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Lyman Landowners 1971

Because of the possibility of error, no representation is made as to complete accuracy. Data taken from 1971 Lyman County Atlas.

Listed as NAME, O=owner address, where he lives, w=wife, c= children, etc


ABRAHAMSON, ALFRED .,0- Kennebec 29-DJ-l Farming & Ranching
ALLEN BROS. (Robert & Alfred) -0- Kennebec 5-JM-l. Farming & Ranching. Kingdom Hall.
ALLEN, GLEN -R- Kennebec 7-JM-I. Farming & Ranching. Kingdom Hall
ALLYN, WALTER -0- Presho, lO-CF-I. Retired. Methodist.
AMBUR, MICHAEL (Mike) -0- Presho, 3~-‘DB-l W-Nola Rae. C-Tracie, Aaron. Ranching.
      Raise Quality Wheat and Cattle. Secy Ambur Farms Inc. Lutheran.
ANDERSON, CARL -0- Kennebec 13-HJ-I. W-Doriene. C-Richard, Linda, Carla, Darlene,    Robert. Gen. Farming. AM & VFW. Lutheran.
ANDERSON, GLEN -M- Kennebec 32-JP-I. W-Nora C-Joyce, Carol, Kathleen. Vice Pres. and Mgr Medicine
Creek Ranch, Inc. Lutheran.
ANDERSON, HERMAN -0- Kennebec ll-FH-I. General Trucking.
ANDERSON, J. A. (AI) -0- Presho. 8-FH-1. W-Alta. C-Pat, Mary, John L.. Ranching.    Director, West Central Electric. Methodist.
ANDERSON, JOHN L, -OR- Presho, 8-FH-2. W -Donna. C-Cheryl, Alan. Ranching.Member    NFO., Kennebec Town & Country Club, Medicine Creek Riding Club. Reg. Qtr      Horses. Lutheran.
ASHCRAFT, WILLARD -0- Kennebec ll-CH-I. Ranching. Methodist.
AUTHIER, BERNARD -0- Kennebec 28-FJ-l. W-Margaret. C-Leah. Ranching. Episcopal.
AUTHiER, LE ROY.-O- Vivian, l-FA-l.W-Barbara. C-Diana, Herbert, Bradley, Teresa,
      Michael, Michele. Ranching, WWII Vet. AM & VFW. Wife works for State    Securities Commission. Catholic.
AUTHiER, ORIS -0- Vivian 19-HB-l. W-Dorothy. C- Bernie, Mary. Tom, Philip, Paul
      Farming & Ranching. Bd. Dir. Farmers Union Oil Co. Hall Board -Member Farmers       Union. Wife State Dir. S.D. Farmers Union. Catholic.
BAHR, R. W. -0- Kennebec 9-HK-1. W-Bonna C-William. Farming & Ranching. Dealer for
      (Ezrain Distr.. & Irrigation Pipe, Twp Bd, Town & Country Club, Big Bend      Hereford Assn. Wife teacher. Lutheran
BARTHOLOW. HOWARD -0- Reliance l4-FM-2.Ranching. Methodist.
BARTHOLOW. ROBERT -0- Reliance, l4-FM-2 Ranching. Am. Leg. Mem. Twp Bd. Methodist.
BARTELS, JAMES, -0- Ft. Pierre, 24-MA-l.
BARTLET, DON, Ft. Pierre, 4-MB-l. W-Florence. C-Mike, Janet, Janice, Nancy, Curby
BAUMGARTNER, JAMES -R- Reliance, 23-BA-l. W -Sharyn. C-Rodney, Ronald, Randy, James       Jr. Ranching. Am. Legion. Catholic.
BEALE, DALE E. SR. -0- presho, 7-FF-l. W-May. C-Ruth, June, Zanna, Fern, Dale Jr.   Farming. Cemetery Bd, Am. Leg. Metbodist.
BELL, WALLBRIDGE C, -0- Iona. 19-AK-l. W-Darlene. Ranching; Methodist.
BICE, J. O. -0- Oacoma, 23-DX-l. Wife -Mary. , Ranching.
BINGEN, GARY -R- Kennebec 13-DJ-l. W-Sharon. Ranching.
BINGEN, SANFORD -R- Kennebec 15-DJ -1. W-Geraldine. C-Geneva,Shane, Payla. Ranching.
      Vet. Shane 4-H. Lutheran
BLUM, BART -OR- Reliance 5-FS-l. W-Patricia.C-Mary, Penelope. Reg. Qtr Horses,Church Bd. SD Stockgrowers. Am. Qtr. Horse Assn. Wife Pres. Women Ext. Club. Trinity Luth.
BLUM, JOHN -0- Reliance, 19-FS-l. W-Ruth. C-Jay. Reg. Qtr Horses,’Twp. Bd. Am. Qtr.       Horse Assn. SD Stockgrowers. United Church.
BOE, RAYMOND -0- Reliance I-HM-l. W-Donna. C-Charles. Ranching.
BOESE, RICHARD B. -0- Kennebec 5-FJ-I. W-Thelma. Gen. Farming. Lutheran.
BOOTH, EVELYN, -0- Vivian, II-FA-I. Farming.
BOOTH, LARRY,-0- Vivian, 32-DA-I. W-Karen. C-Kevin,Teresa. Farming & Ranching. Luth.
BOWER, LESTER -0- Vivian, 25-JA-I. W-Lucille. C-Joyce, Norman, Dale. Beef cattle.
BOYLE, ROBERT -0- Vivian, 15-DA-I. W-Janet. C-Wesley, Darren, Justin. Farming &     Ranching. Methooist.
BRAKKE, HAROLD -0- Kennebec 13-FH-I. W-Jean.C-Crystal, Jason, Carl, Nelson.   Gen.Farming. Operates Brakke Trucking. Am. Leg. Sells shooters supplies.       Crystal & Jason, 4-H Club Lutheran.
BRAKKE. NOBLE -0- Presho. 28-DF-1. W-Alys Ann. C-Lauren, Neal, Sidney, Jann, Joy.
Ranching & Farming. V. P. Brakke Ranches, Inc. NFO Member. Lutheran.
BRAKKE, SANFORD -0- Presho. 6-DH-1. W-Mae.C-Dennis, Barbara. Farming & Ranching. Am. Leg. Wife works for Presho Schools. Lutheran.
BRAKKE, THOMAS -0- Presho. 2l-FH-I. W-Ina. C-Janet, Judith. Gen. Farming, SD Stock Growers Assn. SD Wheat Growers Assn, NFO. Lutheran
BRAKKE, VERNE DEAN -0- Presho. 17~FH-1. W-Marion. C-Curtis, Verne, Karen, Marc.
      Gen. Farming. Reg. Hereford cattle, Reg.Hampshire Hogs. County weed Bd, 4-H   Club Leader. Dir. Crop Improvement Assn. Lyman Co.Stock Growers Assn. Big      Bend Hereford Assn, Church Bd, Karen & Marc 4-H, Dean member SD Hereford Assn & Natl Hereford Assn. DeKalb Seed Corn Dealer. Lutheran.
BRAMMER, HILDA -0- Kennebec 22-DH-1. W-Widow. C-Elnore, Mata, Mary, Leonard. Retired. Methodist.
BRAMMER, LEONARD -0- Kennebec 2l-DH-l W-June. C-James, Sharon, Dianne. Farming &
      Ranching. Community Committeeman ASCS, Township Bd, Kennebec Fire Dept.       Methodist.
BRODBECHT, HENRY W. -0- presho 22-HF-1. W-Catherine. C-Helen, William, Emma, Charles
      Mary Ann, Lea. Retired. Catholic.
BRODRECHT, RAYMOND -0- Presho, 2l-HF-1. W-Rose. C-Mary Lou, John, Donna, Linda.
      Gen. Farming, Donna 4-H. Catholic.
BROWN, REX, -0- presho. 26-HB-2. W-Dorothy. C-Cheryl, Lori, Clayton, Barry. Farming,      Township Bd, Masonic Lodge, Wife 4-H leader, Cheryl,Lori, Clayton 4-H members.   Methodist.
BUKACEK, JAMES -0- Reliance, l8-FP.2. W-Amalia. C-Francis, Diane, RoseElaine, Jerome.     Retired, Catholic.
BUKACEK, JEROME, -oR- Reliance. l8-FP-.1. W-Connie. Ranching & Twp Bd, Catholic.
BUNKER, DARYL, -0- Reliance, 20-HR-1. W-Selma. C-Theodore, Frank, James. Ranching. Baptist.
BUNKER, JOHN -0- Reliance 33-HR-1. W-Irene.C-Michael, Russell. Ranching; Community ASCS Committee. Zion Lutheran.
BURGER, GRANT -0- Presho, 25-DB-l. W-Ellen. C-Calvin. Farming & Ranching. Lutheran.
BURULL, JOSEPH K. -0- Reliance, lO-CM-l. W-Leola. C-Sharon, Jennett, Vicky, Quinten,
      Carolyn. Dairying. Lutheran.
BURULL, MARVIN -0- Reliance. 8-CM-l. W-Helen C-Patty, Joe S. Gen. Farming & Ranching.
BYRD, LARRY -0- Vivian 6-FA-l. W-Dixie Farming & Ranching, Vet. Methodist.
BYRE, DALE -R- Reliance, ll-CW=l. W-Gail. C-Dale Jr, Brett. Ranching with father.   Raises Registered Basset hounds, Auctioneer. Lutheran
BYRE, JOHN -0- Reliance, ll-CW-2. W-Emily. -Edward, Joan, Jean, Elton, Dale   Ranching. Lutheran
C .
CARLSON, EDWIN -0- lona. l7-~ 1. W-Opal. C-Juanita. Ranching. Lutheran.
CARPENTER, AMY -0- Reliance, l7-HS-2. Retired. Episcopal.
CASEY, IRVIN -OR- Hamill, l8-AB-2. Farming & Ranching. Catholic.
