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Riverview Cemetery Tombstones


Name and Photo Link 
Abernathy stone
Abernathy, Scottie
Adams, Jack and Erma
Adams, Steven Ray
Adamson, Arlewyn
Adamson, Cindy Ann
Adamson, Earl
Adamson, Earl
Adamson, George
Adamson, Isea
Adamson, Susan
Adamson, William
Allen, Barbara J.
Allen, Darl D.
Allen, Darl D. and Barbara
Allen, Norman and Georgena
Anderson stone
Anderson, Amos
Anderson, Amos and Virginia
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Arthur
Anderson, Burton
Anderson, Charles and Martha
Anderson, Clara L.
Anderson, Clara L.
Anderson, Grace
Anderson, Jennie
Anderson, John Q.
Anderson, Lila and Clarence
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Roxanne
Anderson, William
Andresen, Clarence
Andresen, Fern
Andresen, Henry M.
Andresen, Mera (Gilbert)
Andresen stone
Andresen, William E.
Arnburg, Vincent and Myrna
Arnel, G.W.
Arthur, Frank
Ashing, Jeff and Christena
Ashley, Rachel
Atkinson, Harold
Augspurger, Robert
Augspurger, Viola Mae
Ayres stone
Ayres, Abner
Ayres, Earl
Ayres, Ernest
Bahr, Ralph W.
Bailey stone
Bailey, Adela H.
Bailey, Everett
BaileyFrank A.
BaileyLouis (stone)
BaileyLouis W.
BaileyMary (Wilbur)
Bairey, Alma and John S.
BaireyMary and Guy
Baker, Harriet
Baker, Mary and Charles
Baker, Robert
Baker, Wendel
Baker, Wendel
Balster, Donald and Janet
Balster, Julia and Henry
Balster, Kristina
Balster, Lavern and Loren
Balster, Loren
Balster, Oren
Barger, Orrion and Edith
Barger, Josiah
Barger, Orrion
BarryEunice (Vogel)
Bartholow, Mary Jane
Bartholow, Robert L
Bartlett, Fred A
Bartlett, Grace N
Bartlett, Ozella M.
Bates, Ida H. M.
Bates, Irene & Kenneth
Bates, Sherman
Bauer, Herman & Ardis
Beach stone
Beach, Lawson
Beach, Mary Jane
Beaudin, Ellen M. (Glomsos)
Beaudin, Lyle N.
Beck, John
Bely, Marie & Clifton
Bennett, Frank
Bennett, Mary
Benson, Mae Ellen
Bentz, Jacob
Bentz, Juliana
Besaw, Lila Flesner
Besaw, Oscar
Bevier, Buford
Beyer, Ann
Beyer, Max
Bice, Frank
Bice, Freda
Bice, Joseph O.
Bice, Robert
BiceStanley D.
Bierge, Clara A.
Bingham, John
Bingham, Kate
Birchfield, Joe
Biskeborn stone
Biskeborn, Anna
Biskeborn, Deborah
Biskeborn, Earl and Margaret
Biskeborn, George A.
Biskeborn, George Jr.
Biskeborn, Harold
Biskeborn, Priscilla
Biskeborn, William
Bjerke, Mari
Blare, James and Percie
Blazek, Charles J.
Blazek, Charles and Antoinette
Block, Anfena
Block, John
Blow, Robert
Blum, Erwin
Blum, Louise and Erwin
Boaden, Leitra
Bodah, Linda
Bode, Alice P.
Bode, George and Eda Mae
Bode, Harold and Bernice
Bode, Leslie
Bode, Walter and Lois
Boeding, Aloysius
Boeding, Aloysius and Nina
Boeding, Charles R.
Boeding, Nina
Boelsems, Aaltjesecond stone
Boelsems, Antoon
Boelsems, Arthur
Boelsems, Elizabethsecond stone
Boelsems, Hermansecond stone
Bohannan stone
Borghorst, Clem
Borghorst, Joseph
Borghorst, Minnie
Bottomley, Gerard
Botts, Margria
Boudrou, Edward
Boudrou, Minnie
Bowers, Joseph, Joel, and Carol
Bradler, Darlene and Robert
Bredeson, Victor and Irene
Brewster, Caroline
Brewster, James
Brewster, Laura
Brewster, Oren
Bridgeman, Fannie
Briggs, Harry
Briggs, Mary C.
Briggs, Mary and Harry
Briggs, Shirley
Brink, Gerritt
Brinker, David
Brinker, Dewey
Brinker, Nancy
Brinker, Susan Ann
Brooks, Cleo and Ruth
Brooks, Karen
Brown, Bobbi (Bobbette)
Brown, Donald PemroseBrown, Ella Kay
Brown, Ella Kay
Brown, Faye and Bernice
Brown, Lillian Penrose
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Olive
Brown, Richard and Darlene
Brown, Richard
Brown, Robert A
Brunken, Mel and Phyllis
Brys, Harry
Bunge, Marie and Fred
Burkhart, Kathryn
Burkhart, Ludwig
Burkhart stone
Burkholder, Alice M.
Burkholder, Arthur
Burkholder, Charles F.
Burkholder, Daniel F.
Burkholder, Guy
Burkholder, M. Susan
Burkholder stone
Burrington, Eugene
Burull, Caroline
Burull, Helen Suddarth
Burull, Leola and Joe (Joseph)
Burull, Olaf
Burull, Shirley
Busack, Fred
Busack, Harold T.
Busack, Lydia
Busack, Marie and William
Busack, Martha
Busack, Otto S.Second image
Busack, Pearl
Busack, Ted
Busack, Walter
Busack, William L.
Butterfield, Esther
Buum, Dale
Buum, Roger
Byre, Dale and Gail
Cable stone
Cable, Elwood L.
Cable, Lettie (Moore)
Cable, Louella
Cadwell, Alice
Cadwell, Darrel
Cadwell, Thomas
Cadwell, Thomas (2)
Cahill, Carol
Cahill, Lawrence
Cahoy, Paul
Campbell, Anna M.
Campbell, Arley
Campbell, Mary J. and Thomas
Campbell, Mathilda
Campbell, Richard and Inez
Campbell, Richard (2)
Canterbury, Emma
Carey, Grace and Irvin
Carey, Irene and Irvin
Carey, Nila Mae
Carlson, Lowell and Alice
Carlson, Ture
Carnes, Earl W.
Caroll, Hattie S.
Carston, Adelade
Carter, Mary
Casey, Mark V.
Caslin, Marie
Caufman, Emily
Caufman, George
Chamberlain, George
Chamberlain, Donald J.
Chamberlain, Kitty K.
Chamberlain, Millie Ann
Chilson, Denise Joy
Chilson, Drucella
Chilson, Leland "Lee"
Chopskie, Andrew
Chopskie, Mike
Chopskie, Mike (2)
Christensen, Andrew
Christensen, Andrew and Edith
Christensen, Edith
Christensen, Margery and Victor
Christensen, Victor
Christensen stone
Christensen stone
Church, Charles and Miranda
Church, George William
Church, Hazel Vale
Church, William H.
