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Kimball Alumni 1936-1940

Class of 1936


Mabel Berry (Mrs. Harlan Zingler), Box 13, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Mabel and Harlan have two children. Mabel is still working at Tri-County State Bank in Kimball. She has been there for 17

years. Harlan has retired but still works part time at Woodraska Hdwe.


Gerald Bonner, Rt. 2, Watertown, S. Dak. 57201. Gerald is married to the former Margaret Kratochwill. They have four children. After leaving the service, Gerald worked with the U.S.

Geological Survey. He is now retired but is managing the Kerr McGee Service Station.


Albert Brady. Albert is married and has three children. He has been teaching in Peru State College for 14 years. Before teaching at Peru, he taught in many other schools. He is now associated professor of Biological Science. Address: Peru ST. College, Box 193, Peru, Nebr. 68421.


Josephine Braumbaugh (Mrs. Howard Herrick), 617 W 5th, Mitchell, S. Dak. 57301, Josephine has a family and is a homemaker. She also does some janitor work for a church.


Kenneth Bullis. Kenneth is married to the former Marian Morrison. They have four children. He was operating the Cody Inn on Lookout Mountain, but has now retired and is taking life easy. He says there will be some changes made in “a couple of years”.


Ralph Cook, 109-5th Ave., Brandon, S. Dak. 57005. Ralph is married and has a family. He has been teaching and coaching since he graduated from DWU Mitchell in 1940.  He is still teaching in the Brandon Valley school.  Says he plans to retire in two more years.


Leonard Duba, 13475 Fortina Ct., Saratoga, Calif. 59070. He is married and has lour children. His wife Beverly is a school teacher. Leonard has been working for 15 years for IBM  in San Jose, Calif.


Marion Duba (Mrs. Clarence Hrabe) , 121 St. Charles, Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701. Marion married Clarence Hrabe, formerly of Pukwana, S. Dak. They have three children. Clarence is retired but Marion is a record clerk at K Mart Store. She has worked for them for 11 years.


Doris Duzan, (Mrs. Fay Anderson), Pecatonica, Ill.  61063. No information available.


Robert Forman, Academy, S. Dak. 57310. Is unmarried and is farming in the Academy area.


Emmett Glanzer, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Emmett is married to the former Evelyn Richardson. They have two children. Emmet is a retired lawyer and is now taking it easy. .


Ralph Glanzer, Kimball, So. Dak. 57355. Ralph married Ruby Bullis. They have four children. Ralph graduated from Dr. Salsbury Poultry school and was operating a hatchery in Kimball. He has been retired since 1975.


Rochelle Hamilton (Mrs. Wwen Giles), 2036 1st Ave. 18S” Greeley, Colo. 80631. Rochelle and Warren have three children. Rochelle was a hairdresser for many years but is now just being a

housewife and enjoying the family.


Fred M. Houda, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. After attending high school, Fred attended Yankton College, Dakota Wesleyan University, graduated from the banking school at the University of Wisconsin, then the Upper Midwest Bankers Institute at the University of Minnesota. Fred was in the service in 1939. He has been with Tri.County State Bank in Kimball since 1945. Fred married the former Lucille Kon-

echne and they have three children.


Harold Jira, 524 S. Menlo, Sioux Falls, S’, Dak. Harold is married and has two children. Harold was fire chief in the Sioux Falls Fire Dept. We understand he is now retired. .


George Johnson, 708 2nd :$t. NW, Independence. Iowa 51)644. George is married and has eight children. The last we heard he is a mechanic.


Raymond Kunzweiler, (deceased in Oct. 1969)


Ernest Lunn. Lake Benton, Minn. 56149. Ernest is married and has three children. He has been in the school business for 38 years. Says he going to retire Aug. 31, 1979 and may take to the road and do some traveling and just enjoy himself.


Martha Maresh (Mrs. Clarence Pestal), Rt. 2, Wahoo. Nebr. 68066. Martha and Clarence have two daughters and a son. Martha was an RN before marrying Clarence in 1948. They have since lived on a farm and are kept busy with farming and with community, church and family activities.


Ruby Maresh (Mrs. Ellet Harrison), Rt. 1, Box  205A. Exmore, Va. 23350. After graduating from high school. Ruby joined the Navy. Ruby \retired from the Naval Supply Center in 1976. The day she retired is the day she married Ellet Hamson.