CASLIN, DONALD-O- Kennebec. 25-H;J-,1. W-Jennetheve. C- Phillip, Beth, Howard.Gen   Farming. Township Board. Methooist.
CHESTER, LLOYD, -R- presho. 3l-FH-l W- Dell Etta .C- Donald, Raymond, Diana,Sherry.       Farming. Methodist
CHESTER, WILLIAM -0- Vivian. 3-HA-l W- Vay. Farming and Ranching.
CHRISTENSEN, EARL -0- Kennebec. -5-JP-2 W- JoAnn. C- Larry, Jerry, Tracy, Barbara.
Ranching. Am. Leg. Vice Pres. Kennebec Grazing Assn. Horsemans Club. 4H Club. Catholic.
CHRISTENSEN, GEORGE -0- Kennebec. 5-JP-l W- Edna. C- Evelyn, June, Earl. Ranching,
Am. Leg. Medicine Creek Riding Club. Methodist
CHR1STENSEN, JOHN -0- Reliance. 5-FR-l W- Ruth. Farming & Ranching
CHR1STENSEN, K. C. -R- Kennebec. 30-JM-l W- Charlene. C-John, Sarah, Anne. Ranching
Am. Legion. Medicipe Creek Riding Club. Charlene teaches school. Catholic.
CHR1STENSEN, KENNETH, -0- Kennebec. 27-CH-l W- Dorothy. C- Kenneth C. , Eric,
Robert, Chris, Curtis, Mary, Joe. Ranchinig. Am. Leg. Mary & Joe 4H Club. Catholic.
CHR1STENSEN, MARVIN -R- Iona. 5-AF-2 W- Janice. C- Tammi, Angela. Ranching
CHR1STIAN, WILLARD -R- Kennebec -4-JM-l W- Florence. C- Denise, Denny, Diane, Dahell
Ranching. Vet. Denise ,Denny, Diane & Darrell 4 H Club member. Catholic.
COBLE, JIM -R- Presho. 5- FB-l. W- Lenore C- Diane, Lori, David. Ranching & Reg.
Herfords. Am Legion. Big Bend Hereford Assn. S.D. Hereford Assn. & Natl Hereford Assn. Lori & David 4 H, Lenore 4 H Leader. Church of Christ.
COLE, HERBERT,- 0- Presho. 3-HB-2. W-Helen. C- Larry, Robert, Merle, Betty. Gen.
COLE, JOHN, -OR- Kennebec. 27-DH-l, W- Donna. C- David, Melody, Jeffrey. Farming
and Ranching. County Committeeman ASCS. Methodist.
COLE, JOHN -0- Kennebec. 9-CH-I. W- Wanda. C- Lynn, E. Lancey, C. Scott. Gen.
      Farming  Am. Leg. Township Board. C.Scott member Boy State. Methodist.
COLE, LARRY, -R- Presho. 3- HB-l. W- Alice. C-Judy, Jim, David, Mike. Gen. Farming.
      Does Custom Spraying. Grand Knight of Knights of Columbus. Township Board.    Catholic.
COLE, ROBERT. -R- Presho. 3- HB-4. W-Linda. C- Sheila, Patrick. Does Custom   Grain & Cattle spraying. Catholic.
COLE, SAM, -R- Kennebec. 25-FH-1. W-Darlene. C- Denise, Jeff, Tom. Works for Harold       Brakke Vet. Jehovahs Witness.
COMP, CORWIN, -0- Presho. 14- FB-l. W- Nellie. C- Alice, Wayne, William, Curtis,
      Connie, Allen, Arthur. Farming & Ranching. Am. Legion. Church Board.  Luth.
COMP, L. P., -0- Presho. 22- FF-2. W- Ruby. C- Arlene, Kathryn, Corwin, Grace,      Marie, Perry. Retired. Methodist.
COMP, PERRY, -0- Preaho. 21-FF-l. W,-Lavonne C- Robert, Russell, Loren, Tracy.      Farming &  Ranching. Am. Legion. Church Board,Township Supervisor. Methodist.
COPELAND, PERCY, -O-Kennebec. 35-HK-l. W- Veva. Ranching & Farming. Methodist.
COSGROVE, ROYAL( BABE), -0- Reliance. 8-DW-l. W- Naomi. C- Marlys, Corrine, June,   John, Lindy, Ruth. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
COX, DUANE, -R- Presho. 23- HF-l. W-Karyn. C- Michelle, Jason, Wendy. Farming. Sec.
      Presho Lions Club. Catholic.
COX, MERLE, -R- Presho. 30-HB-l W- Frances. C- Mary, DonnJi, Delores ,Bonnie,Rose, Merle ,Jr. , James. Gen. Farming Methodist.
COX, ROBERT, -0- Presho. 24- HB-l. W- Esther. Farming.
CREAMER, BERT, -0- Vivian. 18-CA-l W- Eunice. Farming & Ranching.
CRONIN, FRANK, -0- Vivian. 28-JB-l Ranching. Township Board. S. D. Stock growers
      Assn. Catholic.
CROPSEY, MILFORD, Presho. 35- HF-l Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
CROPSEY, RONALD, -0′- Presho. 15- FF-2, W- Karen. C- Kim, Royal Glen. Farming &
      Ranching with father. Township Supervisor Methodist.
CROPSEY, ROYAL, -0- Presho. 15-FF-l W-Beva. C- Ronald, Beverly, Janet, Betty,       LaVonne. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
CROSS, HOWARD,-R- Reliance. 35- FM-l W- Opal. Farming & Ranching.
DIEDRICH, JERRY. -0- Presho. 13- HB-l W -Patricia. C- Rodney, Donald, Douglas,
      Delrae, Dee Ann, Mathew, Michael, Jody ,John, Mona. Farming & Ranching.       Township Board. Catholic.
DIEHM ,DONALD , Presho. 17-DF-I.W-Bonnie. C- Bradley, Danelle, Monte, Gary. Farming
& Ranching. Am. Legion, Church Board, Township Board. Am. Lutheran.
DIEHM, LARRY, -0- presho. 17-DF-I Farming & Ranching. Vet. Lyman County Wildlife
Club. Lutheran.
Dinehart, Jessie, -0- Chamberlain. 34-FS-I Retired. United Church.
DITTMAN, WARD, -0- Presho, Rt.l. I-JB-l W- Frances. C- Melvin, Delbert, Beverly,
Linda, Curtis,
DOBBIN, HAROLD, -0- Reliance. l-BA-l W- Coreen. Ranching & Works for County Highway
Dept. Methodist.
DOLLY, LE ROY, -0- Presho. 34- HB-l W- Dolores. Farming & Ranching.
DOLLY, MELVIN,- 0- Presho. 33- HB-l.W- Lois. C- Richard, Raymond ,Virginia ,Sandi.
Farming & Ranching(Vice Chairman ASCS) Methodist.
DORMAN, B. F. (BEN), -0- Kennebec. 29-JM-l Farming & Ranching. Methodist. .
DORMAN, KEITH S. -0- Kennebec. 30-JM-2 W -Linda. Farming & Ranching & Registered
      Corriedale Sheep. Trustee of Church.Methodist.
DORMAN, MATILDA, -R- Kennebec. 19- HK-l Retired. Methodist.
DYSON, ALAN, -0- Kennebec. l2-FJ-l Ranching. Township Board. Masonic Lodge.Methodist.
DYSON, LENORE,- R- Kennebec. 12- FJ-l C- Alan, Richard, Donna, Laural. Retired.     Methodist.
DYSON, RICHARD (DICK), -OR- Kennebec. l8-FM-l. W- Sandra. C- Melissa. Ranching.
      Sandra teaches school in Kennebec. Lutheran.
DURKIN, ROSELLA, Ft. Pierre,S.D.4-MB-l
DVORAK, ADOLPH,- OR-lone. ;~AF-l W- Beryl. C- William, Kathryn, Margery. Reg.       Galloways. Member S.D. Galloways Assn. of American Galloway Assn. NFO Methodist.
EBLE, FRANK, -0- Presho. 22- HB-l W- Thelma. Farming & Ranching, Am. Legion, Meth.
EHLERS, WALTER, -0- Presho. 6-JF-l W- Monica. C- Kimberly, Angela, Linda, Rebecca. Diversified.
ELDRIDGE, FRANK, -0- Ft. Pierre. 21-MA l W- Alice. C- Barbara. Betty Jo, Norma Jean.
      Beef Cattle.
ELLIS, DALE, -0- Reliance. l2-FR-l W- Dorothy. C- Laura, Marlin, LeRoy , Merrill,   Dorothy. Ranching. Methodist.
ELLIS, LE ROY, -R- Reliance. 13-FR-l W- Sharon. Ranching. Lutheran.
ELLIS, M.A. -0- lona. 23- AF-l.W- Edna. C- Darl, Arlene. Ranching & works on
      Construction. Methodist.
ELLIS; MARLIN, -R- Reliance. 13-BA-l W- Delaine. C- Melody, Wendy. Ranching &
Dairying. Vigertone Feed Dealer. Methodist.
ELLIS, ROBERT, -0- Reliance. 12-BA-2 W- Arlene. C- Roberta, William. Ranching. Reg.
Arabian Horses. Catholic.
ELLIS, W. R. (BILL), -0- Reliance.12-BA-l C- Dale, Gordon, Wayne, Robert. Ranching.
ENGEN BROS, (CLARENCE & OSCAR) ,- 0- Presho. 3- HB-3. Gen. Farming & Cattle. Luth
ERIKSON, ARTHUR, -Vivian. Il-DA-l. W-Gladys. C- Janette, Joyce, Daryld. Farming &
      Ranching. Township Board. Gladys teaches Rural School. Lutheran.
ERIKSON, CLARENCE (CHUCK),- R- Vivian. I-DA-l. Ranching. Lutheran.
ERICKSON, PETER B. ,- 0- Reliance.23-FP-l W- Neva. Operates Erickson Greenhouse.