Clark, Roque, Willis, and Florence
Clark, Willis (back)
Clayton, Mary
Cleland, Charletta
Cleland, Ray and Emma
Clemens, infant
Clemens, Raymond
Clough, Carrie
Clough, Cora
Clough, Georgia and Ralph
Cokey, Eva
Cole, Helen
Cole, Katie
Coler, Jessie May
Coler, Millard
Coler, Oren Phil
Coler, Patrick J.
Coler, Paul J.
Conrick, George
Cook, Evelyn
Conrick, Nancy M.
Cook, Louise and Harry
Cook, William Ray
Countryman, Walter
Cordwell, Adolph
Courtney, Amanda
Cozard, Ruth
Cozard, W. G.
Cozine, Lawrence and Jean
Cozine, Lawrence (2)
Craft, baby
Craft stone
Craft, Hugh D.
Crane, AlthaCrane, Altha
Crane, Charles
Cranny, Gerald M.
Cranny, Laura
Cranny, Mathew
Crawford, Byron
Crawford, Dora
Crawford, R.A.
Crawford, Robert Archie
Creamer, A. Boyd
Creamer, Agnes Cable
Creamer, Agnes (back)
Creamer, Alton, DeLaus, Darleen
Creamer, Charles
Creamer, Clark
Creamer, Eva C.
Creamer, Viola
Cressy, Marilyn J.
Cressy, Daryl M.
Crews, son
Croft, Alice
Croft, Everett and Marguerite
Croft, Alice Marie
Croft, Fred
Crone, Boyce and Nadine
Croft, Robert and Alice
Crone, Sandra (Tapanes)
Culbertson, Charles
Dahler, Marilyn
Dahler, Arlo
Dahler, Marion
Dahler stone
Dahlman, Clay
Dahler, Thomas
Dannenbring, Ernest and Adelaide
Davenport, Audree
Davenport, Audree (back)
Dare, Lloyd and Marjorie
Davis, Loren and Lila
Davis, Loren (2)
Davis, Henry W.
Deal, Earle
Deal, Mary
Decoursey, Garrett
DeBoer, George and Leone
Deden, Donald J.
Deiss, George
Deiss, Paulina
Delfs, Lisa
Delfs, Marion and Eunice
Dent, Bina
Dent, Frank
Dent, Frank and Sadie
Dent, Laura and Wilson
Dent, Mae
Dent, Sadie
Dent stone
Dent, William
Dent, Wilson
Derby, Elsie
Derby, John
Derby, Huldah
Derby, Orie and Sophie
Derby, Orie (2)
Derby stone
Derby stone 2
Derby, William R.
Dietrich, Heinrich
Dietrich, Laura
Dinehart, Albert
Dinehart, Arthur
Dinehart, Billy
Dinehart, Doreen
Dinehart, Jessie Milton
Dinehart, Louisa L.
Dinehart, O.C.
Dinehart, Marshall
Dinehart, O.C. and Marshall
Dinehart stone
Dinehart, William
Dingman, Faith
Dingman, J. Ralph
Dingman, StanleyDingman, Stanley
Dockter, Christina
Dockter, Dorothy
Dockter, Ervin and Yvonne
Dockter, Jacob
Dodge, Clara
Dolezal, Jonathan
Dolezal, Joseph and Mary
Dominiack, Barbara and Eugene
Dominiack, Donald and Marge
Dominiack, Hannah F.
Dominiack, Jamie
Dominiack, Jim and Lois
Dominiack, Judy Ann
Dominiack, Mary Ann
Dominiack, Michael and Mary
Dominiack, Mike and Dorothy
Dominiack, Ralph and Jean
Donahue, Rachel
Donahue, Thomas
Donovan, Richard and Mae
Dorsch, George
Dorsch, Phillip
Dorsch, Starry
Dorsey, Carrie and Michel
Douville, Adella
Douville, Helen
Douville, Helen (2)
Douville, Mark C.
Douville, W. H. "Duke"
Douville, William Dale "Bill"
Dozark, Alta (Hosek)
Dozark, Darlene and Idell
Dozark, Emma Mae
Dozark, John
Dozark, Richard
Dozark, Richard (2)
Drew, Bess L.
Drew, Lulabelle
Drew, Myrtle
Drew, R. Allan
Drew, William F.
Drury, Elizabeth K.
Drury, Joseph H.
Duba, Anna
Duba, Frank
Duba, Vern and Lillian "Peggy"
Dufelmeier, Harold and Mabel
Duncan, Alonzo
Duncan, Gaillord
Duncan, Mary F.
Duncan, Speesworth
Dusseau, Hattie
Dusseau, Kenneth
Dusseau, Rolland
Dutro, Alice
Dyce, Alice and Walter
Dyce, James E.
Dykes, Dan and Kathy
Dykes stone (back)
Eastman, John M.
Ebersole, John and Elizabeth
Eimers, McKenzie
Eimers, McKenzie (2)
Eleeson, Elva and Carroll "Tex"
Ellingson, Harlan and Wanda
Elliot, Frank
Elliott, Rebecca
Ellis, Naomi D.
Elrod, Howard and Louann
Elshire, Donald
Emme, Merry and Kenneth
Emme, Paul and Florence
Endres, Francis
Engel, Donald
Engel, Elaine and Donald
Engel, John
Engman, Alice
Engman, Charles
Engman, Harry
Engman, Martha
Entsminger, Eulah
Estes, Maude
Evans, Nora J.
Evans, Oscar
Faifer, William
Farmer, Clinton
Farmer, Ernest
Farmer, Father
Farmer, Mother
Farmer stone
Farnsworth, Errol and Grace
Fast, Beulah, Francis, and Walter
Fatland, Elsie
Fatland, William
Fees, Byron and Darlene
Feltman, Charlotte C.
Feltman, Colleen K.
Feltman, David Carl
Feltman, Delores
Feltman, Harold and Ruth
Feltman, Ida Moross
Feltman, James "Jim"
Feltman, John and Etta May
Feltman, Leora
Feltman, Link and Mary
Feltman, Orin and Virginia
Feltman, Ron and Shirley
Feltman, Roscoe
Feltman, Stacy Marie
Fenenga plot
Fenenga, Glenice
Fenenga, James
Fenner, Dennis J.
Fenner, Raymond
Ferguson, Doug
Ferguson, Everett
Fern, Ella Hade
Finegan, James Francis
Finn, Albert and Ella
Finn, Elmer
Fisher, Anton "Tony"
Fisher, Daisy
Fisher, Donald and Wilma
Fisher, Hazel
Fisher, Kaleen Dominiack
Fisher, Oral and Leone
Fisher, Robert and Beverly
Flaherty, Charles
Flaherty, Edne
Flaws, Gene
Flaws stone
Fleming, Robert and Iva Lindley
Flynn, Goldie and Michael
Flynn, Thomas Dale
Foltz, Lawrence
Foltz, Lowell and Lorene
Forde, Henry
Forell, Julia
Forell, Nellie
Forell, Ora
Forell, Ora and Julia
Foreman, Frank
Foreman, Grace
Forman, Edith
Forman, Edward
Fort, Clyde and Hazel
Fort stone
Fousek, Duane and Darlene
Fousek, Katherine
Fox, Barbara Ann
Frank, Alma Freeburg Anderson
Frank, Bernard C.
