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Kimball Alumni 1946-1950

Class of 1946  By Alyce Haskins

 Paul Achen, Deceased. 

Ruth (Boyd) Hargens, 1472 Jeffrey Ave San Jose, Calif. 95118. Husband is a Medical Technologist, three children. Ruth sends an invtation for anyone who comes close to look her up, she’d love to see you.

Alyce (Cahill) Haskins, widowed and lives in Kimball, working as City Finance Officer. Five children.

 Esther (Carman) Hanten, 1175 Grant Place, Lebanon, Ore. 97355. Ted and Esther both work at Leb-anon. They have six children and one grandson.

 Alice (Collins) Peters, White Lake, S. Dak. 57383. No Response.

 DeVota (Dey) Bardhurst, 3910 Brookside, Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701. Widowed and remarried with five children and three grandchildren.

 Ruth (Gray) Hloucha, 236 S.E. 46th Terrace, Cape Coral, Fla. 33904. Raymond and Ruth adopted two children.

 Barbara (Hansen) SchmeichI, Freeman, S. Dak. 57029. No response.

 Adeline (Hauger) Urban,

Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Lives on a farm south and east of Kimball, five children. 

Marcella (Hawn) Stransky, deceased.

 James Helma, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Lives on a farm northwest of Kimball, married with six children.

 Carl Kingery, deceased.

 Chad Kopke, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. He and his wife own and operate the Coast to Coast Store. Two children. 

Richard Korzan, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Married and !has three children.

 Eva (Koss) Pikule, Kimball, S. Dak.57355. Married and lives on a farm north of Kimball., Two children.

 Margaret (Kratochwill)  Bonner, Route 3, Watertown, S. Dak. 57201. The well traveled member of the class lived in thirteen states while husband Bill was a geologist. They have four children.

 Clarence Loon, deceased.

 Jeraldine (Lunn) Albers, 1552 Seethrier, Palmdale, Calif. No response.

 Wilbur Munger, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Works for the Brule County Highway Dept., married and has four children and five grandchildren.

 Ray Murley, 418 N. Euclid Ave., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57104. Married and has three children. Red graduated from NSTC in Aberdeen, worked for several years, then back to school and graduated from Law School at Vermillion, worked as an ms attorney for several years and is now a U.S.  Attorney.

 Virgina (Pipal) Haggblade, 306 E 29th St. South Sioux City. Nebr. No response.

 Norma (Wannamaker) Fraser, Chinook, Mont. 59523 Widowed with two children. Norma was a phychiatric nurse for 18 years, now administers a 40-bed skilled nursing home, Worthy Matron of the Eastern Star for 1979-80, and is secretary for (the County Health Assn.

Virgil Wingert, 1507 Robeson St., Bettendorf, Iowa 52722. Married and has four children.

 Evelyn (Young) Pooley, 2621 Waikiki, Spokane, Wash. No response.

 Class of 1947  By Mrs. Ernest Geppert

 Eugene Balster, 22049 W. Alamogordo Road, Saugus, Calif. 91350. Attended College at SDSU and School of Mines. Taught one year of country school. Enlisted in “the Air Force and was married. He returned to Brookings and received his :Masters of Engineering. Moved to California and is  working for Univac Engineering. There he was the one who planned the X15 (first rocket propel ship that flew on the edge of space). They have two children. His wife is a nursing administrator.

 Elna Burian (Mrs. Ernest Geppert) Kimball, S. Dak. They live on a farm southeast of town. They have six children.

 Everett Collings, DDS, 753 Nebraska Ave., Huron, S. Dak. 57350. Attended Northern in Aberdeen then went  to Loyola U -in Chicago. He served in the Air Force. Moved back to Huron and has a dental office. He is married and has five children.

 Dale Fousek, Archer, Neb. engaged in farming, married Tina Hloucha and she passed away Feb. 1979. They had  seven children.

 Irma Hawn (Mrs. Donald  Stadler) Kimball, S. Dak They own a farm south of town. They have 11 children.

 Robert Heck, MD.,8625 S. Ciicero Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60652. Spent five years at USD and four more years in medical schools to get his degree.