FABER, ARTHUR, -0- Kennebec. 17-HK-l W- Vera. C- Lela Ann, Margret, Carol, Dean,
Janet. Gen. Farming. Lutheran
FENENGA, CUFFORD, -R- lona. 34-AF-l Farming and Ranching.
FEYEREISEN, VANCE ,JR. ,-R- lona.18-AF-2 W- Geraldine. C- Jaden. Farming & Ranching.
Vet. Methodist.
FEYEREISEN, VERLYNN (PAT) ,- 0- lona. l8-AK-1. W- Carol. C- Lori Ann. Farming &
Ranching. Vet. Methodist.
FIALA, ANNA, -0- lona. 25-AB-1. Gen. Farming
FLETCHER, DONALD, -R- Reliance. 27-FP-1 W-Joanne. C- Fred, Nancy, Keith, Tim.
Ranching. 4 H club leader. (Treas. Lyman Co. Livestock Growers) County Weed Board. Lyman School Dist. #12. Joanne- 4H Club Leader. Nancy,Keith & Tim 4H Club members.  Don- John Bean Sprayer Dealer. Catholic.
FLETCHER, ROY, -0- Reliance. 27-FP-2      W- Elsie. C- Rosemarie, Don, Roger, Carol, Douglas. Ranching. (Director Lyman Co. .Historical Society) Methodist Church Board.  Makes Ceramics Novelties)
FORELL, KENNETH, -0- Reliance. 26-HR-l W. Alta. C- Daniel, Judy, Joyce, Charles.
       Ranching. Am. Legion. Judy & Charles 4 H Club. Methodist.
FQSNESS, CLARENCE, -0- Presho. 10-DB-l Farming. Vet. Lutheran.
FOSNESS, PETER, -0- Presho. 10-DB-l W- Gena. Farming. Township Board since 1927.
FOTT, JOSEPH, -0- Hamill. 4- AB-2. W-Anna. Ranching. Lutheran.
FOTT, LAWRENCE, -0- Hamill. 5- AB-l W- Bonita. C- Joreen, Richard, Susan. Ranching.
       Am. Legion & VFW. ZCBJ.
FRAME, DAVID, -0- Reliance. 24-DM-l W- Mary. Ranching.
FREIER, JOHN. -R- Presho. I-FB-l.W- Linda. C-Kathy, Lori, Barbara, Chuck. Brand
       Inspector. S.D. Stock Growers. Vet. Lutheran.
FUEGEN, NORMAN, -0- Relianoe. 8-FR-l W- Hazel. Ranching.
FULWIDER, JAMES A. – OR- Iona. 10-AF-I Farming & Ranching. Vet. Am. Legion. Meth.
FULWIDER, VIRGIL, -0- Iona. 10-AF-l W- Katherin. C- Judy, Jim.  Ranching.Methodist.
GANDT, H.A. (Doc) ,-0- Lower Brule. 22-JR-l W- Vera. Ranching. Am. Leg. Episc.
GARNQS, OSCAR, -0- Presho. 18-FH-2  W- Vera. C- Owen, Veran. Farming & Ranching.
S.D. Stock Growers ASSN. Lutheran.
GARNQS, OWEN, -0- Presho. 12-FF-l W- Sally. C- Gretchen, Quinton, Cooper. Farming
& Ranching. Memb. S.D. Stock Growers Assn. Lutheran.
GERARD, HARRY, -0- Kennebec. 29-FJ-l C- Margory, Lyle. Retired. Methodist.
GERARD, L. E. (GENE), -0- Kennebec. 22-DJ-l W- Esther. C- Delores, Pamela, Dennis,
Douglas, Phillip, Donald. Ranching. Church Board. Director Kennebec Elevator (Co~). Gene & Esth er 4 H Leaders. Dennis, Douglas, Phillip, Members 4 H Club. Methodist.
GERARD, PAUL B. , -0- Kennebec. ll-DJ-l W- Josephine. C- Joyce, Paul ,Jr. Theodore.
Ranching & Farming. Am. Legion. VFW, Township Board. S.D. Stockgrowers. Meth
GILMAN, ART. -0- Presho. 3-HJ-l. W- Ruth. C- William, Ronald, James, Alyce Ruth.
       Ranching. County Commissioner. Pres. Gilman Farms Inc. Methodist.
GILMAN,JAMES, -0- Presho. 3- HJ-2.W- Karen. C- Dawn, Terra, Cathy. Ranching. Vice
Pres. Gilman Farms. Pres. Medicine Creek Riding Club. Dawn & Terra 4 H Club members. Methodist.
GILMAN ,RONALD.- 0- Kennebec. 36-MP-l W- Myrna. C- Kim, Pam. Ranching. {Sec. Treas.
Gilman Farms Inc.)Town & Country Club Kennebec. Lutheran.
GILMAN, WENDELL, -0- Kennebec. 30- HM-l W- Ardene. C~ Wendy. Ranching. Am. Leg.
        V. F. W. Township Board. Medicine Creek Riding Club. Methodist.
GRAVES, LLOYD, -0- Reliance. 22- DW-l W- Dorothy. C- Richard, Donald, Robert, James
       Raymond, Dennis. Farming & Ranching. County Commissioner. Catholic.
GRAVES, RICHARD, -0- Reliance. 4- DW-2 W- Helen. C- Katherine, Richard ,Jr.Cynthia.
      Paul. Dairying. Am. Leg. ABS Technician, Gen. Carpentering. Katherine &       Richard & Cynthia 4 H Leaders. Catholic.
GREGORY,EARL, -R- Presho. 29-FH-l W- Ruby Marie. Gen. Farming. Ruby works for U.S.
       Postoffice. Earl-Township Board,&  Treas. Aid Assn. for Lutherans. Lutheran. GREGORY, FLORENCE. -0- Presho. 29-FH-l C- Earl. Retired. Lutheran. Commissioner
      . Catholic.
GRAVES, RICHARD, -0- Reliance. 4- DW-2 – Helen. C- Katherine, Richard ,Jr. Cynthia.
      Paul. Dairying. Am. Leg. ABS Technician, Gen. Carpentering. Katherine,Richard       & Cynthia 4 H Leaders. Catholic.
GREGORY ,EARL, -R- Presho. 29-FH-l W- Ruby Marie. Gen. Farming. Ruby works for U.S.       Postoffice. Earl-Township Board. & Treas. Aid Assn. for Lutherans. Lutheran.
GREGORY, FLORENCE. -0- Presho. 29-FH-l C- Earl. Retired. Lutheran.
HALL, DALE, -0- Reliance. 3- FP-l  W -Dorothy. C- Dennis, Lance, Lana. Gen. Farming.       Methodist.
HALVERSON, CLIFFORD, JR. -R- Kennebec 33-FJ-l. W- Patricia. Gen. Farming. Lutheran,
HALVORSON,GENE.~ 0- Kennebec. 3-DH-l W- Marjorie. C- Curtis, Judith ,Marsha. Gen.   Farming. Am. Leg. VFW. Chairman Lyman County School Board. Lyman Ind. #12
      School Board. Township Supervisor. Church Board. Lutheran.
HALVERSON, HARLAN, -0- Kennebec. 17-DJ-l W- June. C- Cheryl, Kim, Corey, Harla,
      Steve,Randy. Ranching & Farming. Director Farmers Union Oil. Kennebec Town & County. Harla 4 H Club. Lutheran.
HALVERSON, LYLE.- 0- Kennebec. 5- CJ-l W-Zeanna. C-Douglas, Dana, Sharon  ,Shelley ,
      Stanley. Farming & Ranching. Am. Leg. VFW Township Board. Church Board.       Douglas ,Dana, Sharon 4H Members. Lutheran.
HAMER ,BURDETTE. -0- Kennebec. I-DH-l W- Edna. C- Loretta, Charles, Lillian,Chester
      Bernice, Kenneth. Gen. Farming. Zion Lutheran.
HAMER, JAMES. -R- Kennebec. I-DH-l Farms with brother. Vet.
HAMIEL, DONALD. -0- Reliance. 12-FP-l W- Josephine. C- Kent, Noel, Wade. Ranching.
      Episcopal. .
HAMIEL, KENT. ~R- Reliance. 13- FP-l W- Mildred. Ranching & Rural Mail Carrier.
      (Macdonald’s Vitamized Feed Dealer) Lutheran.
HAMMERBECK,GEORGE.- 0- Iona.20- BC-l W- Evelyn. C- Warren, Patricia, Barbara,
      Roger. Reg. Quarter Horses. County Extension Board. Chairman County & District      Weed Board  Draft Board. S.D. Stock Growers. Evelyn teaches School in Chamberlain. Catholic.
HANIG, JOHN. -0- Reliance. 32-CW-I. W-Orvilla. C- Gary ,Jean ,John ,Mark ,Ann ,     Tony. Ranching & Milking. Township Board. NFO. Ann 4H Club VFW Catholic
HANSLER, ROY.- 0- Vivian. 2- FA-2.W- Betty C- Connie. Farming & Ranching. World     War II Vet. Am. Leg. Methodist.
HANSLER, VIRGIL.- 0- Vivian. 2- FA-l Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
HANSON,EARLE.- 0- Reliance. 27-HM~l W- Ruby. C- Bruce, Jackie. Ranching. Reg.
      Charolais Cross Cattle. Am. Legion. VFW Mem. Jackie 4 H Club Mem. Bruce       Ass’t 4 H Club leader. Methodist.
HANSON ,RICHARD. -R- Reliance. 24- DW-2 W- Mavis. Works on Construction. Mavis      teaches school. Lutheran.
HEADLEY, JOHN. -0- Presho. 26-HB-l W- Dorothy. Farming & Works in Presho.
HEENAN,BOB.- 0- Reliance. 19-CW-I. W- Peg. C- Rusty, Vicky, Ronnie, Pat, Rick.
 Ranching.  Rusty, Vicky, Ronnie 4 H. Catholic.