Frank, John A.
Franklin, Amanda and George
Frederick, Alvena and Elmer
Frederick, Dale and Marla
Frederick, Dennis Lee
Frederick 1852-1937
Fuegen, Walter John
Fuegen, Walter J., Loretta and Walter R.
Fuegen, Walter R.
Fuller, Donald
Fuller, Eva
Fuller, Neil
Gagstetter, Lynn Ann
Gannaway, David
Gannaway, Frank
Gannaway, J.D.
Gannaway, Helen
Gannaway stone
Gates, Arthur
Garnos, Michael, Sandra, Michele
Gates, Clyde H.
Gates, Esther Swanson
Gerard, Donald
Giddings, Tiffany
Gerard, Mamie
Giddings, Tina Louise
Giedd, Albert
Giedd, CharlesGiedd, Charles
Giedd, Christine
Giedd, Edna and Henry
Giedd, Harold and Joann
Giedd, Omar and Marguerite
Giedd, Theodore
Giedd, Theodore
Gifford, Willis
Gifford, Willis and Willeen
Gilbert, Aggie
Gilbert, Adolph
Gilbert, Aggie (2)
Gilbert, Alva J.
Gilbert, Arthur F.
Gilbert, Arthur and Velma
Gilbert, Arthur H.
Gilbert, A. Ted
Gilbert, Beulah
Gilbert, Eban
Gilbert, Eban (2)
Gilbert, Edna
Gilbert, Fred
Gilbert, Hattie
Gilbert, Lucy
Gilbert, Marilyn L.
Gilbert stone
Gilbert, William H.
Gilbert stone (2)
Gillings, Andrew
Gillings, Tina Louise
Gilman, Audrey
Gilman, Helen
Gilman, Clyde
Gilman, Lynette
Gilman, Walter C.
Glaus, Alta M.
Glaus, Dwight and Myrtle
Glaus, Harley
Glaus, Leotia
Glaus, John
Glaus, Mary
Glaus stone
Glissman, Dora
Glomsos, Jest, Baby Ruth, Julia A., Carl Albert, Elsie Myhre
Glomsos stone
Goddard, Marie
Goetsch, Amelia and Charles
Goetsch, Charles and Emma
Goetsch, Meta and Richard
Goetsch, Oscar
Goff, Alfred W.
Goldammer, Mary
Goldammer, Robert
Gooder, Dorothy M.
Goodman, Arthur and Helena
Goodman, Troy
Goos, Albert
Goos, Marleen
Goos, Roger
Goos, Stacy
Gourneau, Josephine and Leander
Gramm, Charley
Gramm, George
Gramm, George (2)
Gramm, Jacob
Gramm, Kate
Gramm, Madeline Christine
Gramm, William
Grandpre, Earl
Gravatt, William
Graves, Lyman and Bertha
Greene, Edward
Greff, Ida (burial paper) Riverview Cemetery burial permits. No other records can be found. If there are tombstones, they are probably so weather-worn there is nothing left to read.
Greig, Marilyn
Greig, Mildred A.
Greig, Ralph
Greig stone
Grimm, Michael
Grinnell, Bertha
Grinnell, Dwight
Grinnell, Harte C.
Grinnell, Harvey
Grinnell, Margaret
Grinnell stone
Grosebeek, Emma
Gross, Frances
Greunig, Vernon and Pearl
Guest bench
Guest, Dorothy and Jim
Guest stone (back)
Gunderson, Bertha
Gunderson, Geneva
Gunderson, Peter O.
Gunter, Harold
Gunter, Harold and Marge
Guptill, Anna M.
Guptill, Frank
Guptill, Helfrid
Guptill stone
Gust, Hilda
Gust, Leonard
Gust, Paul and Lorene
Hacker, Anesa
Hacker, Christina
Hacker, John
Hacker stone
Hade, Delmer and Erick
Hade, Delmer
Hade, Fred
Hade, Orra and Mildred
Hade stone
Haley, Edward Jr.
Haley, Hazel
Haley, Leone Christy
Haley, Margaret
Haley, Patrick and Dorothy
Haley stone
Haley, Virgil
Hall, Amy
Hall, Bert
Hamiel, Don E.
Hamilton, Ray and Laura
Hamilton, Robert E.
Hamilton, Robert F.
Hamlin, Ben
Hamlin, Ben and Vaden
Hammerbeck, Evelyn
Hammerbeck, George
Hanig, John and Orvilla
Hanig, John A.
Hanson, John
Hanson, Leslie
Hanson, Peter
Hanson, Thebe
Hardt, Charles and Ellen
Hardt, Kathryn
Hardt, Phillip
Hardt, S. Helen
Hardt stone
Harmon, Irene Borghorst
Harn, Maggie and Joseph
Harn, Robert
Harrison, Francis
Harrison, May
Hass, Gertrude
Hass, Henry
Hass, Ida O.
Hass, Margaretha
Hass, Paul B.
Hass, Rudolph
Hass stone
Hass, unknown
Haugen, Harold
Haugen, Harold (2)
Haugen, Helen
Haupt, Christina
Haupt, Louis
Hawkins, Myrtle Atkinson
Heenan, Agnes
Heenan, Bob and Mabel
Heenan, Charles
Heenan, Michael
Heenan, James
Heenan, Michael (2)
Heenan, Vincent
Hein, Henry
Hein, Louie
Heinrich, Gordon and Ella
Heinrich, Jean L.
Helder, Arthur
Helder, Lucille and Arthur
Helder, Lucille
Helen, Wife of Charles
Helma, Leon and Ivah Hickey
Hemphill, Aggie and Edward
Hemphill, Cecil
Hemphill, Ivan
Hendrickson, Edward
Hendrickson, Henry
Hendrickson, Johanna and John
Henegar, Abbie
Henegar, Anna
Henegar, Ernest Lyle
Henegar, Frank
Henegar, Harriett
Henegar, Harry
Henegar, Lee
Henegar, Leitha
Henegar, Matie
Henegar, Willis
Henneman, Howard 2
Henneman, Laura and Howard
Henrichsen, Jody Lynn
Henrichsen, Martha and Howard
Henry, William Patrick
Hespe, Stewart
Hickey, Alfred
Hickey, Alfred 2
Hickey, Charity
Hickey, Clyde
Hickey, Dorothy
Hickey, Egbert
Hickey, George and Julia
Hickey, George "Haze" and Vera
Hickey, George
Hickey, George "Ted"
Hickey, George W.
Hickey, Hattie
Hickey, Julia K.
Hickey, Raymond and Aileen
Hickey, Ray W.
Hickey, Roy
Hickey, Roy (2)
Hickey stone
Hickey, Titus
Hickey stone (2)
Hieb, Albert
Hieb, John
Hieb, Margaret and John
Hinders, Helen F.
Hinker, Albert
Hinker, Evelyn
Hintze, Beatrice
Hintze, Delos and Bernice
Hintze, Milton
Hloucha, Carrie
Hloucha, Edward
Hloucha, Emma
Hloucha, Stanley
Hodgin, Charles
Hodgin, Danny Charles
Hodgin, Harold
Hodgin, Myrtle and Harold
Hodgin, Stella
Hoffer, Alberta and Leo
Hoffer, Leo
Holden, M.