 Gene Holmquist, 3098. N. Hamline, Roseville, Minn.15113. Gene is director of purchasing for the Lampert Lumber Co. in St. Paul, Minn. They have two daughters.

 Donald Kott, Academy, S. Dak. Lives on a farm south of town. For the past five years works in Platte as a foreman for Dakota Mfg. Co. Inc. They have three children.

 Faye McLaughlin (Mrs. De Myron Farnsworth) Pukwana S., Dak. Faye is a housewife and super-visor in the food Stamp Division of the  Dept. of Social Services. Her husband is a police officer  for City of Chamberlain. They have two daughters.  

Raymond Meals, 408 S. Edmunds, Mitchell, S. Dak. He is employed by Culhanes Dairy. He is a bachelor and lives with his mother.

 Bert Pipal, 4464 Buckwood Ave., Seal Beach, Calif. 90740. Received a BS detee from Northern State college in Aberdeen and n MA degree from Vermillion. He ~ is now in his 18th year teaching for the Long Beach  Unified School District. They have two children. 

Bernice Schmitt (Mrs. Merle Falor), Presho, S. Dak. They have two children.  

Class of 1948 .

 James D. Andersen, 1291 Sirah St., Ukiah, Calif. 95482 He is retired Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy and is now an insurance agent. They have five children.

 Betty Blackwell (Mrs. John Nielsen) Forestburg, S. dak. 47385. No response

 Virginia Burian (Mrs. Bill McCarty) Hawarden, la. Went to Brookings State College one year and Nettleton one year. Husband is farming and she is City Assessor. They have three children.

 Bernice Cahill (Mrs. Bill Behrens) 2140 Rivera St., Reno, Nev. 89502. No response.

 Gerald Cummins, Sanborn, Iowa 51248. He has been Superintendent of School in Sanborn, Iowa for 18 years. Married Grace Dey. They have 3 children.

 Betty Delany (Mrs. Maynard Justice) Chamberlain, S. Dak. No response. 

Adele Freeland (Mrs. Royal Holter) Platte, S. Dak. No response.

 Maynard Gelfand, Minneapolis, Minn. No response.

 Mary Lena Hemeyer (Sr. Mary Hemeyer) St. Clara Convent, Sinsinawa Mound, Wis.. No response.

 Dorothy Jira (Mrs. Donald Gillen. White Lake, S. Dak. 57383. Husband is a farmer and they have nine children.

 Alice Korzan (Mrs. Raymond Sullivan) Kimball, S. Dak. Worked in the Bank of  Kimball for six years. Married and live on a farm west of town. They have four children.

 Lorraine Kratochwill (Mrs. Fred Reese) 2309 Michael Wy., Las Vegas, Nev. No response.

 Buddy Luke. Salem, S. Dak. No response.

 Doris Luke (Mrs. Donald Schneider) 413 SE 1st, Madison, S. D. No response. 

Lois Naze (Mrs. Gene Holmquist) 1295 N. Cleveland, St. Paul, Minn. 55108. No response.

 Artis Picek, (Mrs. Arnold Detscher) 2219 7th Ave., Rapid City, S. Dak. No response.

 Eileen Rebensdorf (Mrs. Billy Dalldorf) Kimball, S. Dak. They live on a farm west of town and have four children.

 Janette Richards (Mrs. John McSparren) 12536, Prospect NE, Albuquerque,  N. M. 87112. She joined the U.S. Navy Schools of Aviation Preparatory and Aviation Photography. She is now a housewife with one son. Husband is retired. “ 

Eileen Richardson (Mrs. Melvin Soulek) Kimball. No response.

 Ruth Ryan (Mrs. John Smith) Eureka, S. Dak. 57437. Ruth is on the library board, city planning board and a member of various organizations. They have eight children.

Leonard Schlepuetz, Kimball. He is working at the Brule County Highway Dept. Married and have four children.

 Agnes Sullivan (Mrs. Kenneth Piskule), Kimball. Married and lives on a farm north of town. They have four children. 

Class of 1949  By Rovilla [Wanamaker] Will

 Donald Adams, 12006 N. E. Fourth St., Vancouver, Wash. 98664. Married and has two boys, David and Richard. Don is a meat cutter at Fred Meyers Inc. He has been there 14 years.