HEMESATH, EDWARD.- 0- Presho. 34-HF-l W- Isabelle. Farming. Catholic
HEMESATH, LOUIS-JOSEPH, ANNA, CLARA. -0- Presho. 5- FF-I. Farming. Catholic.
HENRIKSEN, ROY L. -0- Ft. Pierre. 35-MA-l W- Roberta. C- Gene ,Noel, Dawn, Jan.
      Beef Cattle. Congregational. Rowe township Board.
HERMAN ,BRUCE. -0- Presho. 17-CH-I. W-Minnie. C- Ray, Norma, Margie. Farming &      Ranching. Zion Lutheran.
HERMAN,RAY.- 0- Presho. 4- CH-l.W- Twyla. C- Guy, Tim, Dawn. Ranching & Raise
      Reg.Angus Cattle. Township Board. Guy, Tim ,Dawn 4 H Club. Zion Lutheran.
HERMANSON, CLARENCE. -0- Kennebec 28- HK-I. Farmhlg & Ranching. Lutheran.
HICKEY, CLAUDE. -0- Iona.15-AF-l W- llene C- Karen, Marvin, Darla, Claudia. Gen.    Farming Vet. Catholic. .
HIEB, ERVIN. -0- Reliance. 34- FM-l.W- Donna. C- Curtis, Patricia. Std. Oil Dealer in Reliance. United Church of Christ.
HlEB,JOHN,J. -0- Reliance. -15- DM-l W- Margaret. Retired.
HlLMOE ,WHITEY. -R- Reliance. 5- CM-l W- Lola. Ranching.
HODGIN ,ARTHUR. -0- Reliance. l5-DW-l W- Carmen. Retired.
HOFFER,DAN. -0- Reliance. 23- DW-2. W-Gwen. C- Mike, Bryan, Collin. Farming &       Ranching. Vet. Chairman County ASCS. Lutheran
HOFFER, FRED. -0- Reliance. 23- DW-3 W- Christina. C- Bertha, Marian, Dorothy,
      Betty, Dan. Retired. Am. Legion. Lutheran.
HOFFER, JAKE. -R- Reliance. 20- FM-l C- Frieda, Leo, Leone, Ann, Robert. Retired.   Lutheran.
HOFWOLT, DALE. -0- Presho. 29-JF-I. W- Karen
HOFWOLT, PAUL. -0- Presho. 23-JB-l
HOFWOLT, WESLEY. -OR- Presho. 29-JF-2. W-Cecelia
HOLLENBACK, WILLIAM.- 0- Kennebec. 22~CJ-1 W- Grace. C- Ted, Barbara, James, George
       Ranching. Am. Legion. Christian Church
HOLMQUIST, GENE. -0- Reliance. 8- CW-1 W -Edith. C- Randy, Dawn. Ranching. Township
       Board. Methodist.
HOLMQUIST, HENRY. -0- Reliance. 8- CW-2 C- Oliver, Gene. Retired, Lutheran.
HOSSLE, STUART. -0- Hamill. l8-AB-1. W- Eva. C- Connie, Pat. Ranching. Presbyterian.
HOUCHIN, JOHN. -0- Kennebec. 18- HK-1 W- Marie. C- Willis, Judy, Alyce. Gen. Farming
      Township Board. Catholic.
HOWE, BURTON. ~O- Presho. 11- FF-1 Farming & Ranching. ( Board of Directors Farmer
      Elevator Inc.) Lutheran.
HUFFMAN, GORDON. -R- Vivian. 35- HA-2 W- Marlene. C- Zane, Jeanine. Farming &
      Ranching. Dist. Committeeman ASCS. Lutheran
HULLINGER, M. E. (RED). -0- Vivian. 25-FA-l W- Audrey. C- Colleen, Ronda, Lyle.     Farming & Ranching. Am. Legion.
HUSTON, ROSCOE. -0- Kennebec. 26- JL-1 W- Doris. C- Diana, Barbara, Judson.Ranching.      Am. Legion. Lyman Co. Wildlife Assn. V. F. W.. Masonic Lodge. Big Bend Shrine     Club. Town & Country Club. S.D. Stock Growers. Lyman Co. Crop Imp. Assn. Meth.
HUTCINSON, ALFRED. -0- Presho. 22-CF-l W-Helen. C-Louis, Verna, Robert. Ranching,   Twp Bd. Assembly of God.
HUTCHISON, GLEN, -0- Presho, 4-CF-1.W -Katherine. C-Terry, Travis, Kathy. Ranching.       Co. SCC Bd. Assembly of God.
HUTCHISON, ROBERT -0- Presho. 28-CF-1. W-Marge. C-Terry, Robyn, Jeff. Ranching.
      Hutch’s Air Service. Community Bible Church.
HUTCHISON, TERRY -0- Kennebec 28-CJ-l W-Julia. C-Randy, Brenda. Ranching, NFO.
JACOBY, RAYMOND -0- Presho, 13-FB-l. Farming. Catholic.
JANDREAU, FAY -R- Kennebec, lO-JM-l. W-Roberta. C-Marty Allen, Fay Jr. Ranching.
Marty Allen 4-H member. Catholic.
JANDREAU, JERAUID -0- Lower Brule, 3-HR-1.W-Sheryl. C-Janelle, Roddy, Randy, Timmy.
Ranching. Catholic.
JENSEN, JAMES -0- Reliance 30-FM-l. W-Mary Retired
JENSON, JOHN -0- Presho, 34-FF-1. W-Grace. C-Janet. Farming & Ranching. Twp Bd.
Bd Dir. PCA. Lutheran.
JESSOP, EDWARD -0- Presho, 9-DB-l. W-Joyce. C-Jody, Jeff, Justin. Farming & Ranching.
Commercial trucking, Treas. Twp Bd. Jody 4-H member. Catholic.
JESSOP, LYMAN -0- Presho, 2-FF-1. W-Myrtle. C-Edward, Barbara. Farming.  Methodist.
JOHNSON BROS. (Bernard & Leonard) -0- Kennebec, 34-HK-1. Gen. farming. Leonard WWII
Yet. Am. Leg & VFW. Lutheran.
JOHNSON, DONAID -OR- Presho. 33-HJ-l. W-Avys. C-Douglas, Julie, Jill, Theron. Gen.
Farming. Twp Bd, Douglas 4-H member. Am. Lutheran.
JOHNSON, KEITH -R- Reliance. 30-HS-1. W-Kay. Works for Construction. Episcopal.
JOHNSON, LEONARD -0- Reliance, 33-CW-1. Gen. Farming.
JOHNSON, MYLES, -0- Presho, 19-HF-1. W-Norma Farming & Ranching. Twp Bd, AECS
Community Committeeman. Church Board. Zion Lutheran.
JUHNKE, DELFORD -0- Vivian. 27-DA-l. W-Hazel. C-Kathy, Steven, Debbie, Dennis,Larry.
Farming & Ranching. Lutheran.
JUHNKE, RONAID -0- Vivian, 33-DA-l. W-Margaret. C-Randy, Jerry, Kent, Sharla.
Farming & Ranching. Twp Bd. Jerry-Sharla 4-H; Jerry Jr. 4-H Leader. Lutheran.
JUHNKE, WALTER -0- Vivian. 21-DA-l. W-Mable C-Ronald, Eloise, Darlene. Farming &
      Ranching. Lyman Co. Commissioner, Dir. Farmers Elev ~,Am. Lutheran.
KARLEN, MERRILL -0- Reliance ll-HP-l W-Rose Marie. Ranching.
KENNEDY, VIRGIL -0- Vivian, 20-JA-l. W-Ella. C-Lola, Nancy, Neva. Beef cattle, Ft.
Pierre Grazing Assn.
KENOBBIE, ROY -0- Reliance, 31-FS-1. W-Helen. Ranching. Am. Leg. Twp Bd, Wife
      teacher- Twp Bd. Methodist.
KENZY, CARL -0- lona. 31-BC-l. W-Esther. Ranching & Rural mail carrier. Vet.Lutheran.
KENZY, DARL -0- Iona. 21-AF-2. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
KENZY, HARRY -0- Iona, 19-AF-I. W-Inez. C-Denn1s, Robert, Teddy, Janelle, Diane,
 Frank. Reg. Quarter Horses. Method1st.
KENZY, LEO -0- Iona, 6-AF-2. W-Vlasta-Ann. C-Ralph, Dwaune, Jul1e Ann. Ranching.
. Twp Bd, NFO. Lutheran.
KENZY, LILLIAN -R- Iona, 20-AF-I. W-W1dow. C-Don, Darl, Kenneth, Harry. Ret1red.
KIEHN, HERB, -0- Kennebec, 9-HK-2. W-Adda. C-Robert, Raymond, Lorraine, Loretta.
Gen. Farming. Robert & Raymond comm. trucking. Lutheran.
KINDOPP, MYRON -R- Reliance, 30-DM-2 W-Susie. C-Bryan. Farming & Ranching.Lutheran.
KINDOPP, ORVIN -0- Reliance 30-DM-l. W-Martha. C-Myron. Farming & Ranching. Lutheran.
KISTLER, JERRY -R- Reliance, 22-DM-2. W-Lorna Mae. C-Jackie. Ranching. Catholic.
KITTELSON, CARL -0- Presho, 19-FF-I. W-Inez V. C-Robert. Gen. farming & Livestock.
 Bd. Dir. Farmers Elev. Co. Lutheran.
KNUTSON, CLARENCE -0- Vivian. 24-CA-l Ranching.
KNUTSON, JOSEPH. -0- Presho. 5- CB-1 W- Audrey. Ranching.
KNUTSEN, LEON. -0- Reliance. 5- HP-1 Gen. Farming. Lutheran
KOENIG, GUS. -R- Presho. 21- DB-I. Works for Lawrence Ambur.
KOOS, ALFRED. -0- Hamill. 7- AB-1. Ranching. Am. Legion & VFW. Knights of Columbus.