Holland stone
Hollmann, Elva
Holland, Twila
Hollmann, Harry
Hollmann stone
Holmes, H. Boyd
Holmes, Lizzie and Harry
Holmquist, Gene, Edie, and Dawn
Holstein, Edna and Ralph
Holstein, Henry
Holstein, Howard and Loren
Holstien, Ralph
Holstein, Stella
Hopkins, Homer
Hopkins, Lulu
Hopkins, Marlys
Hopkins stone
Hosek, Anna
Hosek, Frank
House, Darrel and Eleanor
Hosek, Roy
House, H. Elizabeth
House, J.E.
House, Leroy
House, Lydia W.
House, Minnie L.
House, Alice Faye
Houser, Christine
Houser, T. Allen
Houser, Thad and Norma
Houska, Blanche and Ivan
Houska, Fern
Houska, Kim
Houska, Raymond
Houska, Willard
Hovland, Gary Dean
Howard, Ernest F.
Howard, Frank Jr.
Howard, Freeman
Howard, Nellie and Frank
Howard, Rachel M.
Howard, Wallace
Hoyt, Homer and Jean
Hrabe, James
Hrabe, Lillian
Hrabe, Sandra K.
Hrabe stone
Huddle, Benjamin
Hubbard, Herold and Janice
Huddle family
Hunsley, Nellie
Hunter, Elva and Herman
Ireland, Hopper
Ingersoll, Lillian
Ireland, Hopper, Millie, and Edward
Ireland, Millie
Isburg, Carl E.
Isburg, Amelia
Isburg, Charles R.
Isburg, Donald D.
Isburg, Emma
Isburg, Fred
Isburg, Harold
Isburg, Hilda
Isburg, Ida Marie
Isburg, Karla Kay
Isburg, Karla Kay (2)
Isburg stone
Isburg, Thure
Isburg, Wendell and Kathryn
Iseminger, Daisy
Iseminger, J. Thomas
Iseminger, Keith
Jabbour, Leola Campbell
Jabbour, Margaret
Jabbour, Margaret Leola
Jabbour, Pierre (family stone)
Jabbour, Pierre
Jackson, Charlotte and Robert
Jager, Vernon
Janish, Susan Kay Price
Jennings, three graves
Jennings, Debra
Jennings, Michael
Jennings, Richard Lee
Jensen, David Michael
Jensen, Maynard and Marcella
Jensen, Robert and Doris
Jensen, Vernon and Sermena
Jenson, Johanna Liddle
Jerman, Paul G.
Johnson, Gottfrid and Maxine
Johnson, Harold R.
Johnson, Lena Sophia
Johnson, Leonard Virginia
Johnson, Margaret and Nels
Johnson, Rev. Wendy
Johnson, Wesley L.
Johnston, John
Jones, Ramon and Marian
Jones, Robert R.
Jorgenson, Anna
Jorgenson, Ellen
Jorgenson, L.S.
Jorgenson, Samuel
Jorgenson, Samuel
Jorgenson, Samuel J.
Kajewski, Bernice
Kajewski, Enis
Kaltsulas, Leon
Kaltsulas, Leon (2)
Kaltsulas, Lois
Kaltsulas stone
Kaltsulas, Theodore
Karlen, Robert and Linda
Kathan, Barbara J.
Kathan, Clara
Kathan, Otis
Kaufman, David
Kaufman, Ellen
Kauth, Henry and Angeline
Kehrwald, Colette and Lawrence
Keller, Milber
Kelley, Edward and Emma
Kellison, Rosina and Kenneth
Kemery, Clela
Kendall, Perry
Kendall, Sylvia
Kendall, Verne
Kennedy, Henry
Kennison, Helen
Kennison, EJ
Kenobbie, Albert Buck
Kenobbie, Hazel
Kenobbie, Raymond
Kenobbie, Ronnie
Kenobbie, Roy and Mildred
Kenobbie, Sybil and John
Kenyon, Charles and Beulah
Kenyon, Charles
Kerwin, Bridget
Kesselring, Bessie
Kesselring, Howard Jr.
Kesselring, Lloyd
Ketelhut, Emil
Ketelhut, Frieda
Ketelhut, Gustav
Ketelhut, LaVisa
Ketelhut, Soyfia
Kickland, Verlyn and Bernice
Kickland, Verlyn (back)
Kiehn, Adda
Kiehn, Eleanor Urban
Kindopp, Betty and Gustaf
Kindopp stone
Kindt, David W.
King, Agnes
King, Augusta
King, Boyd and Lillian
King, Capt. Martin
King, Capt. Monty
King, Crystal
King, E.G.
King, Irene
King, Iva P.
King, James R.
King, Joe L.
Kirkpatrick, Elmer
Kirkpatrick, Florence
Kirkpatrick, Hattie
Kirkpatrick, John Dale
Kirkpatrick, Ralph
Kirsch, Sernan
Kirsch, Tony
Kleepsie, Ben
Kleepsie, Marie
Kline, Rev. Kevin
Klocek, Darlene and Adrian
Knight, Clarence and Lucille
Knippling, Dorothea
Knippling, Frank C.
Knox, Helen
Knox, Louis
Knox, Margaret
Knox, Robert
Knox, Michael
Knutson, Arlene
Knutson, Elick
Knutson, Jerry
Koch, Helen Moore
Kolund, Eloise
Kolund, George
Kolund stone
Kopke, Marc
Korzan, John
Korzan, Mary
Kostelecky, Edward
Kostelecky, Edward (2)
Kostelecky, Elaine
Kostelecky, Elaine (2)
Kostelecky, Joe and Mary
Kostelecky, Joseph
Koster, Emerald
Kramer, Frank
Kramer, Katherine
Kramer, Louie
Kramer, Nicholas
Kramer stone
Krausz, George C.
Krebs, Anna
Krebs, Carolina and James
Krebs, Charles
Krebs, Edward
Krebs, Henry Christ
Krebs, Maryjane
Krebs, Wilma Rose
Krohn, Dell
Krohn, Mattie H.
Krohn, Paul M.
Krohn, Paul M. (2)
Krois, Joseph and Geneva
Krois stone back
Kubal, Lawrence
Kubal, Luella and Lawrence
Kubik, John and Helen
Kulhavy, Della B.
Kulhavy, Millard and Sylvia
Kulm, Adam
Kyle, William
Kysar, Helen I. Stewart
Labidee, Bertha
Labidee, Nell and Walter
Labidee stone
Lafollette, Albert
Lally, Henrietta Snover
Lally, John
Landon, Albert
Landon, Everett
Landon, Harold
Landon, Marie
Langford, Fannie
Larsen, Albert L.
Larsen, Onalee and Albert
Larsen, Walter
Larson, Carl F.
Larson, John A.
Larson, Leland and Joyce
Larson, Mark G.
Larson, Sidney and Irene
Laughlin, Susan
Lavoy, Adeline and Marvin C.
Lavoy, Anna and Roy
Lavoy, Leo Leonard
Lavoy, Margaret and Lyle
Lavoy, Robert D.