 Irene Blasius (Mrs. Delmar Mines) Box 2222, Peace River, Alberta, Canada. Lives on a farm. Hus-band is a teacher. They have five boys and three girls and three grandchildren. Irene is the recreation representative for the Lee Cardinal District. They are planning a trip to Ireland this coming summer.

 Lawrence Boesen, Kimball, S. Dak. Single and farming northeast of Kimball.

 Joyce Carman (Mrs. Leonard Korthals) Route 1 Box 76, Norfolk, Nebr. 68701. They own and operate a truck stop. They have two children, Gene and Vicki and a grandson. Joyce is club treasurer for the Norfolk Business and Professional Women’s Club.

 Donald Ekstrum (deceased)

 Ray Freeland, 4110 W. Acoma Dr., Phoenix, Ariz. 85023. Received an accounting degree from Wichita State U. They live on a small ranchette and raise quarter horses. Married and has two daughters, Tenya and Tammy and a son, Michael and two grandchildren. 

Donna Gelfand (Mrs. Alvin Apple), 2315 Sumter Ave., St. Louis Park, Mn. Married and has three daughters.

 Ramona Hoing (Mrs. Sylvester Thiry) White Lake, S. Dak. Farmwife. They have 4 boys and 4 girls.

Donald Korzan, 9008 Corbin Dr. Everett, Wash. Last known address.

 Doris Maresh (Mrs. Robert Breiholz) 105 Southdale S. E., Sleepy Eye, Mn. 56085. They have three children; Scott, Todd and Jody. Doris is a part-time free lance writer specializing in children’s stories and craft ideas. Published in Highlights for Children, Summer Weekly Reader and the Instructor. 

Rose Marie Messer (Mrs. LeRoy Mutschelknaus) 1321 Bruce Rd., Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57105. She works in personnel office at Sear’s. They have four sons; Dave, Brad, John, and Scott.

Jeanette Miller(Mrs. Walter Remple) Route 3 Box S, Springfield, Mn. 56087. They have two children. She works in the office of a Springfield hospital.

 Betty Mulcrone (Mrs. Perry Carsten) Kimball, S. Dak. They farm south of Kimball. They have eight children, 6  girls and 2 boys and eight grandchildren.]

 Shirley Natvig (Mrs. MahIon Fairchild) 1209 Sunset Dr., Columbia, Mo. Registered Nurse  working at the University Hospital. They have three children, Bruce Jeanette and Julie.

 Betty Olson (Mrs. Richard Rutan) 104 Summit Dr.. Chamberlain. S. Dak. They have 4 children; Terri, Brad, Mike and Jane.

 Marjean Pekarek (Mrs Ambrose Martin) White Lake, S. Dak. She has 4 children and three grandchildren.

 Norma Penningroth (Mrs. Eldon Deadrick) Platte. S.Dak. They have two children. Norma is active in Eastern Star. She was state worthy Grand Matron last year.

 Duane Reuland. Wagner, S. Dak. Married and has four children. He is part owner of a hardware store in Wagner.

 Roy Stanek, Pierre, S. Dak. He is employed at they have four children.

 Mary Lee Steinfeldt (Mrs.W. F. Serat) No. 12 Camelfoot Court. Maraga. Calif. 94556. Mary is em-ployed as an R.N. They have 3 children.

 James Soulek, Kimball. S. Dak. Married to Phyllis Husman. Jim is a farmer, auctioneer and trucker. They have 3 children

 Velva Thomas (Mrs. Lyle Heath) 2525 Oak Dr.. Rapid City, S. Dak. They have three children; Craig, Kathy and Cindy.

 Ilah Mae Warner. No response.

 Rovilla Wanamaker (Mrs. Dale Will, Jr.) Kimball, S  Dak. Attended Mitchell Business College. They have 3 children. Own and operate the IGA Grocery Store in Kimball.

 Gladys Young (Mrs. John Delaney) 2500 Crosby Road, Wayzata, Mn. Gladys works in real estate.

 Class of 1950  By Mary [Bravek] Korzan

 Nick Boesen, Kimball, S.Dak. Married Pat Whitney. Farming north of Kimball They have a girl and a boy.

