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Twenty-five Men Are Casuals

Of  the 325 men who left Brule county, 25 have been listed in the casualties. This valuable record has been complied by Mr. A. G. Hill; chairman of the draft board at Chamberlain.
Two of this honor list were killed in action; six died either  from disease or wounds and seventeen were wounded.

Following is the list:

  • Newman, Elmer L., Pukwana, killed in action.
  • Potter, Oscar G., Chamberlain, died of wounds received in action.
  • Potter, Carl W., Chamberlain, died of disease in France.
  • Cummins, Tom,  Vega, died of disease in camp.
  • Burian,  Stanley, Vega, . died of disease in camp.
  • Ryan, William P.,  Kimball, died of disease in France.
  • Rose, Owen,  Kimball, died of disease in France.
  • Millage, Oscar,  Pukwana, died of disease in camp.

Those wounded were:

  • Franzke, Clifford,  Chamberlain
  • Gilbert,  Alva J.,  Chamberlain,
  • Currence, Paul,  Kimball,
  • Smith,  Boyd,  Kimball,
  • Bartlett, Fritz,  Chamberlain,
  • Bailey,  Russell S., Chamberlain,
  • Gibson, Glenn,  Kimball,
  • Gibson, Frank,  Kimball,
  • Harper, Robert V., Kimball,
    Whitbeck,Clarence A., Chamberlain.