Eugene Mathews. deceased


Dallas Munger, no information available.


Wendell Munger. no information available.


Paul Myers, 778 Luguna Ct., Fairfield. Calif. 94533. Paul is married and has eight children. He worked for the Fairfield Suisuh Unified School District in maintenance. He also sponsored 426 Vietnamese refugees since 1975 through the St. Vincent DePaul Society.


Hazel Novak (Mrs. John Babcock) N 1511 Ella Road. Spokane. Wash. 99206. Hazel and John have three daughters and six grandchildren. She enjoys being a housewife and enjoying her children and grandchildren.


Robert Plut  7282 S 135th, Seattle, Wash. 98178. Robert and his wife have three boys and a girl. He is still with Bartell Drug Co. as a pharmacist. He likes to play golf in the summer and he and Lillian bowl in the winter time. He also likes to follow the horse races.


Richard Purcell, deceased Oct. 1970.


Edna Rasmussen (Mrs. Vincent Boland) No information available.


Evelyn Richardson (Mrs. Emmett Glanzer, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Evelyn and Emmett have two children. Evelyn teaches the 6th grade class in the. Kimball Public school.


Raphael Roesler, 1221 Ill. St. Golden, Colo. 80401. Raphael is married and has three children. He is a water specialist at the Coors Water Works in Golden. Says he plans to retire in 1982.


Jack Ryan, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Married to the former Irene Hanten of White Lake, S. Dak. Jack is editor of the Brule County News. He has been kept busy but he and Irene do find a little time for golfing and bowling.


Lynus Ryan. 1208 l1th St., Langdon, N. Dak. 58249. Lynus is a School of Mines graduate, served in the army during WWII and Korean War. He is married to the former Theresa Wilder. They have three sons and six daughters. Lynus worked for the army engineers in Omaha and Grand Island, Nebr. and In N. Dak. Since 1975 he is self employed.


Louise Spissman, deceased.


Herbert Schlepuetz, deceased.


Bennie Sebesta, 2200 Teller St., Denver, Colo. 80215. Bennie is married and has five children. He is an IBM Superintendent for schools in Jefferson county.


Janell Smith (Mrs. Franklin South Kelder, Rte. No.2 Accord, N. Y. No other information.


Ross Sobek, deceased Oct. 16, 1979.


Albina Urban (Viereck) Now Mrs. Harold Larter, N. Star Rt., Box 31, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Albina has four children. Her husband does carpenter work. Albina is employed the Community Bailey Hospital in Chamberlain.


Hazel Will (Mrs. Norman Fuegen) , Reliance, S. Dak. 57569. Hazel and Norman have a pair of twins, a son and daughter. They live on a ranch at Reliance, S. Dak. They have cattle & horses. They also have a grass seeding project. They have been busy over the years but love it.


Guy Wilson, no information available.


Class of 1937


Ted Benda, Kimball, S. Dak. Married and has two children; Jim and Joan. He farms south of Kimball and stays busy with community work. Loves to bowl.


Edwin Brchan, 5409 Henderson Rd.. Washington, D. C.


Florence Brooks (Mrs. Lawrence Foltz. Widow with six children. Is employed by the State of S. Dak. in social services.


Margaret Cobb (Mrs. Clarence Huber) Emery, S. Dak. Married to a farmer and has one daughter and three grandchildren. Collects antique dishes and salt and pepper shakers.


Donald Dorwart (deceased)


Harry Duba, 4248 N. 109, Lafayette, Colo.

Geraldine Ehlers (Mrs. Richard Prang, Lead, S. Dak.

Edith Fousek (Mrs. Russell Witroch) 612 S. Lyndale, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Attended Nettleton Commercial College. Has 1 son and 2 grandchildren. Stays busy knitting, gardening, reading

and helping others.


Wilma Gaulke (Mrs. WaI  ter Toupal) Kadoka, S. Dak.


Robert Helma, Kimball, S.Dak. Lives on a farm west of Kimball. They have one son, Dean.


Inez Hill (Mrs. R. H. Bruce) 407 9th St. Mena, Ark.


Marvin Hosek, Chamberlain, S. Dak. He is a retired farmer and now does carpentry work.


