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Kimball Alumni 1956-1960

Class of 1956

Glenn Blasius, Kimball, S.D. 57355 Married to Frances Stadler and they have 10 children.  

Frederick Carlson (deceased) ,

 Dwayne Brooks, 6401, Pathfinderway, Orangeville, Ca. 95662. Employed at a Chevy Garage. Married and has a boy and
3 girls. .

 Darrel Dockstader, 204 Fairway Dr., Clearlake, Ia. 50428. Married and has 5 boys and a girl. Employed as a Lever Brothers

Karlene Ekstrum (Mrs. Robert Morris) 3643, .Yorkshire Rd. Pasadena, Ca. 91107. She teaches Home Ec and they: have a
girl, Ingrid.,

 Betty Hawn (Mrs. Tony Sieler) 829 West 7th, Mitchell, S.D. 57301. Works part time for city park and recreation as coordin-
ator for elderly. They have 4 girls and 2 boys.

 Ronald Hoffman, box 39. Gardiner, Mont. 59030. No response.

 Jerald Hoing, Box 175, Royal City, Wash  99357. He runs an oil station. Married and has  5 girls and a boy. 

Viva Hope Larsen (Mrs. Clifford Larson) Box 62, Wray, Colo. 80758. She owns a fabric shop. Lives on an acreage and they
have 2 children

Wayne Kingsbury. No response.

 Richard Kott, 902 Northwest, Santa Anna, Ca. Married and has 3 boys and a girl. He is employed at Hughes Aircraft.

 Paul McClenahan, 304 Richland Center, Wisc. 53581 Married Myra Nepodal and has two boys. He is a dentist.

Robert Miller, Kimball, SD  57355. Owns and operates the Corner Bottle Shop. 

Betty Montgomery (Mrs. Jerald Hoing) Box 175, Royal City, Wash. 99357. Married and has 5 girls and a boy.

 Myra Nepodal (Mrs. Paul McClenahan) 304 Richland Center, Wisc. 53581. She works in her husband’s office. They have 2

Carol Pulse (Mrs. Don Bosworth) Route 1 Box MA, Rapid City, S.D. 57701 They have 4 children. Carol works for a moving

 Joanne Rybak (Mrs. Marvin Chmela) Farmwife living on a farm southwest of Kimball, S.D. They have 2 boys and a girl.

 Donald Sobek. Lives in Paris, France. Married with no family. Works as a mechanical engineer for Vicks Mfg. Co.

 Dale Stanek, Kimball, SD 57355. Married and has five girls. Is employed by Midstate Telephone Company.

 Class of 1957 By Sheryn Ekltrum


Thomas J. Adams, 3612 Ginnelli Way. Box 9401. Bakersfield, Ca. Self employed in the Tri-State Trailer Sales and Western
Trailer Repair business. Married and has 3 children; Kelly, Shelly and Mitch.

 Maxine Bely (Mrs. Robert Hanson) Rural Route I, 5 D-D Dr., Spearfish, S.D. She is a seamstress for the Queen’s Wash and
Dry and sews draperies. They have 2 sons, Cory and Glen.

 Ruth Blasius (Mrs. Dwayne Thomas) 911 East 9th St., Gillette, Wyo.. 82719. Manager of fabric department in a mall. They
have 5 children; Doug. Rick, Janet, Lori and Scott.

 Joe Boesen (deceased) 

Norma Brooks (Mrs. Donald Husman) Kimball. S.D. 57355. Part time librarian at White Lake School. They have 4 daugh-
ters; Antonia, Chloe. Nancy and Stacy.

 Vaye Jean Brooks (Mrs. Jim Adamson) 800 North Grace. Chamberlain, S..D., Librarian/teacher at St. Joseph’s Indian
School. They have 2 sons, Ricky and Mark.

 Lee Edward Dorwart, 312 Riverview Ave.. Chamberlain, S.D. Self employed  veterinarian at Chamberlain Veterinary
Supply.. Married and has 2 daughters, Alison and Kristin.

 Sally Dorwart (Mrs. Jerry Miller) 352 Meyer Lane, Sioux Falls, S.D. Former teacher. She has two daughters, Heather and

 Neal Folan, Kimball. S.D. 57355. Employed by Brule Co. Highway Dept. Single and enjoys bowling.