KORTUM ,HAROLD. -0- Presho. 9- CB-1. W- Jean C- Cynthia. Douglas, Pamela,  Denise.
 Farming Am. Legion & VFW. Am. Lutheran.
KOTZ, ROY. -0- Presho. 32- DF-1..W- Marie. C- Dennis, Mary, Lois. Farming & ranching.
Pres. Lyman Co. Wild Life Assn. Catholic.
KREINBUHL, FRANK. -0- lona. 27~ Bc-I W -Dorothy. C- Monica. Ranching & Farming
KREINBUHL, MAX. -0- lona. 35- BC-1. W- Lois. C- Randy, Kelly, Brenda. Ranching.
KREINBUHL, WALTER. -0- lona. 35- BC-1 W- Alice. C- Shirley, Donna, Max. Ranching.
KRIER, ALBERT. -0- Presho. 3- FB-1.W- Bertha. C- LeRoy, Robert, Eugene, Mary Lou,
 Shirley Donna, Rosella. Retired. Catholic.
KREIER, EUGENE. -0- Presho. 3- FB-1. Farming & Ranching. Vet. Catholic.
KRIER, LE ROY. -0- Fort Pierre. 5- MB-1 Farming & Ranching. Am. Legion. Township
Board. Catholic.
KRIER, ROBERT. -0- Presho. 3- FB-1. Farming & Ranching. Vet. Catholic.
KUBIK, BEN. -0- Reliance. 4- AB-1. Ranching. Vet. Am. Legion. ZCBJ.
KUBIK, JOE, L. -R- Kennebec. 3- DJ-1. W- Myrna C- Timothy, Dallas. Ranching.
 Timothy 4H club. Lutheran.
KUBIK, RICHARD. -0- Hamill. 4- AB-3. W-Gladys. C- Sharon, Janet, Vicky, Steven,
 Lori. Ranching. 4 H Club Leaders. Richard-Hamill Community Hall Board.
LADDEWIG, H. G. -0- Presho. 8- HJ-l. W- Edna Gen. Farming.
LAFFERTY, ARNOLD. -0- Reliance. 9- FR-l W- Arlyne. C- Karla, Dale, Dallas. Ranching.
Township Board. Church Board. Arlyne teaches school In Chamberlain. 7th Day
LAFFERTY, DALE. -R- Reliance. ll-FR-l W- Judy. C- Roddy, Cindy. Ranching & works for
 State Highway Dept. Super Stock Car Racing with brother.
LAFFERTY, DALLS, -R- Reliance. 9- FR-l Ranching with father. Mem. S.D. Natl Guard.
Super Stock Car Racing with brother.
LAMB,FRANK. -0- Presho. 17- JF-l. W- Rosa C- Judy, Renee, Dwight. Hogs, Diversified
LANE ,RICHARD. -R- lona. 5- AF-l. W- Dominga. Ranching.
LANGDEAU, ABE. -0- Fort Pierre. 2l-ML-l W- Minnie. C- Abe,Jr. Vera, Helen, Leslie,
Lloyd, Chas., Robert, Shirley. Retired. Episcopal
LANGDEAU, CHARLES -0- Fort Pierre. 21- ML-2 W- Greta. CO Gayle, Denita, Benita,
 William. Ranching. Member Lower Brule Tribal Council. VFW. Mem. S. D. &
American Quarter Horse Assn. Episcopal.
LANGDEAU, LESLIE. -0- Fort Pierre. 2l-ML-3 W- Hazel. Ranching. Raise Horses & Cattle.
LANGDEAU, LLOYD. -0- Fort Pierre. 8- ML-l W- Marie. C- Linda, Jolene, Jimmy, John,
Barbara. Ranching. (Reg. Quarter Horses). Vet. Jimmy ,John , Barbara 4H club
members. Episcopal.
LANGDEAU , ORVILLE. -R- Lower Brule. 22-JR-2 W- Velma. C- Diana, Orville ,Jr., Daria,
Joseph, Stuart, Steven. Own & Operate Langdeau’s Store. World War II Vet. Mem.
 Lower Brule Tribal Council. Diana, Orville ,Jr. ,& Daria 4H Club. Catholic.
LANTZ, LARRY. -0- Presho. 4-FB-l Farming & Ranching.
LARSEN, DEAN. -0- Reliance. 24- DW-J W- Gertrude. C- Loretta, Betty Jo.,Ronald.
Farming & Ranching. Lutheran.
LARSEN, LARRY. -0- Reliance. 31- HR-l W- Elaine. C- Lori. Ranching. Vet. Lyman County
 Crop Improvement Assn. Trinity Lutheran.
LARSEN, ONALEE. -R- Reliance. 23- DW-l C- Marian, Alta, Mavis, Dean. Retired.Lutheran.
LARSON, MELVIN. -0- Vivian. 1- HA-l C- Donald, Vernon, Wanda, Marcial. Farming &
      Ranching. Lutheran.
LARSON, NE~, (Partnership) Ft. Pierre. Il-MB-l. W- Augusta. C- Mable, Richard,
Richard ,H. , Vera. Beef Cattle.
LARSON, OLAF. -0- Vivian. 12- HA-l. W- Julie C- Roger, Timothy, Tom, Linda,Christine.
Farming & Ranching. Community Committee ASCS. Township Board. Lutheran.
LARSON, RICHARD H. -0- Ft. Pierre 12- MB-l W- Alma. Beef Cattle.
LARSON, THEO. -0- Reliance. 3- CW-2 W- Gertrude. C- Velma, Fern, Glenn, Darrell.
Ranching. Gertrude Sunday School Teacher. Lutheran.
LEICHTNAM, CHARLES. -0- Presho. 4- FF-2 W- Gloria. C- Lonnie, Loren, Lura, Lynn,
Leslie, Lesa, Leland. Gen. Farming. Catholic.
LEICHTNAM, FRANK ,- 0- Presho.7- HF-l W- Bernice. C- Judy, Kurt, Karen, Cristy,
Joe, Richard, Mellisa. Farming & Ranching. Am. Legion. VFW. Christy 4H
      Club. Catholic.
LEICHTNAM, LOUIS -0- Presho, 20-FF-I. W-Marjorie. C-Louise, Elaine, Leo, Phyliss,
Teresa, Delores, Mark. Gen. Farming, Am. Leg Curator, Lyman Co. Historical
Society. 1\vp Bd, Catholic.
LEICHTNAM, MANUEL -0- Presho. 17-HF-l  W-Martha. C-John, Mary, Charlette, Charlene,
Dorothy, Diana. Farming, 1\vp Bd. Dir. West River Impl. Catholic.
LIEN, DENNIS, -R- Presho, 7 -CF-l .Farming & Ranching. Am. Lutheran.
LIEN, ROMA -0- Presho, 7-CF-I. C- Jim, Steve, Dennis. Farming. & Ranching. Am.
LILLEBO, HILMER -0- Presho, 22-FF-I. W-Susie. C-Marion, Gloria, Harold, Deanna,
Edwin, Gordon, Judy, Rodney. Farming. Private Wildlife Sanctuary. Lutheran.
LINDLEY, EVERETTE, -0- Reliance, 7-FR-I. Ranching. Am. Leg. Methodist
LINTVEDT, DARREL, -0- Vivian. 4-FB-2. W-Mary Lou. C-Brian, Laurie, Todd, Mark,
DarIa. Farming & Ranching. Vet. 1\vp. Bd. Community Committeeman ASCS. Lutheran.
LOGAN, KERMIT -0- Presho, 32-FF-I. Gen. Farm. Am. Leg.
LUCAS, DON -R- Reliance, 17-DM-l. W-Joyce. C-Tana, Monty, Randy. Ranching & Farming.
4-H leader. Co. 4-H Leaders Assn. Tana, Monty,& Randy 4-H members. Catholic.
LUCAN, LLOYD -0- Reliance. 8-BA-l. W-Gladys. Ranching. Lutheran.
“MARTIN, BERNARD -0- Hamill, 19-AB-l. W-Helen. Farming. Am. Leg. Wife teacher.
MASON, HERBERT -0- Kennebec 9-DJ-l. W-Gladys. C-Allen, Jack, Nancy, Mary, Charles,
 Carol, Cheryl. Ranching & Farming. Lyman Co. 12 School Bd. White River 1\vp
Bd. Episcopal.
MATHENY, FRED -R- Presho. 19-DB-l. W-Marie. C-Clifford. Farming & Ranching. Zion Luth
MAVES, HAROLD -0- Presho, 25-HB-l. Farming & Ranching. Catholic.
McGEE, MERLE -0- Presho, 5-HJ-l. Retired.
McMANUS, BERTHA -0- Reliance, 19-FP-2. Teacher
McMANUS, LYLE -0- Reliance, 32-FM-l. W-Mary. C-Charles, Joan, Joseph. Ranching.
 1\vp Bd.Church Bd. Catholic.
MEFFERD, RALPH -M- Hamill, 21-BA-l. W-Betty. C-Sandra, Mike, Kelley. Ranching.  Mgr
 Kinney Bros. Ranch. 1\vp Bd, Sandra High School Rodeo. Methodist.
MEINEN, EVERETT -0- Iona, 26-BC-l. W-Gwendolyn. C-David, Dean. Ranching. VFW.1\vp
 Bd. Methodist.
MEINEN, FRED -0- Iona, 26-BC-l. W-May. C-Robert, Everett. Retired. May was first
      White girl born in Iona Territory south of the White River. Methodist.
MERTENS, RICHARD, -0- Presho, 34-FH-l. W-Emma. C-Eugene, Richard Jr. Kathleen.
 Farming & Ranching, Twp Bd. Catholic
METZGER, CARL -0- Vivian, 20-JB-l. Mother-Martha.
MICHALEK, ALVIN -0- Reliance 27-HP-l. W-Mary. C-Linda, Roger, Mark, Peggy. Ranching.
