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Fifteen Brule Men In Navy

Fifteen men of Brule county volunteered for service in the Navy, according to the list made by Mr. A. G. Hill of the county draft board. One of the men, Oscar Millage, of Pukwana, died of disease in camp.

The list follows:

Anderson, Adam W, Chamberlain

Wedmore, Jerry -G, , Chamberlain

Piggott, Ryder Z. Chamberlain

Glaser, Marley H. , Chamberlain

Rutan, Amos G., Chamberlain

‘Thompson, Henry ,  Vega

Burke, John,  Chamberlain

Truitt, Joseph H., Chamberlain

Jacobs, Ross ,  Pukwana

Lockwood, -Howard R.,  Chamberlain

Reynolds, Morris,  Chamberlain

Kruse, Karl F.,  Chamberlain

Leary, John T.,  Platte

Millage, Oscar,  Pukwana

Matthew, J. May, .Chamberlain