 Donald Geppert, Kimball, S.D. 57355. Farmer/Rancher. Married and has 7 children; Lorie, Julie, Kent, Kevin, Rodney,
Richard and Holly.

 Mary Ann Geppert (Mrs. Franklin Burian) Kimball, S.D. 57355. Former teacher. They own and operate a gas station and campground.

 Nancy Geppert (Mrs. Donald Reinesch) Kimball. S.D. Former bank employee. Presently a busy farmer’s wife. They have 2
sons. Rick and Todd.

 Jeanine Glanzer (Cahill). Lodi, Ca. 95240. Employed in payroll department of General Mills Corp, She has 4 sons; Jeff, Scott,
Tim and Todd.

 Janice Gross (Mrs. Leonard Geppert) Kjmball, S.D. 57355. Former teacher. They have 7 children; Monica, Charles, Susan,
Mary, David, Patty and Joe.

 Mary Havlik (Mrs. Ken ,Stanek) 601 5th St. S. W., Pipestone, Mn. 56164. Self employed in newly purchased Forman/Stanek
Public Accountant Office where she does income tax work. They have 4 children; Kim, Kolette, Kenton and Kullen,

Howard Hansen, 77 North State St., Concord, N .H, 03301, Employed in department store. Has a son, Kirby.

 Raymond Heath, Kimball, S.D, 57355, Farmer north of Kimball. Married and has 3 children, Greg, Laura and Mark.

 June Hoing (Mrs, Robert Gross) 203 Greenwood St., Aberdeen, S.D. Certified Registered Nurse, Anesthetist employed at St.
Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen. They have 5 children; Roger, Richard, Rose, Susan and Pat,

 Maynard Hoing, 1136 West Walker Ave Oak Harbor, Wash. 98277. Retired from U,S. Navy. Em-ployed at Sears as an IHI
salesman. Married and has 3 children; Mike, Kevin and Kelly.

 Marlene Hora (Mrs, Dale Kott) Academy, S,D. They own and operate a dairy farm and have a  Simmental beef herd. They
have 2 children, Randy and Sandy.

Maxine Houska (Mrs. Earl Rose) 2138 Baldwin, Sturgis, S.D. 57785. Employed by U.S. Bureau of Census as an  enumerator. They have 3 children; Jeanne, Jerry and Earl.

 Donald Husman, Kimball,  S.D. Self employed farmer.  Married and has four daughters; Antonia, Chloe, Nancy and Stacy,

 Dorothy Konechne (Mrs. Duane Pulse) Route 1 Box 151, Salem, S.D, 57058 They have 10 children; Howard, Edward, Gloria,
Glenn, Betty, Mary, Ruth, John, James, and Christy.

Beverly Kose (Mrs. Mike Mayclin) 3411 Sherwood Dr. Columbia, Mo. 65201. Employed in engineeering dept  of the U. of
Missouri. They have a son, Shannon.

 Clarice Koss (Mrs. Paul McGregor; 18011 Saddlehom Lane, Mansfield, Texas 76063 Certified Public Accountant. They have
5 children; Pat, Shaun, Erin, and twins Brian and Brigid.

 Sheryn Kott (Mrs. Duane Ekstrum) Kimball, S.D. 57355. Former teacher. They have 2 daughters, Jackie and Julie. 

Vivian Kunzweiler (Mrs.Merle Sweeney) Star Route 1, Bassett, Nebr. 66714 Custodian for Bassett churches. They have 5
children; David, Dan, Venita, VaLynda and Tim.

 Lee Lloyd, Academy, S.D. Former teacher, principal and supt. of schools. Presently self employed on his farm south of
Kimball. They have 5, children; Laura, Travis, Keryn, Trenton and Amanda.

Joseph A. Luke, Route 6 Box 322, Phoenix City, Ala. 36867. Mess sergeant in army for years. 

William I. Luke, 4533 Hayesville Dr. N.E., Salem, Ore. 97303. Employed with Old Home Bread for years. They have 5
children; Kim, Pam, Lisa, William and Teresa.

 Marlene Maresh (Mrs. Pat McGregor) 301 South Main, Chamberlain, S.D. 57325. Secretary for Northwestern Public Service.
They have 3 children; Kenny, Rhonda and Martese.