Am. Leg. Member. Methodist.
MILLARD, ARCHIE, -0- Presho, l2-CB-l. W-CoraJean. C-David, Norval, Travis,LaVonne.
      Ranching, Am. Leg. Twp Bd. Mem. White River Grazing Assn. Methodist.
MILLER, DAVID. -O-Kennebec, 19-HM-l. W-Darline. C-David D, Allan D, Linda.
Ranching, 4-H leader. Wife works Courthouse.Lutheran.
MILLER, KENNETH -R- Kennebec, 23-DH-l. W-Cathy. Works for Gary Halverson.
MILLER, VERNON -0- Reliance, 26-FM-l. W-Belle. C-Gerald. Farming, Grain Inspector
ASCS, Twp Bd. Methodist.
MONSON, .b;.LBERT, -0- Reliance, 19-FP-l. W-Lydia. Gen. Carpenter. Lutheran.
MOORE, GERALD -R- Reliance, 29-FM-I. W-Adella C-Greg, Garret, Gale. Works for Adolph
 Schelske Lutheran.
MOORE, LYLE -0- Kennebec, 28-HK-I. Farming & Ranching. Medicine Creek Riding Club.
MOORE, RAYMOND -R- Kennebec, 17-HK-l. W-Jean Carpenter.
MOORE, TERRY -0- Vivian, 2l-CA-l. W-Kay. C-Julie, Wendy, Carolyn. Ranching,  Veteran,
White River Grazing Assn. (Secy-Tr.) Church Bd, Julie 4-H Member. Methodist.
MORTENSON, EMANUEL -0- Kennebec, 23-HK-l. W-Helena. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
MOULTON, RALPH -R- Reliance 25-FP-2. W-Billie Mae. Ranching.
MOWRY, ELWYN, -0- Presho, 27-FB-l. W-Ruth. C-Lee, Kay. Farming & Ranching. Twp Bd.
MOWRY, GEORGE F. -0- Presho, 2l-CBl. W-Shirley. C-Craig, Mark, Steven. Ranching.
Am. Leg. , Moorman Feed Repr, Wife Postmaster. Catholic.
MULDOON, JOSEPH -0- Reliance. 30-FP-l. W-Alma. Gen. Farming.
MUNDLIEN, GEORGE -R- Kennebec, 30-FJ-l. W-Betty. C-Sharlene, Sandy. Gen.  Farming,
Vet. Twp Bd. Zion Lutheran.
MUNDLEIN, HENRY -0- Presho, 3l-DH-l. W-Martha. Farming & Ranching’.
MUNDLEIN, HERMAN -0- Presho, l2-CF-l. W-Tillie. Farming. Zion Lutheran.
MUNDLEIN, JERRY -R- Kennebec, 20-DJ-l. W-Carmen, Farming & Ranching.
MUNDLEIN, THOMAS -R- Kennebec, l7-DH-l. W-Shirley. C-Debara. Farming & Ranching.
Zion Lutheran.
MURPHY, MAroON -0- Reliance, l5-HM-l. W-Claire. C-Mary Margaret, Kathleen, James,
Owen, John. Ranching. Mem. S.D. Stockgrowers Assn, Wife Head-Start school.
MURPHY, THOMAS -0- Reliance, 3-DW-2. W-Catherine. Retired.
NESPOR, LAWRENCE -0- Hamill, 32-BA-l. W-Jerry. C-Jeff, Julia. Ranching. Vet.
ZCBJ Member. Lutheran.
NESS, MILTON -0- Kennebec, 30-ML-l. W-Baunita. C-Larry, Bart. Ranching.Raise
 Limousin Cattle. Vet. Larry-Bart 4-H memb Mem~ SDRA. Catholic.
NISSEN, ALICE -0- Reliance, 33-FP-l. Retired.
NISSEN, STANLEY -0- Reliance, 9-DW-l. W -Anna Mae. C-Deborah, Andrew, Timothy,
Jeffrey. Ranching, Am. Leg. Twp Bd. Methodist.
OLLER, CHARLES R. (Rich). -0- Vivian, 19-FA-l W-Frederica. C-Charles H., John,
 Nancy. Farming, Reg. Herefords, Mem. Big Bond Hereford Assn, SD & Am.
Hereford Assn, SD Wheat Growers Assn, Lyman Co. Stock Growers Assn, Bd. Dir
Fed. Land Bank, 4-H leader. Zion Lutheran.
OLLER, CLARENCE -0- Vivian, 23-DA-l. W-Laverne. C-Carol, Diane, Linda, Anita, David.
Farming & Ranching, Mem. SD Hereford Assn, Big Bend Hereford Assn, Natl
Hereford Assn, Mem. Salt Grass Riding Club & Medicine Creek Riding Club. Luth.
PAIGE BROS, MILFORD & DONALD -0- Presho, 33-HJ-2. Gen. Farming. Am. Leg. Methodist.
PAIGE, GERALD -0- Presho, 7-HJ-l. W-Alma. c-Myrtle, Kenneth, Melvin, Vernon, Thomas,
Betty, Gloria, Sharon, Patti. Gen. Farming.Methodist.
PATRICK, LES, Vivian, lO-JA-l.
PERRY, HARRY JR, -0- Presho, 30-CB-l. W-Gloria. C-Steven, Linda, Doug, Tom. Ranching.
 Vet. Lyman Co. Dist 12 School Bd, SD Stockgrowers Assn Lyman Co. Stockgrowers
Assn, Masonic Lodge, Owns & operates Sand Washing Plant. Methodist.
PETERSEN, JOHN -0- Vivian, 29-FA-l. W-Peggy. C-Daniel, Kevin, Owen, Paul. Farming &
      Ranching. Twp. Bd. Methodist.
PETERSON, LYLE -0- Lolver Brule,2l-Z-l. W-Leola. C-Cheryl, Jeanne, Shirley, Carlton,
Marcia, Karen, Becky, Peggy, Royal. Ranching. Am. Leg. Lower Brule postmaster.
Leola 4-H Leader. Karen,Becky.Peggy, Royal 4-H members. Methodist.
PETERSEN, PETER -0- Reliance. l7-FM-l. Farming.
PETERSON, ROLAND -OR- Reliance, 22-FP-l. Farming & Ranching. Electrical Contracting,
Chief Fire Dept. Methodist.
POTTER, RONNIE -R- Reliance, 25-HP-l. Gen. Farming. R
RAMSER, CARL (Kelly), -R- Presho, 35-DF-I. W-Velda. C-Kimberly, Dawn, Shayne.Ranching
& Farming. Am. Leg. Methodist.
RAMSER, CHARLES -0- Presho, 8-JF-2.
RAMSER, JOAN -0- Presho, 6-HF-I.
RASMUSEEN, MARY, -0- Presho, 24-MB-l. C-Marian, Hans, LaVern. Marion 4th Grade
 Teacher at Chamberlain
READ, ELMER -R- Kennebec, 25-DH-I. W-Clara.Works for Gary Halverson.
REGENNITTER, MLPH -0- Vivian, 33-FA-l W -Frances. C- Eileen, Lyle, Richard.  .Farming
& Ranching. Catholic.
REIS, DENNIS -0- Reliance, 23-CW-I. W-Arlene, C-WilIiam. Dennis & Arlene both
      Veterans. Ranching. Vice Chm, Lyman Co. School Bd, Mem. SD Stock Growers.
REIS, GORDON (BUS) -0- Oacoma, 5-CX-I. W-Peggy. C-Randy, Brad, David, Linda.
 Ranching. Vet. Dir. Mo. Valley Horsemans Club, Brad & David FFA memo Bus Peggy
 memb Mo. Valley Squares. Catholic.
REIS, STANLEY -0- Reliance, l-BA-2. W-Laura. Ranching. Methodist.
REUER, EUGENE -0- Reliance, 30-FS-I. W-Laura. C-Eugene Jr, Sheree, Patricia, Brad,
 Bryan. Ranching & Dairying. Mallard Seed Corn Dlr, Commr Am. Leg Post 179,
Asst 4-H leader, VP Central Dary Improvement Assn, Eugene, Sheree, Patricia
4-H members. Methodist.
REUER, MARTHA -0- Reliance, 2-DW-I. C-Alvin, Richard. Retired. Zion Lutheran;
REUER, RICHARD -OR- Reliance, 2-DW-2. W-Viola. C-Kenneth, Darrel G, Rodney, Kevin,
Gloria, Keith. Ranching. Am. Leg. Dist 8 Commdr Am Leg, Chm Am. Creek Soil
 Cons Dist Mem. Lyman Co. £, SD Stockgrowers, Chamberlain School Ed, Twp Bd
 Sec. Lyman Co. Extension, Dlr ACCO Seed. Rodney & Kevin 4-H, Darrel mem FFA &
 State Judging Team. Lutheran.
REUMANN, ADOLPH, -0- Kennebec 22-DH-2. W-Fonda. C-Kenneth, Paul, Doris. Farming
& Ranching. Dir. Farmers Co-op Elev. Dir. Nat. Bank of SD (Presho). Methodist.
REUMANN, PAUL, -R- Presho, 9-DH-I. W-Nola. C-Craig, Mike. Gen. Farming. Am. Leg.
 & VFW. Craig 4-H. Lutheran.
RIGGS, JOHN J. -0- Vivian, 7-FA-l. W-Ethel. C-John Jr, Lela. Farming, Ranching.
ROBERTS, CLINT JR. -0- Presho, 35-HB-I. W-Beverly. C-Debbie, Shellie, Clay, Kristi.
Farming & Ranching. Kristi, 4-H member. Methodist.
ROCKAFELLOW, GRANT. -0- Reliance l4-FM-l. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
ROHRBACK, CARL -0- Reliance 33-HP-I. W-Pearl; C-Leo, Dorothy. Farming. Methodist.
ROHWER, ROSINA -R- Hamill, 27-AB-I. C-WilIfam, Clara, Rudy. Retired.