Lavoy stone
Lavoy tops
Lawson, Anna
Lawson, Esther Dahlberg
Lawson, George
Lawson, Nancy
Lawson, William
Leacraft, Desiree
Leblond, Horace W.
Leblond, Lizzie
Leblond, Ruth
Leblond stone
Leheska, Anton and Helen
Leiferman, Ada
Leiferman, Bryan D.
Leiferman, Elizabeth
Leiferman, George H.
Leiferman, Ina
Leiferman, Isabel
Leiferman, John W.
Leiferman, Lawrence
Leiferman, Lawrence W.
Leiferman, Leo C. Jr.
Leiferman, Leo E. Sr.
Leiferman, Louis and Anna Svoboda
Leiferman, Lucille and Dwayne
Leiferman, Mary
Leiferman, Mary T.
Leiferman, Matilda Victoria
Leiferman, Reta and Albert
Leiferman, Ruth
Lembke, Martin
Lepkowski, Jessica
Lester, Adrian and Veneta
Lewis, Ben and Sybil
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, Clarissa
Lewis, Floyd W.
Lewis, Joshua Lewis, Joshua S.
Lewis, Joshua S. (2)
Lewis, Leon
Lewis, Niles
Lewis, Richard
Lewis, Richard
Liddle stone
Linder, Norma
Lindley, Clarence
Lindley, John Frank
Lindley, Ozitte King
Lindley, William
Lippens, Edward and Helen
Lloyd, Donna J.
Lloyd, Gladys and Ralph
Lloyd, Preston Richard
Lloyd, Vivian
Lockwood, Charles M.
Lockwood, Chester
Lockwood, Helen
Lockwood, Howard
Lockwood, John
Lockwood, Leone Henry
Lockwood, Marjory
Lockwood, Susie
Lohman, Theodore
Long, Alfred
Long, A.P.
Long, Caroline
Long, Florence
Long, Dorothea
Long, Florence M.
Long, Margaret and Avery
Longden, Esther and George
Longfellow, Morton
Lorenz, Adolph
Lorenz, Jay
Loudner, Abe
Loudner, Rosella
Ludvigsen, Jacob
Ludvigsen, Karen and Martha
Lulf, Freida and Albert
Lumbard stone
Lundell, Alfred R.
Lundell stone
Lunn, Lois Arta
Lutjens, Gus and Alice
Lutjens, Kenneth
Lux, Clint and Cloey
Lux, Clinton
Lux, Dude
Lux, Louis John
Lux, Rodney
Lux, Rolande
Lyke, Francis
Lyke, Myrtle
Lyon, Charles A.
Mack, Elza
Magoon, Donald and Marion
Marshall, Edward and Frances
Martin, Anna
Martin, Clarence and Maxine
Martin, Edward C.
Martin, Elsie M.
Martin, Joy
Martin, Rick D.
Martin, Robert M.
Martin stone
Martin, twin boys
Martin, Walter E.
Martin, William B.
Martin, Winifred L.
Martin, William Sr.
Mashek, Ronald Lee
Maurer, Cleo and Adelma
Maurer, Cleo (2)
Maurer, Dale
Maurer, Edna
Maurer, Henry
Mayer, Johnnie and Lorraine
McClenahan, Margaret
McClenahan, Samuel
McColley, F. Everett
McColley, Minnie
McColley stone
McColley, Thomas
McCormick, Nellie
McCullah stone
McCulluh, Agatha L.
McCulluh, George O.
McCulluh, Lou
McCulluh, Maurice M.
McDonald, Beulah and Orville
McDonald, Elizabeth
McFall, Margery Pickner
McGee, Merle F.
McIntire, Frank
McIntire, Henrietta
McKee, Lee and Iva
McKinney, Barbara
McKinney, Chester
McLaughlin, Alanson "Lant"
McLaughlin, Anna
McLaughlin, Diana
McManus, Francis W.
McManus, LeClair
McManus, Leo
McManus, Mabel E.
McManus, Patricia
Meagher, Robert and Lorraine
Meagher, Robert K.
Medicine Crow, Acacia Lanae
Melcher, Herschel
Melchert, Bertha Franzke
Melchert, Bertha
Melchert, Emma
Melchert, Leora
Melchert, Paul
Melchert, Richard
Merrihew, Minnie and Richard
Metcalf stone
Mettler, Verlyn
Meyer, Adeline and Gideon
Meyer, Anna
Meyer, Charles
Meyer, Gideon
Meyer, Paul W.
Meyer, Pearline and Robert
Meyer, Teress
Miley, Archie
Millage, Dorothy
Millan, Martha
Millan, Stanley
Miller, Charles
Miller, Donald
Miller, Florence
Miller, Herman F.
Miller, John H.
Miller, Kenneth N.
Miller, Lois and Albert
Miller, Millie M.
Miller, Reed
Miller, Shirley and Ed
Milligan, Nancy M.
Mills, Burton
Mitchell, Ralph and Frances
Mittelstedt, Rodale
Molden, Alice
Molden, Ole
Moore, Don and Rosy
Moore, Frank
Moore, Jerry and Larry
Moore, Rose Lee
Moore stone
Moore, William
Moross, Alex W.
Moross, Inge
Moross, Mary
Moross, Maxim
Moross, Philis
Moross, Ralph
Morrison, Edward
Morse, Edward
Morse, Evelyn A.
Morse stone
Mortensen, Ida
Mortensen, Keith
Mortensen, Norma
Mortensen, Roy
Mosier, Joel
Mosier, Lilly
Mueller, Albert
Mueller, Anthony C.
Mueller, Barbara J.
Mueller, Barbara J (2)
Mueller, Beverly J.
Mueller, Dena and Albert
Mueller, Dena
Mueller, Irene
Mueller, Veda and Alfred
Mueller, Veda
Muldoon, Joseph and Alma
Muldoon, Joseph
Mullinix, Gayle
Munger, Floyd
Munger, George
Munger, Hattie
Murray, Clyde and Sylvia
Murray, Pamela Ann
Mussman, Henry C.
Mussman, Mary B.
Mussman, William E.
Myers, Winifred
Nankivel, Reeva and R.C.
Nedved, Bernice and Danny Ray
Nedved, Charles
Nedved, Chester J.
Nedved, Lloyd and Mildred
Nedved stone
Nedved, Susie
Nelsen, James, Virginia, and Larry
Nelsen, James W.
Nelsen, James W.
Nelsen, Larry Lee
Nelson, Alice
Nelson, Charles J.
Nelson, Hanna
Nelson, Jennie
Nelson, Laurence
Nelson, Martin J.
Nelson, Minnie L.
Nelson stone
Nelson stones
Nelson, Virgil and Marjorie
Nervig, Margaret
Nervig plot stone
Nesheim, Libby
Newby, Dorothy and Avery
Newby, Esther K.
Newby, Ricky Joe
Neyt, Angelina
Neyt, Modest
Nichols, Laurence and Rosalie
Niles, Christopher
Niles, Lewis
Norbeck, Louis and Betty Lou
Novak, Goldie
Novak, Helen and Sanford
Novak, Russell
Novak, Ward B.