 Patrick McGregor; 301 South Main, Chamberlain, S.D. 57325. Employed at Cle-Kal Chevrolet as a mechanic. Married and
has 3 children, Kenny, Rhonda and Martese. ~,

 Doulas K. McLaughlin, 5804 Bristol Dr., Sioux Falls, S.D. 57106. He and brother Ronald are a corporation called D & M
Distributing which handles Waldon and Noble machinery. Married and has 4 children, Kevin. Cynthia, Brian and Jason.

 John Rybak, Academy, S.D. 57310. Self employed farmer south of Kimball.

 Kenneth Stanek, 607 5th ST. S. W., Pipestone, MD. 56164. Principal of Hill and Central Elementary schools in Pipestone.
Recently purchased an income tax business. Married and  has 4  children; Kim, Kotette, Kenton and Kullen.

 Elaine Thomas (Mrs. Dale Stanek) Kimball, S.D. 57355. Teacher’s aide in Kimball school district. They have 5 daughters;
Carla, Keta, Pam, Jody and Julie and a grandchild.

 Donna Westendorf  (Elmer McGee) deceased.

 Class of 1958 By Ruth Konechne

 Darlene (Balster) Creamer, Rt. 1, Box 40, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Married Delaus Creamer in 1958. Have four
children, Francine, Julie, Linda and Gene. Since 1974 we built a Seed & Feed Store

 Dwain Blackwell, Box 632, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57326 Married to Jean Miller in 1961, have two children Kevin 15 and
Brian 11. Employed at Tri-County State Bank, where he is also on the Board of Directors. Active in local community activities.

 Jean Ann (Brodkorb) Rasmussen, 804 N. Harney Ct., Pierre, S. Dak. 57501. Married and has three children, Steve and
twins Leah Jo and Lynn.

 David Cahill, Box 708, Aberdeen, S. Dak. 57401. Married the former Roberta Chaboya of Pierre. I am presently the acting
area child welfare worker and Roberta is an Education  Specialist.

 LaVonne (DeVries) Goos, 215 West Lawler St., Chamberlain, S. Dak. Married and have two sons, Kevin and Kurtis
LaVonne works in the accounting office at the Chamberlain hospital.

 Charles Ekstrum, Box 522, Phillip, S. Dak. 57567. Married and has two children, Chris and Karin. President of First
National Bank in Phillip and Nancy is a Jr. high teacher in Phillip.

 Ruth (Geppert) Konechne, Rt. 2 Box 68, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Married Raymond Konechne in 1961. Have two children,
Robin Renee, 11,  and Russell Ray 8. I taught a rural school two years before my marriage and now I am a full time home-
maker. We are self-employed in ranching.

 Robert Goos, 215 West Lawler St. Chamberlain, S. Dak. Married LaVonne DeVries in 1959. Two sons, Kevin and Kurtis.
Robert is , mechanic at Willrodt Motor Co. in Chamberlain.

 Delores (Gross) Geppert, Kimball, S. D. We have seven children. I’ve been very active in 4-H work as a leader for 7 years.

Larry Gustafson (can’t locate) but last word was he was living in Rapid City, also married, and working for a state highway
surveying crew.

 Carol (Havlik) Clark, 2618 Arrowhead Drive, Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701. Married Larry Clark and has four children, Kelly,
Douglas, Bradly and Patrick. They are moving to Idaho. After January their new address will be Box 865, Twin Falls, Ida.

 LaVaun Holan, 305 South Courtland, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Married to Ruth Thaler in 1965. Children are: Rochelle,
14, Roxanne 12, Waylon 11 and Jodi 10. LaVaun is an electrician for Schuh Works, out at Avon, S.D.

Roberta (Hildebrand) Jandreau, Kennebec, S. Dak. 57544. Married Fay Jandreau in 1960. Have two boys, 17… and 10 years old. We live 15 miles north of Kennebec for the past 13 years and are self em-ployed in ranching.

 Joan Holoubek, Kimball, S. Dak. Employed in Kimball.

 Della (Husman) Mottram, 609 261h Road, Grand Junction, Colo. 81501. Married Claude “Skip” Mottram. Have three boys,
Jon 9, Stephen 8 and Keith 7. Both  Skip and I are teachers; he teaches Math at one of the high schools in Grand Junction and I teach at the Job Corps. Center in Collbran.

 Donald Janik, Kimball, S.Dak. 57355. Married to Darlene Kindopp of Chamberlain. Have four children, DeAnn, 17, Denise, 16, Debbie, 15 and Darmi 11. Don is farming S. W. of Kimball.