ROHWER, WILLIAM -0- 29-AB-l. W-Sara. C-Beverly, Betty, Marie, Bonnie, Barbara.
Ranching. Twp Bd. Methodist.
ROTH, HARRY, -0- Reliance. 22-DM-l. W-Barbara. C-Richard Lee. Farming & Ranching
Am. Leg. VFW. Wife teacher. Lutheran.
RUSSELL, DELBERT -0- Reliance. 26-FM-2. Retired. S
SALZMANN, C. H. (Nick) -0- Iona, 6-AK-I. W-Laverne. C-Perry, PennyJo. Ranching. NFO
memo Lutheran.
SALZMAN, KATHERN, -0- Iona. l2-AF-l. C-Lois, Mildred, Richard, Helen, Nick,Emanuel.
 Retired. Lutheran.
SCHAEFER, ARNOLD SR. -0- Reliance, 22-HP-l. W -Karolina. C-Catherine, Arnold Jr.
Dalbert, Ronald, Kenneth, Leonard, Carolyn, Gary, Wesley. Ranching. United
SCHAEFER, JAMES -0- Kennebec, 20-JM-l. W-Gloria. C-Tonya Linn. Ranching. Teacher
in Presho. Pres. Medicine Creek Ranch Inc. Lutheran.
SCHAEFER, LE ROY -0- Kennebec. 8-JP-l. W-Ethel. C-Leola, Francis, LeRoy Jr, James.
SCHELLE, HENRY -0- Reliance 32-FP-l. W-AnnaC. C-Rita, Helen, HenryJr, Larry.Farming.
 Am. Leg. Catholic.
SCHLESKE, ADOLPH -0- Reliance, 19-FM-I. SO W-Esther. C-Louis, Ralph, Adella,Connie,
 Karen, Delilia. Ranching & Dairying. NFO memo NFO Meat Bd. Lutheran.
SCHLESKE, ALFRED -0- Reliance, 30-DM-3. S W-Edna, C-Jeannie, Kathleen, Nancy,
Debbie, Laurie. Reg. Herefords. Dir. SD Wheat Comm. S Dir. Big Bend Hereford
Assn. Kathleen, Nancy, Debbie 4-H members. Lutheran. S
SCHLESKE, HARLAN -R- Reliance. 28-DM-I. W-Sonia Faye. C-Scott. Ranching. Vet. Luth
SCHLESKE, RALPH -R- Reliance 18-DM-I. S’ W-Janet. C-Steve, Kala, Charla. Dairying &
Ranching, School Bd. Lutheran. S
SCHINDLER, DON -0- Reliance 9-FP-I. W-Bonnie. C-Todd, Tom, Troy, Tami, Trent.
      Farming & S Ranching, FHA Committeeman, 4-H club leader, Todd & Tom 4-H memo
SCHINDLER, GARY -R- Reliance, ~4-FP-I. W-Kate. Ranching.
SCHlNDLER, RAYMOND, -0- Reliance.15- FP-l W- Ella. C- Donald, Gary, Kenneth.
 Retired. Township Board. Catholic. S
SCHMITT, WM, -0- Reliance. 3- CM-l. W- Verna Ranching.
SCHNABEL, RUBEN, -R- Presho, 4-FF-I. W-Inez. S C-Mike, Jackie, Cristy. Works for
 Verdun Stanley. Am. Lutheran.
SCHOENFELDER, WILLARD (Curly), -R- S Kennebec, 12-FH-I. W-Josephine, C-Diane,
Gloria, Marjorie, Barbara, Elizabeth, Melody. Gen. Farming. Am. Leg, VFW.
Twp Bd. Catholic.
SCHOENHARD, VERNON -0- Presho, l5-DF-l. W-Kathryn. C-Mona Rae, Garry, James,  Verna
Ka. Farming & Ranching. Am. Leg. VFW, 1\vp. Bd. Catholic.
SCHOOLER, FRANK -R- Reliance, IO-CM-2. W-Janet. C-David, Timothy. Dairying, 1\vp. Ed.
David & Timothy, 4-H memo Methodist.
SCHOOLER, WILLIAM (Harry) -R- Reliance, IO-CM-3. W-Barbara. Dairying. Lutheran.
SCHOULTE, LYLE, -0- Presho, 23-DB-I. W-Katherine. C-Donna, Judy, Raymond, Carol,
Richard. Farming & Ranching. Reg. Polled Herefords, 1\vp Bd, SD Stockgrowers
 Assn, Hereford Assn, Natl Polled Hereford Assn, SD Hereford Assn. Catholic.
SCHUILING, RALPH -0- lona, I-AF-2. W-Marlene C-Rodney, Wesley. Ranching, 1\vp Bd.
NFO. Methodist.
SCHULZ, BENNY, -0- Presho. 30-DH-l. Gen. Farming. Zion Lutheran.
SCOTT, GLENN, -0- Vivian, 23-HA-I. W-Lauretta C-Carolyn, Dennis, Jeanette, Leslie.
      Farming & Ranching, Am. Leg. 1\vp Ed. Lutheran.
SCOTT, OTTO HARRY, -OR- Vivian, 22-JA-I. W-Elaine. C-Steve, Mike, Brenda, Brian,
 Bruce, Beth, Dan, Kevin, Scott.
SCOTT, ROBERT, -0- Vivian, 21-JA-I. W-DeLoris. Beef Cattle.
SHOOP, H. W. Jr. -0- Vivian, 28-HA-I. Construction.
SINCLAIR, RONALD -R- lona, 28-AF-I. W-,Vickie. Farming & Ranching. Baptist.
SLETTO, FLOYD -0- Presho., 30-CF-I. W-Ada. C-Jean. Ranching & ACCO Seed Dealer, 1\vp
Bd. Mem. SD StockgrOwers Assn. Lutheran.
SMALLEY, EVERETT, -0- Ft. Pierre, 8-MB-l. W-Katie.
SMITH, HAROLD, -0- VMan, 34-FA-I. W-Emma. C-Pamela, James. Farming & Ranching,1\vp Ed.
Pamela 4-H memo Wife Assistant 4-H leader. Lutheran.
SMITH, HERBERT -0- Vivian, 4-FA-l. ,..-Ida. C-Lorne, Richard, Lyle. Farming &
      Ranching. Am. Leg. Ed. Dir. Vivian State Bank. Lutheran.
SMITH, JERRY -R- Presho, 23-DF-l. W-Juanita. C-Mike, Jodi. Farming & Ranching. Am.
Leg. Church Bd, Me. White River Grazing Assn. Methodist.
SMITH, LORNE, -0- Vivian, 3-FA-I. W-Carolyn. C-Bradley, Bernard, Patrick,  Gordon,
Martin. Farming & Ranching, U.S. Navy Vet. Alternate ASCS Committee. Lutheran.
SMITH, LYLE, -0- presho, l8-DF-I. W-Mary. C-Margaret, Daniel. Farming & Ranching.
SMITH, RICHARD, -0- Vivian. 32-HA-I. W-Joyce C-Sateera, Stephanie, Nanette, Mathew.
Farming & Ranching, Vet. Co. Bd. of Educ. Methodist.
SMITH, WILBUR J. -0- Box 122, Pierre, 5-MF-I. W-BettyJean. C-Kenneth, Richard, Terry,
Connie, Willard Eugene, Kathaleen. Beef Cattle, Diversified farming, Wilbur is
Applegate T\vp. Clerk. Wife Twp Supervisor. Baptist.
SMITH, WM. J. -0- Pierre, 3-MF-I. W-Alice. C-Sbaryn, Judith, Nancy, Pamela, Wm Jr.
Beef cattle, Wheat farming, Methodist.
SONDERGARD, ANNA -0- Reliance, 5-BA-Z C-Jack, Doris, Irene. Retired, Lutheran.
SONDERGARD, JACK, -0- Reliance, 5-BA-I. W-Elaine. C-Steven.. Carol. Ranching. 1\vp
Ed. Chm. Hamill Community Hall. Lutheran.
SONGER, LESTER, -0- Kermebec, 2-CH-I. W-Joan. C-Lloyd, Linda, LaVerne, LeRoy.
Ranching & Dairying. Am. Leg. Twp. Bd. Methodist.
STAINBROOK, CLARENCE -R- Vivian, 19-FB-l. Works for Jim Coble.
STALLMAN, HENRY -0- Reliance, 7-DW-I. W-Katherine. Farming & Ranching.
STAMBAUGH, GLEN, -0- Reliance, 21-DM-l. W-Mable. C-DIWlne, Carrol, Doris. Farming
& Ranching. Baptist.
STANLEY, JOSEPH (Joey), -OR- Presho, 23-FF-I. W-Mary. C-Heather. Gen. Farming. Luth.
STEIGER, LeROY, -R- Reliance, 28-FM-l. W-Peggy. C-Loretta. Gen. Farming.
STEWART, CARROL, -R- Reliance 5-DW-I. W-Dorothy. C-Eileen, Alice, Leland,  Marilyn,
Douglas, Dorma, Gordon, Steven, Dermis. Farming & Dairying. Vet. Co. Comdr.
Am. Leg. Gordon & Steven 4-H. Methodist.
STEWART, ROBERT G. -R- Reliance, 32-DW-2. W-Gladys. C-Lisa, Keith, Kent. Farming &
Ranching. Am. Leg. Methodist.
STEWART, ROBERT W. -O-Reliance, 32-DW-I. W-Veva. C-Carrol, Robert G, Lyle. Farming
& Ranching. Methodist.
STRAKA BROS. (John, Joseph, Anton), -0- Reliance, IO=FR-l. Farming & Ranching.
STUDT, JOHN, -0- Presho, 19-FH-I. W-Della. C-Judy, Robert, Mary, Roger, Peggy,
Lucille, LaVorme. Gen. Farming. Does Custom carpentering and decorating.Luth.
