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Lyman and Brule County Queries

Important tips for creating a good query:

Include as much information as possible:

  • full name of the person, with SURNAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS
  • first name in lowercase
  • known dates of birth, death, marriage for person in question and family members
  • include any specific question you might have about the person you’re looking for

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One Response to Queries

  1. Fred Zephier

    Looking for the name of the Cemetery/Burial ground that is inside the Chain link fence that is located on the gravel road just south west of Oacoma, South Dakota. My Aunt Amy DeSmet–Carpenter said there are many graves there but that it isn’t marked by any Tomb Stones and it isn’t well known by many people in the region of Lower Brule or Oacoma. Does the Cemetery have a name and is there a Morality Schedule that identifies the occupants buried there?
    My interest in the Cemetery (if it still is considered one) is one of historic and personal interest. My Aunt Amy DeSmet Carpenter said, my Great grand father is interned there. He date of death was around 1877. He was a resident of Ft. Hale and did business at the present day site of Oacoma. It would have been known previously as the Indian Agency in the 1800’s