 Norma (Kleinhans) Anderson, 407 9th St., Dell Rapid, S. D. 57022. Married and have four children, Maria, Kim, Mike and
Steve. I’m a housewife.

 Jeanette (Konechne) Bravek, Kimball, S. Dak. Married Ben Bravek and has five children, Shelly, Chad, Lynn, Brenda and
Eric. Farm south of Kimball.

 Marjorie (Konechne) Todd, 306 Vaughn St., Aurora, Colo. 80011. Married and have two children, Gregory and Kathleen.
They run the Air Freight Express out of Denver.

 Mavis (Maresh) Schraedef, 94171/r Linden Ave. North, Seattle, Wash. 98103. Moved to Seattle in Dec. 1966 and works in
insurance since March of 1970. Has two daughters, Rebecca Sue andRhonda Marie.

 Albert C. “Butch” Moss  Box 1153, Greenwood, Ark. 72936. Married Kay Harris of Omaha and has three children, Julie
Kay, Jody Alain and Dennis. Cary. Has driven truck most of the time, done lots of cross country, hauled race horses all over,
also drove for Ben Franklin and Newberry for a time. Moved from Nebraska to Arkansas a couple of years ago.

Ruby (Nelson) McGee, Box 131, Oacoma, S. Dak. 57365. Married and have five children, Rodger, Danny, Judy, Lorie and

Barbara Sailer, deceased.

 Robert Spier, Star Route, Box 6, Kimball, S. Dak. Married Jackie Sinclair, and has three children, Kip, Kathy, and Kerri;
four step-children, Kevin, Kimberly, Kristi and Kraig.

 Frances Jean (Stadler) Blasius, Kimball, S. Dak. Married and live on a farm south of Kimball. They have 10 children, Ria,
Wade, Brett, Glenda, Rene, Lori, Lisa, twins Justin and Jason and Tate.

 Leonard Thomas, Kimball, S. Dak. Served two years in the U.S. Army, 18 months in Puerto Rico. Married Lorna Horst in
1965. They have 3 children, Jeffrey, Tiffany and Jeremy. They are farming near Kimball.

 Bob Walsh, 106 N. Brown, Minden, Nebr. 68959. Married Janice Toupal, have four children, Mike 15, Marty 13, Missy 10
and Mindy 9. He is a cattle buyer for Iowa Beef.

 JoAnn (Westendorf) Ihrke, 6600 S. Downing, Littleton, Colo. 80121. Married Harlan llirke, children are Karla Jo, 9,  Renea Lynn 7 and Heather, 4. My occupation is just running the girls to their activ- ities. I do some typing in my home for clients. Also do
the bookkeeping for my husband’s radio pro-duction company.

Dick Wilson, 819 E. 5th, Mitchell, S. Dak. 57301. Married Mary Weber of Salem  and have five children, Kristie 10, Kimberly 9, Cathy 7, Cindy 3 and Stephanie 1. He s a Job Service Supervisor.

 Class of 1959 By Mary Ann Blasius

 Jim Blasius, Kimball, S. Dak. Lineman for Tri-Co. Electric since 1962. Has small acreage with some live stock. Married
Mary Ann Lomica, Has four children, Darmi, Brenda, Tina and Russ.

Bob Brooks, 339 Eastern Ave., Brookings, S. Dak. Employed with Brookings Savings & Loan Co.; also part owner of Bowling
Lanes in Brookings. Married Nicki Schaepf and has three children, Wayde, Barbara and Johnna.

 Sheila DeJean (Mrs. DarreI Kaiser) 6350 Seiler Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio. Has two children, Damon and Misty and is a fulltime
mother and housewife. Husband is plant Supt. for American Roller Co.

 Sondra Foltz (Zingler), Chamberlain, S. Dak. Married Ronald Zingler, has two daughters, Lori and Julie. Is now employed
part time as receptionist in the Community Bailey Hospital.

 Sara Gustafson, unable to locate at this time. Is married and lives in the Black Hills area.

 Anne Herrlein (Stewart), Moorcroft, Wyo. Married Chap Stewart of Chamberlain, Ann  has five  children.

 Robert Hicks, Pierre, S.D.  Is employed with the State Highway Dept.

 JoEllen Hinkley (Ritter). Parkston, S. Dak. Is a regiistered xray technician. Married to Gordon Ritter. Part owner of Ritter Implement. She is the mother of 7 children ranging in age from 9 years to 17 years, including a set of twins. 