Florence Jacobsen (Mrs. James Konechne) Kimball, S. Dak. They have four children; Susan, David, Doris and Jamie. They have a new house in the country. Hopes someday she will have time for all of her “some day” projects. Has 15 beautiful grandchildren.


Lorena Kingery (Mrs. Clarence Nelson) Homedale, Idaho.


Robert Maiers, Alexandria, So. Dak.


Helen Meyers (Mrs. Jack Lewis, 1521 Buchanan, Novato, Ca.


Ralph Neelen 3913 Bryan Way, Carmichael, Ca. Married with one son and one daughter. Retired in 1975. Was a quality control supervisor of aircraft engines. Hopes for a 45 year reunion of Class of 1937.


Vern Pipal (deceased)


Raymond Rasmussen (deceaased)


Goldie Sebesta (Mrs. Ray Raczkowski) 485 31th Ave., San Francisco, Ca.


Midlred Simmons (Mrs. Jack Garoutte) 1549 Bervy St. San Diego, Ca.


Mary Margaret Smith [Mrs. Vernon Black) 1617 12th Ave. Belle Fourche, S. Oak.


Elva Berry (deceased)


Joe J. Sul While going through our stack of “things to do”  we stumbled across newspaper pages three through eight.  It is not known
from which newspaper these pages came, nor the issue date, but did seem to be something worth publishing. Starts on page
  Please help us find first two pages and last page(s)! livan, 205 S. Prairie, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. Married and has four children; three boys and one girl. Retired from the Internal Revenue Service. Is just doing what he wants and when he wants.


Josephine Sullivan (Mrs. [.eo Fortin, Watertown, S. Oak.


Glen Urban, 4546 North J6th Ave., Omaha, Nebr. He works for Safeway Steel Seaffold Co. as a bookkeeper  and he has one daughter.


Hazel Urban, 304 North Main, Room 239, Mitchell, So. Dak. She has her own beauty shop in  Mitchell.


Marcia Will (Mrs. Dean Petersdorf. Mitchell, S. Dak.


Dorothy Zeman (Mrs. GeraId Kratochwill) Waseca, Mn.

Geneva Schlepuetz (Mrs. Jert Miner) 7617 Iverson Ave. S., Cottage Grove, Mn. housewife. They. have three  children; Jeanne, Bob and Marilyn.


Class of 1938  By Lucille Houda


Delores Bonner (Mrs. Norman Leheska). Lived at Tynlall since 1949. She has been employed by the Division of Social Services for 25 years.


Ruth Conley (Mrs. Lee Schoenhard). Homemaker and Lee’s traveling companion. A favorite spot is Lake Tahoe. Lee is involved in a number of businesses in Chamberlain plus a large cattle feeding op-eration. They have three sons.


Ralph Duba, engaged in farming near Platte. He is also a lay minister; Wife Alice; one son and one

daughter and four grandchildren.


Edna M. Ehlers (Mrs. Lou Borella) lives at 108 St. Charles, Rapid City, S. Dak. A homemaker, and have three children. They are active in Black Hills Workshop school of which Lou is Executive Dir-ector.


Wayne Falor. Married Doris Munger, farms south and east of Kimball. They have six children and five grandchildren.


Charles E. Fleming, 13228 Manhattan Place, Gardena, Calif. Has a daughter and a son. At last contact, he operated a service station.


Lyle E. Foltz, Victim of cancer, Oct. 30, 1973. Survived by his wife and three children.


Edward E. Forman, 8268 S. Hope St., Los Angeles. Calif. 90017. Has been a semi-invalid since his return from the service in World War II. Has two sons.


Elaine Fox (Nystrom), lives at Lake Preston, where she operates a linotype for the Lake Preston Times. has four children.


Alfred Gabrielsoen and Ardythe live on and operate a farm north of Platte. Ardythe teaches for the Chamberlain school system. They have two daughters and one grandchild.


Verla Gould (Mrs. Oliver Wolbert) lives at 20101 NE 132nd Ave., Battle Ground, Wash. Does a great deal of  volunteer work for the community education program and the Senior Citizens. Received an award as The Woman of Achievement from her study club in 1978. She has a daughter and lost a son.


Wilmer E. Haskins, Kimball, married to Alice Havlik. He is presently on sick leave from his position as a rural mail carrier and will retire when this leave is over.  They have three children.


