
Murray, Peter F.
O'Connor, Elsie J.
O'Connor, Glen Elza
Peterson, William V.
Pilker, Ernest
Pilker, Ernest (2)
Pilker, Kathryn
Putnam, Merrill and Deborah
Rogers, Jason
Sauer, Bertha Donelan
Schafer, Kenneth and Sylvia
Schafer, Kenneth
Schelle, Anna C.
Schelle, Derek (2)
Schelle, Derek D.
Schelle, Henry J.
Schelle, Henry Jr.
Schelle, Loren L.
Schelle, Louisa
Schindler, Clay Ryan
Schindler, Elizabeth
Schindler, Ella Marie
Schindler, Frank
Schindler, Kathleen
Schindler, Marlene
Schindler, Raymond
Shawbold, Henry
Stallman, Albert
Stallman, Anna
Stallman, Clements
Stallman, Henry and Katherine
Stallman, Paul
Stallman, Raymond C.
Stallman family stone
Stallman, Victoria
Straka, Anton
Straka, Anton (2)
Straka, John W.
Straka, Joseph
Straka, Katherine
Straka stone
Thiesen, Anna
Thiesen, John
Thiesen, Nicholas
White, Charles A.
White, Joseph and Mary
Wolf, Jak
Woster, baby Margaret
Woster, Frances J.
Woster, Frank and Margaret
Woster, John and Frances