Betty Kleinhand (Mrs. Charles Schreier)! SS Elizabeth Park, Kellogg, Ida. Married and has 3 sons,Scott and twins Bobby
and Billy. Is employed part time as a nurse.

 Mary Lou Koss (Mrs. Kenneth McHaney) is a housewife and has four sons. She lives in Washington.

Judene Kott (Mrs. Bob Jedlicka) 225 Harmony Rd.. Kalispell, Mont. Judene is mother of 3 children, Dawn, Jeffrey and Jay.

 Lorraine Larsen, Redfield. S. D. Attended nursing school and is an RN.

 Garry Leilerman, Kimball, S. D. Attended Brookings College. Lives on a farm, married to Maxine Duba. They have 5 child-
ren. Marne, Brent, Karen, Nancy and Todd.

 Mary Ann Lomica(Mrs. Jim Blasius) Kimball, S. D. Attended Stewart’s School of Hairstyling. Employed as hairdresser with a shop in her home. Has four children, Darmi, Brenda. Tina andRuss.

 Dale Luke. 5032 Harbrook. Salem, Ore. Employed by a Supply Co. and is self employed part time.

 Joyce Maresh (Mrs. Thomas Edwards) 13031 37th S. Seattle, Wash. Received a BS degree from Sioux Falls College.

 Leon Meiers, 4326 N. Diana Lane, Oak Harbor. Wash. Attended and completed courses in welding & small engines. Is
employed by a construction company. Has three children.

 Dr. Donald Messer, Mit.chell, S. Dak. Has a Ph.D and is married to Bonnie Nagel. Has two children, Christine and Kent.
He is presently President of Dakota Wesleyan University.

 Velda Montgomery (Mrs. Don Zingler) They live in Alcester, S. D. Is a housewife and have five children, Diana, Joanne,
Nancy. Tom and Mike.

 Wanda Novak (Mrs. John Jonas), Laurel, Nebr. Received her BS degree and taught for a few years. She has four children,
Cyndi, Mike, Marty and Matthew. They lived in Laurel for 8 years where her husband is teaching Vocational Ed and coaching
football. Wanda does substitute teaching whenneeded.

 Gail O)son, (Mrs. Bill Talich), 6212 E. Orchard Drive, Englewood, Colo. Attended DWU and was employed in a bank in
Mitchell. She is now a housewife and has two children, Melissa and Michelle.

 Gary Reuland, 2930 Melody Lanes, Rapid City, S. Dak. Graduated from Nettleton College. Is now employed as an accountant
in Rapid City.

Mavis Sebesta, (Mrs. DarreI Peterson) Hermosa, S. D. Received her BS degree  from Spearfish. Has two children, Glenda and

 Alan. Lives on a ranch and husband is a dirt contractor. Mavis is now teach-ing a rural school. 

Yvonne Skluzak (Mrs. Don Rohrbauck) Chamberlain, S. Dak. Is a housewife and has 3 children. Husband is employed at
AI’s Oasis.

Mary Ann Sobek (Mrs. Tom Konechne) Graduate of National College of Business in Rapid City. Is employed at Kimball
Livestock Exchange and also Miller Law Firm. Lives on a farm south of Kimball.

 Donald Zingler, Alcester, S. D. Married Velda Montgomery. Has five children. Received his Master’s degree from University
at Vermillion. Is now Principal at Alcester high school.

 Ronald Zingler, Chamberlain, S. D. Married Sondra Foltz, two daughters, Julie and Lori. Is em-ployed by U.S. Postal Dept.
as a supervisor.

 Class of 1960 By Delores [Rybak] Overweg

 Joyce Benda (Mrs. Chester Nedved) Kimball, S.D. 57355. Taught school for several years. Widow with 3 children: Craig,
Kurt and Patti. Joyce is an aide in Special Education at Kimball School.

 Diana Blasius (Mrs. Ed Wheeler) 383 East Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024. Attended Stewart’s School of Hair
Styling. They have 4 children; Christina, Jill, Kathy and Shelly.

Carol Cummins, Kimball, S.D. At home with her mother.

 Doris Dorwart (Mrs, Harold Foltz) Summit Dr., Chamberlain, S.D. 57325. Attended Stewart’s School of Hair Styling and
works part time at Helen’s Beauty Shop. She like golfing and reading. They have 2 girls, Shona and Tangee.