Allen E. Helma, 1784 Danesta Drive, Concord, Calif. 94520. He is a purchasing agent and store-keeper at a county home for delinquent boys. He retired from the Navy, a warrant officer in 1962. He and wife Alice have three children.


John H. Holmquist, 718 W. Park St., Lodi, Calif. married Lena Heuneke. Retired in 1977 from a management position in a Safeway store. They have two daughters and six grandchildren. Future plans include a great deal of traveling in their mobile home.


Lena Heuneke (Mrs. John Holmquist) Her interests are her husband, children and grandchildren and the trips they plan to enjoy together.


Donald L. McPhillips, Kimball, is engaged in farming and lives in the family home south of Kimball. His hobby is bowling.


Alyce Miller Gerkin, Box 283, Philomath, Oregon  97370. Alyce studies art, does some acrylics but mostly Chinese brush painting. She is a member of the Corvallis Art Guild. They have two daughters and two grandsons.


Leo Mines (deceased)


Robert Moline owns a farm northeast of Kimball. He and his wife are very active in church work. They have two children.


Dorothy M. Nedved Myers, 545 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, Calif. She and husband are retired and

enjoy traveling with Lake Tahoe a favorite spot. Have one stepson.


Delores Novak Kott, Kimball. She has many hobbies and active in church work. Live on a farm south of Kimball and have five children.


Alma Petula Stuntebeck, Kimball. Lives on a farm south of Kimball. She presently is in her 39th year of teaching school. She is First Vice State Regent of the Catholic Daughters of Americas. They have one daughter.


Mark Ryan, Kimball, farms the Ryan farm west of Kimball which was homesteaded by Ryans in 1881 and has been in the family ever since. He has four children.


Wm. F. Ryan, 1610 Park Hill Drive, Billings, Mont. 59102. Bill is a graduate of SDSU with a degree in engineering, also a veteran of World War II. Married Mavis Mareska. They have three sons. Bill retired from the Bureau of Reclamation, Billings, in 1978.


Delmar P. Skluzak, Kimball. Married Rosemary Goergen. Attended SDSU and a veteran of World War ll. They have three children. Delmar is a 35-year New York Life Insurance Agent. They enjoy camping as a family.


Margaret Smith (Mrs. Edw. Guido), 240-17 Mayda Road, Rosedale, New York 11422, is employed part time in a decorating store. They have one daughter.


Lester E. Tarabetz (deceased)


Minnie Thompson Lawson, Academy, S. Dak. 57310. Minnie and Irving live on a farm in the Bijou Hills area. Minnie has taught in the Hutterite school for nine years. They have three children.


Leonard J. Urban, Kimball, married Dorothy Geppert and farm north of Kimball. They have four children and ten grandchildren.


Royal C. Warner is pastor of the Nazarene church at 629 N 3rd St., Montebello, Calif. His wife is Helen and they have one son. Royal is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene College.


Cecelia Wingert, Kimball, is retired from Civil Service  work in Washington D. C.”


Lois E. Will (Mrs. Jack Gayhart) Orange, Calif. 92665. Lois operates a day care center and has a

special talent for working with children, hoping one day to have her own center. They have two children.


Class of 1939 By Albina, Gen and Ruby


Dorothy Bray (Mrs. Lee Nichols) Box 319, Glenns Ferry. Idaho. She is a high school music teacher. They have one son


Ruby Bullis (Mrs. Ralph Glanzer) Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Retired from hatchery business. They have 4 sons; Mike, Alan, David and Dan and a daughter, Paula , Ann. Ruby enjoys swimming,  bridge, gar-age sales, church  work and singing.


Barlow Chmela, Seattle Wash. Last information,worked for Boeing Aircraft, married with 6 children.



Warren Giles, 2036 First Ave., Apt. 185, Greely. Colo. 80631. Married to Rochelle Hamilton. They have 2 sons, and a daughter. He manages a Bowling Alley.


Harold Falor, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Farms Southeast of Kimball with his brother. Still enjoys bowling.


Eileen Fascher (Mrs. Tony Bruno 52120 Patrica Lane, , South Bend, Ind. 46628. They have 3 child-ren. Eileen has been traveling and enjoys the usual civic, social and church activities.