Obert, Gertrude
Odens, Alvin
Ohlrogge, Alma and Albert
Ohlrogge, Augusta
Ohlrogge, Augusta
Ohlrogge, Daniel
Ohlrogge, Dietrich
Ohlrogge, Heinrich
Olivier, Ivan and Marlene
Olivier, Ivan C
Olson 1948
Olson, Archie
Olson, Carl and Alice
Olson, Clara
Olson, Eugene
Olson, Jerry Ray
Olson, John Henry
Olson, Lena Grace
Olson, Leo Edward
Olson, Loretta
Olson, Mable
Olson, Milo Robert
Olson, Olaf "Ole"
Olson, Oscar
Olson, Paul
Olson stone
Olson, Tina Ann
Olson, Tonnie
Olson, Vernie
Ommen, Albert
Ommen, Alfred
Ommen, Annie
Ommen, Armie
Ommen, Charles
Ommen, Gladys
Ommen, Hazel
Ommen, Justina
Ommen, Karl
Ommen, Lammert
Ommen, Milo and Etta
Ommen, Milo
Ommen, Peter
Ommen, Peter (2)
Ommen, Peter (3)
Ommen stone
Ommen stone 2
Ott, Adolph
Ott, Jakobine
Otterson, Clara M.
Otto, George
Otto, Isabel
Oustad, Embert
Oustad, T.C.
Oustad, Tony
Ousted, Carl
Owen, Scott Allen
Palmer, Darlene Kay
Palmer, Marie
Palmer, Harry and Ann
Palmer stone
Pardee stone
Pardee, Amos and Sarah
Parker, Calvin H.
Parker, Clyde H.
Parker, Ida Kurtz
Parker, James W.
Parriott, Warren
Pashby, Charles
Pashby, Dorothy
Pashby, Mary and Robert
Pasion, Josephine Barnes
Pearson, Dylan Jacob
Pease, Charles E.
Pease, Charles H.
Pease, Clifford H.
Pease, Ethel
Pease, George A.
Pease, Gladys M.
Pease, Jesse C.
Pease, Kate O.
Pease, Martha
Pease, Mary Catherine
Pease, Mary Ellen
Pease original stone
Pease stone
Pease, Warren
Peck, Amelia and Henry
Peck, Henry
Peddycoart, Annette
Penrose, Mary DeCourcey
Penrose stone
Peters, LaVerne and Albert
Petersen, Donald
Petersen, Esther
Petersen, Gerardina and Howard
Petersen, Henry G.
Petersen, Herman
Petersen, Herman B.
Petersen, Herman Jr.
Petersen, Mabel
Petersen, Orgene and Frieda
Peterson, Harold and Angelene
Peterson, Mary and Andrew
Peterson, Leslie Dean
Peterson, Mervin
Peterson, Mildred and Woodrow
Petrak, William and Frances
Pfeifer, Herman and LIllian
Phillips, Arthur E.
Phillips, Leitra Boaden
Phillis, Bernice
Phillis, Hal H.
Picek, John
Picek, John D.
Picek, Merna and William
Pickler, Franklin
PIckler, Grace
Pickner, Caren
Pickner, Earl LeRoy
Pickner, Elmer
Pickner, Elvira
PIckner, Garrett Wayne
PIckner, John and Katie
Pickner, Joseph
PIckner, Lewis
PIckner, Richard
Pierce, Harlan J.
Pilger, George F.
Pilger, Gertrude M.
Pilger, Henry
Pilger, Rose
Pilger, Stella
Pilger stone
Pilger, William A.
Pilger, William S.
Pilker stone
Pilker, Zane C.
Pilker, Zane C.
Pipal, William and Ella Mae
Pingrey, Sheldon
Piskule, Lynn M.
Piti, Catena
Piti, Theodore
Plott, Harry S.
Plott, Margaret
Plut, Harry
Plut, Mary
Pomeroy, William
Pottenger, Richard
Potter, Agnes
Potter, Barbara J.
Potter, Carl
Potter, Dale O.
Potter, Detta K.
Potter, Emma and C.B.
Potter, Harry and Mattie
Potter, Rhoda Anderson
Potter, Richard D.
Potter, Oscar
Potter, Richard G.
Potter, Robert
Potter, Ruth
Powell, Christena
Powell, Evelyn and Arthur
Powell, Henry
Powell, John
Powell, Lena and Alfred
Powell, Lillian
Powell, Minnie
Powell, Walter and Evelyn
Powell, William T.
Powers, Bryon Lee
Powers, Charles
Powers, Charles
Powers, Fred
Powers, Lenard and Lillian
Pray, Jessie and Hezekiah
Prentice, Guy and Martha
Price, David
Price, Garnet
Price, John
Priebe, Dale Lee
Priebe, Edward
Priebe, Gage Dale
Priebe, Isabel and Robert
Priebe, Olga M.
Priebe, Pamela J.
Priebe, Raymond and Martha
Quentin, M. Jr.
Radak, Nelda and Michael
Randall, Avery
Randall, Betty and Vernon
Randall, Rodney
Randall, Julius
Randall, Rose
Randall, Rose and Julius
Randall, Wyman and Rita
Rank, Baby Debra
Rank, Martha and Barney
Ransford, Harold
Ransford, Robert
Ranum, John C.
Raymond, Donald
Read, Harold
Read, Rilla
Read, Robert
Read stone
Recoy, Bernice and Ray
Reimer, Chris
Reimer, Dorthea "Dora"
Reimer, Peter
Reis, Andrew
Reis, Arlene
Reis, Dennis
Reis, Gerald
Reis, Gordon "Bus"
Reis, Laura and Stanley
Reis, Millie
Reis, Ortrude "Peggy"
Reis, Randall
Reis stone
Reis, Trinity Allen
Renner, Paul Gene
Reuer, Alvin, Elva, and Cathy
Reuer, Jacob and Beverly
Reynolds, Barbara
Reynolds, Grandma
Reynolds, Morris
Reynolds, Ione
Reynolds stone
Richardson, Roberta
Richter, Charles
Richter, John
Richter, Charles Jr.
Richter, Lena
Richter, LaVerne
Richter, Mary
Rigney, Abigal
Rigney, Michael
Rigney, Patrick
Rindels, Robert and Bernardine
Rinehart, Faye and Alan
Rinehart, Todd M.
Ritchie, Minnie
Ritchie, Orton
Robert, O. 1894-1940
Roberts, baby
Roberts, Preston W.
Rockafellow, Aaron J.Rockafellow, Mabel and Harvey
Rockafellow, Mabel and Harvey
Roderick, Grace
Roderick, Ray
Rodgers, Alex and Nettie
Rogers, Anna S.
Rogers, Frank and Ada
Rogers, John
Rohrback, Sally and Leo
Rose, Carl
Rose, Caroline C.
Rose, Clarence
Rose, Donald
Rose, Ella
Rose, Joseph
Rose, Laura
Rose, Lester H.
Rose, Mary A.
Rose, Ricky Joe
Rose, Walter
Rosellini, Reno
Rosenberger, Clayton
Rosenberger, Jacob
Rosenberger, Rebecca
Rosenberger, Roland
Rosenberger, Russell
Rowena, J.
Rutan, Amos
Rutan, Anna C.