Larry Dorwart, Kimball,S.D. 57355. Married Dorothy Schlotte. Ranching north of Kimball. They have two children, Scott
and Paul.

Dennis Dressen, Keystone  Route Box 18A, Rapid City, S.D. 57701. He sells insurance for Communicating for Agriculture.
Married Donna Kuhn and has 2 children, Christopher and Jay.

 Donna Goodman (Mrs. Joe Southern) 10990 Larry Dr., Northglenn, Colo. 80238. Housewife who does volunteer aide at the
children’s school. They have 2 children, Laura and Joseph.

Janice Hora (Mrs. Francis Bergquist) 1317 Mt. View, Rawlins, Wyo. 82301. Janice works at the Rawlins bank. They have 5
sons; Steven, Robert, John, Gregory and Douglas.

Joan Kleinhans (Mrs. Allen McCarty) 1480 Grant Ave. ,Rockford,Ill. 61103 They have 3 children; Debbie, Denise and Kevin.

 David Konechne, Kimball, S.D. Graduate of S.D.S.U. Married Barbara May and are ranching south-west of Kimball. Active
in church and civic affairs. They have 11 children.

 Jean Konechne (Mrs. Russ Weller) Tripp, S.D. 57376, Presently. she is teaching Remedial Math and Reading in Tripp.
Hobbies are cake decorating, bridge and golf. They have 3 boys, Craig, Kirk and Cory.

 Norman Konechne, 409 N. Tyler, Pierre, S.D. 57355. Graduate of S.D.S.U. Works for the S. D. Dept. of Transportation.
Married Sandra Novak and has 2 girls, Nicole and Heather.

Joan Kovanda (Pankonin) 313 Holiday Ave., Sioux Falls, S.D. 57103. R.N. who  is presently working at McKennan Hospital.
She has 2 boys, Russel and Joel.

 James Kunzweiler, 1013 West 11th, Yankton, S.D. 57078. Attended Springfield college. Is manager of Bomgers Store.
Married Darlene Peters and they have 2 children Jacquelin and Todd.

 Dallas Larsen, Route 1 Box 209-C, Scottsbluff, Nebr. 69361. Graduate of S.D.S.U, They live on a farm north of Scottsbluff
where he is a cattle order buyer. Married Patti Hamburger and they have 3 child-ren; Matthew, Melissa, and Lexalan.

 June Maresh (Mrs. Edwin Erikson) Route 1 Box 100, Arlington, S.D. Taught for a few years. Present-ly unemployed. They
have a son, Monte.

 Michael Olson, Kimball, S.D. Presently farming and ranching southeast of Kimball.

 Delores Rybak (Mrs. Duane Overweg) Kimball, S.D. 57355. Housewife whose hobbies are gardening and sewing. They have
5 children; Kenneth, Gerald, Daniel, Larry and Sherri.

Marianne Ponterio, 3302 Manhattan Ave., Hermosa Beach, Ca. Graduate of U. of Southern Calif-ornia. She works in the
Legal Dept.. of United Artists.

Clarice Soulek (Mrs. Richard Vissia) 2104 Cooper Loop, Sturgis, S.D. Presently works at Fort Meade Credit Union. They
have 2 children, Todd and Sue.

Bill Talich, Graduate of D. W .U. He is Dean of Students and Head Basketball  Coach at Cherry Creek High School. Married
Gail Olson and has 2 children; Melissa and Michelle.

 Richard Thomas, Route 1, Gregory, S.D. 57533. Works on construction. Married Vicki Mashek and they have 5 children;
Tami, Greg, twins Jessica and Jennifer and Sarah.

 Janice Toupal (Mrs. Bob Walsh) 106 Brown Ave., Minden, Nebr. 68959. Graduate of Stewart’s School of Hair Styling.
Retired from doing hair. They have 4 children; Mike, Marty, Melissa and Melinda.

 Sharon Toupal (Mrs. Bill Luke) 4533 Hayes Ville Dr. N.E., Salem, Ore. 97303. She sells Avon products. They have 4
children; Kim, Pam, \Lisa and Billy.

 Franklin Westendorf, Box 58, Dover, Ohio 44622. He works for Superior Meats. Married and they have 4 children;
Michelle, Deborah, Michael, and Christine.