John Brooks (deceased)


Mary Fleming Disburg (deceased)


Mavis Fox (Mrs. Perry Richman) Madison, S. Dak. I She is retired from her job at the Daily  Leader. They have three children.


Duane Fousek; Kimball, SD,  57355. Farms. Feeds livestock, Director for S.D. Wool Growers Assn. Married Darlene Nelson. They have 2 daughters Barbara and Beverly. He enjoys fishing and hunting.


Leona Janish (Mrs. Leonard Young) 1022 West 6th Mitchell, S. Dak. Employed as an RN at Brady Memorial Home. They have 7 children; Mary Kay, Pat, Bette, Sue, Mike, Laurie and Tom.


Donald Johnson. 3876 Yale Way, Livermore, Ca.. 94550. Graduate of School of Mines, married and has 3 girls.


Robert W. Johnson, Box 5986, Tucson, Arizona 85703. Graduate of S.D. School of Mines. He is a Field Engineer for Mining Services and Equipment, Fresser Industries Inc. Has 2 children, Cindy Lou and Robert E. and 2 grandchildren. Hobbies include photography, cooking and fishing. He does a lot of



Dale Korzan, 3156 Golden St., Placerville, Ca., 95667. Graduate of U.S.D., Brookings: Operates a cleaning b usmess. Married, has 3 sons, Mike, Peter and  Theodore.


Ruth Korzan (Mrs. Richard K. Newman Jr.) 1709 Camino Primavera, Bakersfield, Ca. 93306. They are in dry cleaning, laundry, furrier business. They have 2 boys and 2 girls; Michael, Jeffrey, Nancy and Mary. Her hobbies are golfing and bridge.


Albina Kovanda (Mrs. Art Foster,Kimball, 57355. Works part time at Bauers Gift Shop in Chamber-

lain. They have 3 children; Tom, John and Patty, and have 3 grandchildren. Her hobbies are crafts, traveling, fishing and camping.


Emma Kovanda (Mrs. Joe Siemonsma) Route II, Box 37, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57101. Widow with 7


Clement Kunzweller, Kimball, S. Dak. Married Lucille Sullivan. They farm south of Kimball, have 2 sons, Richard and Robert and a granddaughter. Clem says his hobby IS bowling

Norman Leheska, Tyndall, 8″ Dak. Married Delores Bonner. He is a Power Use Coordinator for R.E.A., at Tabor. His hobbies are photography, jewelry and watch repairing.


Esther LaFontaine (Mrs. Roland Wick) 500 S. Kiwanis, No. 302, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57104. She works at the V.A. Hospital Canteen, .sings in church choir, Auxiliary Chorus and active in auxiliary and Cathedral Club. They have 3 sons and 2 daughters.


Margaret (Peggy) Meier (Mrs Vern Ender) 814 Allen, Ridge Crest, Ca. 93555. A business major from Wartburh College, Iowa. Peggy is an employee of N.W. C. in the Reference and Circulation Branch of the Technical Information Center. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.


Virgil Natvig, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355 Married Genevieve Moline. Still operating the Natvig Produce. They have 4 children; Steve, Susan, Jennifer and Dave and 3 grandchildren. Hobbies are snow mobil-ing, hunting, singing, motorcycling and camping.

Leota Novak (Mrs Fugman) Yankton, S. Dak. They have 2 children. She works at a Sunshine Store.


Wayne Purcell, 1577 Washington Way, P.O. Box 758, Longview, Wash. 98632. He is still in the Law Office. They have nine children. Would enjoy hearing about any reunion plans.


Pearl Runge (Mrs. Charles McCarter) 5706 S. Augusta, Seattle, Wash. 98178. Graduated from Nursing School in Tacoma, Wash. They have 4 sons. Husband deceased.


Violet Surat (Mrs. William Bolin) 73042 London Rd., Cottage Grove, Or. 97424. Husband Bill is retired and enjoys fishing. They have 2 daughters.




Class of 1940  By Marjorie Miller


Clara Achen (Mrs. Elisha Bailey) 222 E 15th, Schuyler, Ne. 68661. They have a son (who farms with his father and 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.