Rutan, Carl
Rutan, Mark
Rutan, Richard and Betty
Sabin, Myrtle and Kenneth
Sailer, Florence and Joseph
Sanford, Effie
Sanford stone
Sargent, Marie and Joseph
Saskoske, A.
Satterlee, Allan
Satterlee, Clara
Satterlee, Frank
Satterlee, Grover
Satterlee, James A.
Satterlee, Martha
Satterlee, Vincent
Saukerson, Clyde
Saukerson, Daniel r.
Saukerson, Melvin
Saukerson, Myrtle and Otto
Saukerson, Myrtle
Saukerson, Otto
Saukerson, Wilbur and Eleanor
Sawalla, Morris
Sawdey, Edward
Sawyer, Lowell "Tom"
Scales, Ben J.
Scales, Charles
Scales, Elizabeth
Scales, J. Frank
Scales, Joe and Naomi
Scales, Mary J.
Scales stone
Schaefer, Arthur Leo
Schaefer, Catherine
Schaefer, Ethel and Leroy
Schaefer, Leo and Catherine
Schaefer, Leo
Schaefer, Leroy
Schaefer, Ruth Ellen
Schamber, Martin
Schaub, Connie L.
Schaub, Donald and Joyce
Schaub, Frank
Schaub, Mary M
Schaub, Walter
Schaub, Walter
Schelske, Edward K.
Schelske, Janet
Schelske, Mary and Edward
Schelske, Mary
Schelzel, Ruth
Schjulstad, Anders
Schjulstad, Bertha
Schjulstad, Edwin E.
Schjulstad, Ida
Schjulstad, Jacob and Maude
Schleuning, Carl F.
Schoenfelder, Susan
Schoenhard, Crystal
Schoenhard, Leland
Schoenhard stone
Scholz, H.C.
Schreiber, Walter H.R.
Schuh, Harlan and Sharon
Schwalm, Doris
Schwalm, Emma
Schwalm, father
Schwalm, George
Schwalm, mother
Schweisow, Arnold and Florence
Schweisow, Eda
Schweisow, Esther
Schweisow, Eugene
Schweisow, Henry and Meta
Schweisow, Joachim
Schweisow, John H.
Schweisow, Luella
Schweisow, Minnie
Schweisow, Roger
Schweisow stone
Schweisow, Carl and Vivian
Schweisow, Martin, Marjorie, and Richard
Scott, Catherine
Scott, Elmer F.
Scott, Lola and Gaylord
Scott, Pearl
Scott, Sandra Jane
Scott, Susie Lockwood
Seeley, Archie
Seeley, Eva Belle
Seeley, Harold
Seeley, LaVern Forrest
Seeley, Lloyd and Irene
Seeley stone
Sees, Carl and Marilyn
Sexton, Martin
Sexton, Melvin F.
Sexton, Melvin F
Shavely, Eliza
Sherwood, Cora
Shrake, Adam
Shrake, Anna
Shrake, Catherine
Shrake, Catherine and Marion
Shrake, Clint Edward
Shrake, Eva
Shrake, Mary and Morris
Shrake, Peter
Shrake, Roy
Shrake stone
Shuck, Calvin
Silbernagel, Jerry Lee
Silbernagel, Joseph and Agnes
Simkins, Evelyn and Elmer
Simon, Lucy
Simon stone
Sims, William H.
Sims, William H.
Sinclair, Irene F.
Sinclair, Ronald
Sinclair, Terry
Sinclair, William
Skunk, Jolon Paul
Sladek, Blanche
Sladek, James W.
Sladek, John J.
Sladek, John T.
Slifer, Cornelia
Slifer, Earle
Slifer, Elizabeth
Slifer, Joseph
Sloatman stone
Smith, Ann Weber
Smith, Art and Anna
Smith, Bernice
Smith, Bertha and C.A. Smitty
Smith, Clairedon
Smith, Claude C.
Smith, Dona and Beryle
Smith, George H.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Larry M.
Smith, Mabel Gilbert
Smith, Myrtle
Smith, Nellie S.
Smith, Otto
Smith, Paul E.
Smith, Samuel C.
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Viola M.
Smith, William A.
Snow, Louie
Snow, Louie (2)
Snow, Virdene
Soderlund, Axel
Soderlund, Evelyn
Somers, E.A. and L.
Somers, Joseph "Dode"
Somers, Laura Urban
Somers, Leland and Bill
Somers, Nellie and Joseph
Somers 1902
Sorenson, Ed C.Sorenson, Ed C.
Spalding, Emma
Spalding, Frank
Spalding, Minnie
Sparrow, William and Ellen
Spears stone
Speckels, Adolph
Speckels, David
Speckels, Ethel E.
Speckels, Frances
Speckels, Fritz G.
Speckels, George
Speckels, Gustav
Speckels, Laverle and Leroy
Speckels, Louise
Speckels, Paulina
Speckels, three
Speckels, Timothy
Speckles, Francis L.
Speckles, Iva Hilton
Spier, Jackie Wells
Springer, Harry and Mildred
Springer, Harry W.
Springer, Jerome
Springer, Olga and Rudolph
Springer, Vonda, Gloria, and Keith
Stahnke, Bertha
Stahnke, Dorothee and August
Staininger, Louise Berge
Staininger, Raymond
Stambaugh, Glen and Mabel Hade
Standy, Debra Ann
Stangel, Leola
Stanley, Foster
Stanley, Sarah A.
Stanton, Lozette
Stanton, Ollie Mae
Staton, Thebe Hanson
Stanton, William H.
Steckelberg-Schoenfelder stone
Steckelberg, Alfred
Steckelberg, August
Steckelberg, Clayton and Isabelle
Steckelberg, Danny W.
Steckelberg, Delora and Ralph
Steckelberg, Edward
Steckelberg, Harold
Steckelberg, Hazel and Mark
Steckelberg, Henry C.
Steckelberg, Ivan M.
Steckelberg, Jessie P.
Steckelberg, Lucy
Steckelberg, Lyle (baby)
Steckelberg, Lynn H.
Steckelberg, Mae
Steckelberg, Raymond and Madeline
Steckelberg, Ruth and Lyle
Steckelberg stone
Steckelberg, William
Steele, Mary (back)Steele, Mary
Steele, Wayne
Steen, Betty Jane
Steen, Pete and Helen
Steiger, Florence
Steiger, Florence and Theodore
Steiger, Loretta Ann
Steiger, Peggy and Leroy
Steiger stone
Steimer, Harriet L.
Steinfeld, Lyle
Stellwag, Harold and Margaret
Stemmerman, Anna
Stemmerman, Emma
Stemmerman, Harry
Stemmerman, John
Stemmerman, Louis
Stemmerman, Louis Lee
Stemmerman, Marie
Stemmerman stone
Stephens, Ervin and Nina
Stevens, Erastus
Stevens, Erastus (2)
Stevens, Frank P.
Stevens, Hannah Elizabeth
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, H. (baby)
Stevens, Josiah and Henrietta
Stevens, Lucy
Stevens, Thomas A.
Stewart, Archie
Stewart, Candace
Stewart, Frederick
Stewart, Gale
Stewart, Patricia
Stilley, Dean and Janet
Stindtman, Agnes
Stocks, Alice
Stocks, C.W.