SUNDALL, CARL -0- Kermebec, 14-CH-I. W-Lee Ila C-Herbert. Ranching. Am. Leg. Wife
      teacher. Methodist.
SUNDALL, ROBERT -0- Kermebec, 35-DH-I. Ranching. Methodist.
SURAT, LOWELL, -R- Reliance, 27-FM-l. W-Cormie. Works for Adolph Schelske. Luth.
SVOBODA, BERWYN, -0- Reliance, 23-JP.-l. W-Mildred. C-Wayne, Joyce, Susan, Janet.
Ranching. Bd. Dir. Medicine Creek ~nch, Inc. 4-H leader, Wayne, County 4-H Jr.
 Leader. Joyce, Susan, Janet, 4-H members. United Church of Christ.
SVOBODA, JOE -0- Iona, 17-AF-I. W-Elsie. C-Franklin, Mariland, Vince, Gwendlin,
Elenor (Don Christensen, Howard, Robert, Joan, Melvin, Marvin). Ranching. ZCBJ.
TAGTOW, AVERY -R- Kennebec, 15-FJ-l. Works for James Abdnor.
TAGTOW, ERNEST, -0- Reliance, 8-FP-3. W-Gertrude. C-Robert, Loyd, Marian, Margaret,
 Avery. Ranching.
TAGTOW, ROBERT -0- Reliance, 3-DW -1. W-Laura. C-Gloria, Eugene. Farming & Rural
Mail Carrier, TV Repair Shop. Wife Twp Bd Tr. Methodist.
TALSMA, MERLE -0- Iona, l-AF-l. W-Shirley. C-Tim, Keith, Sherri. Ranching. Methodist.
TAYLOR, C. P. -0- Presho, 3-HF-I. W-Norma. Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
TAYLOR, STEPHEN, -O-Presho, 25-JB-l. W-Barbara. C-Todd, Tim, Lynn. Beef cattle.
TERCA, EVERETT, -0- Presho, IO-CB-l. W-Frances J. C-Lorna, Sharon. Farming &
Ranching, Twp Bd. Methodist.
THOMPSON, CHARLES, -0- Iona. 21-AF-I. W-Arline. C-Kay Ann, Lori Lee. Ranching.
Am. Leg. & VFW. Lyman Co. School Bd. Church Bd, NFO. Methodist,
THOMPSON, CLARENCE, -OR- Reliance, 17-HS-I. W-Alberta. C-Brenda, Clarence Jr, Roberta
Kay, Wanda. Ranching. Mem. Lower Brule Tribal Council. Episcopal.
THOMPSON, CLARENCE JR. -R- Reliance, 31-HS-l  W-Lorretta. C-Darin, Travis. Works for
Iron Nation Corp. Episcopal.
THOMPSON, J. W. (Jiggs). -0- Lower Brule, IO-Z-I. W-Helen. C-Linda, Martha,  Julia,
Fritz. Reg. Qtr. Horses, on Tribal Council, Mem, SD Stockgrowers, SD Rodeo
Assn, VFW, Am. Leg. Wife, Ext. Club’; Martha, Julia, Fritz,4-H members. Epis.
THOMPSON, LAWRENCE _0- Reliance, 20-HS-l. W-Daisy Lee. C-Lawrence, Robert,  Deborah,
Gregory, Cheryl, Guy, Bernard, Robert. W. Reg. qtr Horses, Sanitarian, Tech. U.
 S. Pub. Health Service. Daisy works for Iron Nation Corp. Episcopal.
THOMPSON, WILBUR -0- Reliance, 30-HS-2. Ranching. Episcopal.
TRACY, BERYL -0- Presho, 2-CF-l. W-Frances.Farming & Ranching. Co. Commissioner.
County Weed Bd. Catholic.
URBAN, ALFRED. -0- Presho. 8- JF-l W- Yvonne. C- Gary, Glenda. Cross Galloway
      Hereford Cattle. Township Board. ASCS
URBAN, FRANK. -0- Presho. 18- J F-l. W- Helen. C-John, Catherine, Anthony, Cecelia,
James, Lawrence. Diversified Farming.
URBAN, JOHNJ.- 0- Presho.35-FH-l.W- Cleo. C- Dana, Russell, Jane, Alane. Farming &
      Ranching. Vet. Pioneer Seed Corn Dealer. Twp. Bd. Bd. Dir. Wheat Growers  Assn.
Lyman Co. Stock Growers Assn. Methodist.
UTHE, DELBERT -0- Presho. G-FF-l. -Eileen. C-Dennis, Gary, Larry. Farming &
Ranching (Vice Pres. Farmers Co-op Elev.) Methodist.
UTHE, HAROLD, -0- Presho, 3-FB-2. W-Dallas C-Jackie, John. Farming. Am. Leg.  Twp.
Bd.  Lyman Co. Wildlife. Dir. Isaac Walton Club. Methodist.
UTHE, VERN -O-Presho, 14-HF-l. W-Virginia. C-Clinton, Janice, Clifford, Judy, Bertha,
Lowell. Farming & Ranching. Lyman Co. Crop Improvement Assn. Methodist.
VOLLMER, JACOB -R- Kennebec, 7-FJ-l. W-Anna. Gen. Farming. Lutheran
WAGAMAN, EMANUEL, -0- Reliance, I-DM 1. W,.Evelyn. C-Curtis. Farming & Ranching.
 Am.Leg. Dist.” 8.Adj. ‘1Wp, Bd. Dist 7, ASCS Lutheran.
WAGNER, BEN -0- Presho, 28-MF-l .W-Honay. C-Faye, Jean, Lamont. Cattle-Sheep.
WAGNER, GILBERT -0- Reliance, 4-DW-l. W-lla. C-Kathleen, Mark. Ranching & Auction-
eering. Vice Chm. State Assn. Soil Cons. Dist. VP SD Auctioneers Assn. Bd Dir,
Bailey Hosp. Bd. Dir. Reliance-Presho Farmers Union Oil Co. Methodist.
WAGNER, HORACE -0- Reliance, 21-DW-l. W-Single. C-Alice, Hazel, George, Gilbert
Farming & Ranching. Methodist.
WALKER, LYNN SR. -0- lona. 22-AF-l. C-Edna, Lucy, Lynn Jr. James. Farming &
Ranching. Chin Lyman Co. Comm. NFO memb. Methodist.
WALTERS, DARYLD, -R- Kennebec, 17-DH-2. W-Betty Jean. C-Faye Marie, Daryld Gene.
Farming & Ranching. Am. Leg. Lutheran.
WARNER, RICHARD -0- Reliance, lO-HP-l. W-Lois. C-Reta Fay. Kirby, Rodny, Ronda.
Daniel Dow. Ranching. ‘1Wp Bd. Mem. Medicine Creek Ranch & Grazing Assn.
Assembly of God.
WELFEL, IVAN, -R- Kennebec. 19-HK-2. W-Charlene. Teacher in Presho.
WELLS, KENNETH, -0- Vivian, 23-JA-l. W -Dolores. C-Raymond. Bill, Elaine, Patti,
Robert, Jim, Roxie, Kendra. Hereford cattle, School Bd Mem, Lyman Dist  112.  Methodist.
WENDT, MARIE -R- Vivian, l7-FA-l. Farming.
WERNER, ALVIN, -0- Oacoma, 23-DX-2. W-Edith. C-Joleen, John, Loann, Hal. Ranching,
Reg. Hereford Cattle. Mem, SD Hereford Assn, Pres. Big Bend Hereford Assn.
Pres. Zion L~theran Church. ‘1Wp Bd. Wife teacher in Chamberlain.
WEVERSTAD, LESTER, -OR- Vivian, 12-JA-l. W-Ruth. C-Jeanette, Jean. Beef cattle.
Reg. Hereford bulls.
WHITE, MARY -0- Reliance, 8-FP-2.
WHITNEY, HAROLD -0- Kennebec, 32-FJ -1′.W-Margaret. C-Robert, Josephine, Grace,
Connie, Harriet, Marilyn, Betty. Dist. Committeeman ASCS.. Methodist.
WINTER, HAROLD -R- lona. 24-AF-l. W-Kathryn. C-Tim, Dave, Joe. Ranching. Wife works
Dallas Coop. Methodist.’
WOLCOTT, ORL, -0- Reliance, 2l-CW-l. W-Virginia. C-Deanna, Lenny, Deloris, Lonnie.
Ranching. Methodist.
WOLF, MARIE -0- Reliance, 9-HP-l. C-Max. Retired. Catholic.
WOLF, MAX -R- Reliance, 9-HP-2. W-Julie. C-Mike, Beth. Mgr ASCS Lyman Co. Catholic.
WOSTER, FRANK 0- Reliance, l8-FR-l. W -Margaret. C- Leo, Lexie, Michael, Timothy.
Thomas. Chris. Farming & Ranching. Field Rep. Lyman-Jones Water Development
Assn. Catholic.
WYNIA, HUGH, -0- Reliance, 19-JR-2. W-Nina. C-Gloria. Barbara, Dorothy, Steven,
      Ronald: Dwight. Ranching. Korea War Vet. Pres. Lyman Co. NFO, Lyman Co. School
 Bd, Wife-Head Start School. Barbara & Steven. 4-H members.
YATES. ROBERT -R- Reliance, 3-CW-I. W-Velma. C-Marla, Carlene. Ranching. DeKalb Seed
Corn Dealer. Lutheran.
ZIEGLER, ALFRED -0- Reliance, 32-JR-l. W-Gayle. C-Alfreda, Brenda, Lori, Vicky,
Alfred Jr, Kathy. Ranching. Am.Leg, & VFW. Brenda-Lori,4-H. Gayle 4-H leader.
ZIMBELMANN, ARTHUR -0- Hamill, 17-AB-I. W-Joan. C-Arvis, Arden, Gary. Ranching.
Am. Leg., VFW. ‘lWp Bd. Ch,. Church Bd. Arvis & Arden 4-H members. Zion Luth.

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