Lorraine Bickner (Mrs. Erwin Cleven) 4001 Hills Road, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 57103. Employed as a Business Education instructor at Lincoln Senior High School. She has a daughter, Patty and a son,


Berniece Dalldorf (Mrs. Chester Nedved) deceased


Lowell W. Foltz, North Grace, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Owns and operates Foltz Jack and Jill Food Store. Married to former Sis Andresen. Has two children, 3 step children and 9 grandchildren.


James Gough, Kimball, S. Dak. 57355. Is Brule County Auditor. Married Melva Jo Altwicker. Has 7 children and 7 grandchildren.


Mildred Havlik (Mrs. Wm. Treanor Miller) 2306 32nd Ave, San Francisco, Ca. 94116. Principal’s secretary at U. of Calif. Hospital. 2 sons by first marriage. Frank and Thomas Treanor.


Eunice Hintz (Mrs. W. E. Carson) 1500 Ridge Lane, Mitchell, S. Dak. 57301. Housewife. She has two

children Gregg and Dianne.


Julia Holmquist (Mrs. Francis M. Flannery) 2517 Granville, Los Angeles, Ca. 90064. Housewife who is busy baby sitting for 21 grandchildren and 2 great-grand children. They have 13 children. Favorite past time is bowling. See her family history update.


Lawrence Krepela, 2730 Stanideford Ave., Modesto, Ca. 95350. Semi-retired after owning his own cabinet shop for 25 years and doing custom homes. Enjoys gardening. The have two daughters and a son.


Eldora Lomica (Mrs. Wayne Russell) Lakefield, Mn. Running the same store, Russell’s Star Market. They have 4 children; Nancy, Mike, Dave and Bob and 4 grandchildren. She loves to knit and crochet.


Evelyn Lunn (Mrs. Wm. E.. Ledeker) 1512 Cleary Dr., Ponca City, Ok. 74601. I have been on the faculty at West Junior High for 13 years as a Mathematics teacher. We have no children.


Walter Miller, Academy, S. Dak. 57310. He and his wife live on a farm in Eagle Township. They have two children and 3 grandchildren.


Loraine Olson (Mrs. T. J. Radcliff) 255 Woodland, Charla, Ca. 92010. Both working.


Dorothy Pavlin (Mrs. John Davies) 2701 Grandview Dr., Rapid City, S. Dak. 57701. She teaches in the Rapid City school system. They have 4 daughters; Joanne, Jeanette, Susan and Patty, and 4 grandchildren.


Loretta Pekarek (Mrs. Perl Duba) deceased ;


Ruth Pipal (Mrs. Lyle Steckelberg) 905 River St.Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Housewife. They have 4

children; Douglas, Bob, Larry and Sharon and 2 grand sons. ~


Marlowe Quackenbush, 5020 S. Edwards Dr., Carson City, Nv. 89701. Working in car agency.


Mary A Ryan (Mrs. Robert Linard). They have 5 children and 1 grandchild. She has been working for

eight years as a steno for the Chicago office of 3M Co. . Hobbies include bowling, golf, crocheting and reading.


Mary Rita Ryan (Mrs.Bjarne Jacolsen) Route 1 Box 67, Kirkland, ll. 60146. Still employed at WNIU-FM, Public radio from Northern Illinois University. They have 6 children and two grandchildren. Hus-band and son Brent planted an orchard to make sure we get that apple a day after retirement.


John L. Smith, 2804 E. Malvers, Tuscon, Az 85716. Married. Works with Anamax Copper Mine.


Marjorie M. Tarabetz (Mrs. Russell W. Miller) 311 E. Lawler, Chamberlain, S. Dak. 57325. Execu-tive Director of Brule-Buffalo County ASCS Office. They have 3 children; Roger, Sheila and Louis.


Dorothy Taylor Barnes(deceased 1967)


Blanche Turgeon (Mrs. Ivan Houska) Pukwana, S. Dak. 57370. Lives on a farm south of Pukwana. They have 5 sons and 8 grandchildren.


Myrlen Wattawa (Mrs. Robert Helma), Kimball, SD, 57355, bookkeeper/teller at Tri-County State Bank. They have one son, Dean.

Barbara Will (Mrs. Wm. Schmidt) 9491 Longdan La, N. Rogalton, Oh 44133. Housewife. Husband in steel business. They have 2 sons, Bill and Ken and 2 grandchildren