Stokke, Carmen
Stolley, Ellen
Stolte, Arthur
Stolte, Mary
Stolte, Shannon
Stolte stone
Stolte, Tracy Joe
Stolte, Vona and Walter
Stoops, Arnum
Stoops, Golden
Stoops, William
Storjohann, Larry
Stransky, Donald and Pauline
Strong, Maria
Stroube, John A.
Stuart, Elsie M.
Stuart, O.C.
Stuart, Oscar and Matilda
Stuntebeck, Arnold
Stuntebeck, Barbara Schweisow
Sturgeon, Bonnie
Sturgeon, Charles Lee
Sturgeon, Ruby
Sturgeon, Ruby
Sue 1891
Suiter, Amanda
Suiter, Carey
Suiter, Clarice and Wayne
Suiter, Homer
Sullivan, Marjorie and Raymond
Sullivan, William Patrick
Svenson, Charles V.
Svenson, Charles V.
Swanson, Alfred
Swanson, Daniel
Swanson, Harold and Marjorie
Swanson, Robert and Pearl
Sweet, Jennie
Sweet, William
Swenson, James
Swenson, Swen
Taber, Virgil
Taber, Virgil
Taecker, Nicholas
Taecker, Nicholas (2)
Taft, Anna L.
Taft, Celia May
Taft, Edson B.
Taft family stone
Taft, Julia Miller
Tagtow, Carl
Tagtow, Fredericka
Tagtow, Robert
Tagtow stone
Tapanes, Sandra Crone
Terpstra, Anna
Terpstra, Jacob
Thaler, Edward and Cleo
Thiel, Clarence and Pearl
Thies, Henry Otto
Thomas, Carmel M.
Thomas, Glen Richard
Thomas, Opal Irene
Thomas, Richard
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Hilda A.
Thompson, Jennie and Irving
Thorson, John H.
Thorson, Othelia
Thorson, Walter
Thwing, Robert
Tidrick, Charles
Tidrick, Eugenia
Tidrick, Lillian
Tippens, Anna M.
Tippens, George M.
Tippens, George W.
Tobey, Donald
Tobey, Julia
Traxel, Marie and Albert
Troth, William Irving
Truman, Chassy Ann
Truman, Gertrude
Truman, Jay W.
Truman, Patrick
Truman, Patrick (2)
Truman, William
Turgeon, Anna Seraphine
Turgeon baby
Turgeon, Gertrude
Turgeon, Cesaire
Turgeon, Mary
Turgeon, Onesime
Turgeon, Phillip
Turgeon, Seraphine
Tyrrell, Maynard "Sandy"
Umscheid, Louis
Urban, Dallas and Averl
Urban, Daniel
Urban, Elizabeth
Urban, Laura Somers
Urban, Mildred
Van Horn, Jennie
Van Horn, William
VanOverschelde, Murril
VanOverschelde, Richard
Van Patter, Jarvis
Van Schaack, Eva
Van Schaack, Gracie
Van Schaack, Ruth
Van Zante, Delos and Blanche
Vaughn, Beulah
Vaughn, Clarence
Vaughn, Ethel
Vaughn stone
Vehle, Abner and Sarah
Vehle back
Vlieger, Willie and Alice
Voecele, Richard
Vogel, Patrick
Vosberg, Harry
Vosberg, Harry
Vosberg, Helen
Vosberg, Ida
Vosberg, Lillian and Walter
Wagaman, Emil and Beryl
Wagaman, Emil
Wagaman, Robert J.
Wagaman, Sophia
Wagner, Howard
Wagner, Lottie M.
Wagner plot
Wait, Florence
Wait, Harry and Rachel
Wait, John B.
Wait stone
Waldron, Anita
Waldron, J. R. "Dick"
Waldron, Marc
Walker, Gary Lee
Walker, Helen D.
Walker stone
Walker, Willard
Walker, Willard A.
Walters, Douglas and LaVerne
Wang, Elizabeth
Wang, Harold
Wang stone
Ward, Iamogene
Washechek, Dean
Washechek, Lois and Dean
Waterman, Julia
Wattson, Bert G.
Wattson, Cora
Wattson, Daryl G.
Wattson, George H.
Wattson, Mildred
Wattson, Rose
Waugh, Frank
Waugh, Helara
Waugh, Jerry C.
Waysman, Janice
Waysman, Oma and Dale
Weber, Chris
Weber, John F.
Weber, Lyle H.
Wedmore, Bertha
Wedmore, Glen E.
Wedmore, Jerry
Wedmore, Jerry Jr.
Weidemann, EdnaWeidemann, Edna
Weidemann, Herbert
Weidemann, Martha
Weidemann, Robert
Weiland, Theodore and Gladys
Weiland, Theodore
Wellner, Frank and Shirley
Wellner, George and Nell
Wells, Irene and Wallace
Wells, Mickey
Wells, Olga and Leslie
Wendt, August
Wendt, Donald
Wendt, M. Verne
Wendt stone
Wenzel, Timothy J.
Wesner, Ben
Wesner, Charlie
Wesner, Luther
Wheatley, Minnie
Wheaton, Rev. Quentin
Whitlock, Herbert Jr.
Whitlock, Ruby M.
Wick, Katharine
Wick, Peter Meyer
Wieczorek, Millie and Bruno
Wieczorek, William
Wieske, Albert
Wieske, Joseph
Wieske, Wilhelmina
Wilkinson, Agnes
Wilkinson, Travis
Willard, Trevis
Willard, Trevis (2)
Willard, Trevis and Larayne
Willfong, Earl
Willfong, Minnie
Williams, Ann
Williams, Arabelle
Williams, Betty
Williams, Dennis
Williams, E Renee
Williams, Grant
Williams, Julia
Williams, Marion
Williams, Maude
Williamson, Roger
Williamson, Walter
Willrodt, Anna M.
Willrodt, Callie J.
Willrodt, Elizabeth and Harold
Willrodt, Henry L.
Willrodt, Mary and William
Willrodt stone
Wilson, Lee
Wilson, Lyla Jean
Wingert, Joseph
Wingert, Leon Frances
Winkler, Clemens
Wipf, Albert and Hazel
Wipf, Albert
Wise, Mary Lee
Wojciechowski, Ray
Wolcott, Cathy and Lonnie
Wolcott, Orl and Virginia
Wolcott stone
Wolf, Leo
Wolf, Leo
Wolf, Leo (3)
Wood, Chancy
Wood, Lauretta
Wood stone
Woodman, Frank
Woodraska, Arthur L.
Woodraska, twin girls
Worthing, Edwin
Worthing, Elsie
Wortman, Laura
Wortman, Theodore and Dorthia
Wristen, Albert
Wristen, Bessie
Wristen, David
Wristen, Minnie
Wristen stone
Wulf, infant of Bing
Yates, Bertha
Yates, Thomas
Young, Dorothea
Young, Lyle and Adeline
Young, Lyle F.
Young, Murrin E.
Yrjanson, Jeffrey
Yrjanson, Timothy
Zakula, Mary Dorothy
Zastrow, Jerome
Zastow, Joseph and Vera
Zeman stone