 Helen Bravek (Mrs. Stan Irish) Grand Island, Neb. They have 3 children; Julia (Irish), Grand Island, Nebr. Pam and Clay. She has been employed with the T. J. Aligan Janitoral Service.

 Mary Bravek (Mrs. Ricard P. Korzan) Kimball, S. Dak. They have three children; Curtis, Cheryl and Janet. They built and ran the Travlers Motel which they sold in 1976. Housewife.

 Floyd (Buddy) Brodkorb, Kimball, S. Dak. Married Helen Hantke. Farms north of Kimball.  They have five children; Tim, Bonnie, Gary, Brenda and Penny.

 Fredalene (Freddie) Brooks, (Mrs. Donald Heck) Kadoka, S. Dak. 57543. Housewife and mother. They have three children; Doug, Lyndee Ann and Susan.

Dave Dorwart, 1614 North River, Glendive, Mt. 59330. Graduate of S.D. School of’ Mines. Division Manager of Gas Prod. and Trans. Division. Married Joanne Konechne and has three children.

 Richard Ekstrum, Kimball, S. Dak. Farming, specializing in the production of hogs. Very active in community affairs. Married Agnes Sheffield and has two daughters.

 D’Wayne Geppert (deceased)

 Ralph Gray, Kimball, S. Dak. Farming 23 miles south of Chamberlain. Married Nolaine Drew and they have 4 children; Bret, Kyle, Kelli Jo and Nicole

 Mary Frances Gross (Mrs. Warren Soulek) Kimball; S. Dak. Attended Mt. Marty College. Married Warren and they are now living on a farm southwest of Kimball. The have five children; Tom, Ed, Barbara, Bill and John.

 Wilma Hauger (Mrs. Ronald Betten) Redfield, S. Dak. Attended college at Aberdeen. Married and they have four children; Bill, Steve, Diane and Mike. She is teaching school. 

Donald Heck, Kadoka, S. Dak. 57543. He is now circuit judge. Married Fredalene Brooks and they have three children.

 Phillip Konechne, Kimball, S. Dak. Postmaster in the Kimball post office. Married Maxine Chmela and has 3 children; Maynard, Judy and William.

 Ellen Koss (Mrs. Joe Vasek) Kimball, S. Dak. She and her husband farm east of Kimball. They love to travel, have traveled extensively and are planning a trip to western Europe. 

Orville Kroupa (deceased)

 Richard Kroupa, Kimball.S. Dak. 57355. Married Barbra Kinyon. They farm southeast of Kimball. They have 3 children; Alan. David  and Gail. ~

 Dane Lonborg, 5032 Black Swan Dr., Shawnee, Kansas. No response.

 Don Piskule, 4696 Archard Manor Blvd. Apt. 7, Bay City, Mich 48706. No response.

 Robert Rebensdorf, Buena Park, Calif. 90620. Works at Knott’s Berry Farm. as a carpenter. Married Nancy Gast. He has a step-daughter Jennifer.

 Betty Parriott (Mrs. Fred Schoenfelder, Jr.) White :.Lake, S. Dak. They live on  a farm near White Lake. They have 6 children;. Debra, Rhonda, Lynn; Britt, Darwin and Tami ‘and 2 grandchildren.

 Gloria Runge (deceased)

 Darlene Soulek (Mrs. Roy , Rose) Chamberlain. S. Dak. 57325. They are farming and ranching NE of Chamberlain. They have two ‘children, Gary and Cheryl, and 2 grandchildren.

 Ray Wojciechowski, Box 252, Chamberlain, S. Dak. He works for Chamberlain Wholesale. They  have three sons; Steven, David and .Dennis. 

Betty Wolfe (Mrs. Bernard Niehus) Kimball, S. Dak. She taught school for several years. Housewife.  They have five children; Tom, Susan, Sandra. Dan and Jo .Ann.

 Shirley Wolfe (Mrs. Wayne  Hi1debrand) Kimball, S. Dak.  Attended college in Springfield. Taught for several. :years. Housewife. They have two boys. Mark and David.  

Frances Wooledge (Mrs .William Petrak) Pukwana, S. Dak. Attended Northern State College. Taught several years. Housewife. Very active in community affairs. They have two sons, Theodore and Tyler.