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Holmquist/Flannery Family History Update

Submitted by Tim Flannery, 2002

I don’t know how many people access this site, or if anyone keeps up on information about past graduates.  BUT in case there are any of her school mates looking for her or wondering about her, I thought I’d share a bit about her. At the time of its printing it showed only 22 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. That has increased to  36 grandchildren, 31 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren, and another couple on the way. Total of 86 descendants including her own children. (not including spouses and in-laws!)  Several of us have never been married or have kids YET! SO, more on the way.
Unfortunately we lost Mother on August 6th, 2001.  (Thank goodness she didn’t live to see the horrors of Sept 11th that year)  Dad died in June of 1986, from a stroke. It had only been months since my oldest sister Dianne passed away from ovarian cancer.  It was too much for dad to experience the loss of one of his 13 beloved children.  Momma took it terribly too.
Shortly after, we noticed a very changed woman.  Although she rebounded, and became an extremely independent woman for the next seven years, we began to notice signs of Alzheimer’s.  Momma’s condition progressed for about 10 years.  She never got to the point where we couldn’t care for her at home.  We were very blessed to keep her with us, in her own home.  It was NOT an easy task, but we thank God everyday that we had her that we never were required medically to put her into a nursing home.  She was adamant about staying in her own home. She had a very good quality of life, with some ups and downs as could be expected.  Even when it was extremely difficult with some of the mood swings, we know that it was momma’s way of teaching us yet another lesson.  You don’t stop loving someone just because life gets difficult.  You stay in it for the long haul, like she did with the 13 of us kids and countless grandkids.
In the end though, Momma had developed an arterial aneurysm.  We knew about it, and expected that it would rupture  and she’d be gone very fast. It was such, that it could not be surgically corrected. God (and everyone else up there) was watching out for her.  When it finally did go, it was only a slight rupture.  She was in the hospital overnight with internal bleeding.  There were over 25 of us there with her overnight. Almost all of the kids, and many of the grandkids were there to say good-bye  to her.  She went to sleep again about 9:00am in the morning, and shortly after just stopped breathing.  She was extremely peaceful at the end when she died.  But still it was the worst day of my life.
Looking back, Momma had a life that I think any woman might envy.  Although with a family as large as ours, she didn’t always have the material possessions, she had what she wanted most in life, by her own words;  LOTS of children and family to take care of. You can’t imagine the fun and games we had going on.  The family get-togethers with her siblings and their kids…  She was in heaven when there were tons of kids and family around…she lived for it.  Dad told us younger kids that the doctors had warned her endlessly about having more after #9 and #10, but she kept right on ’til she could not physically carry another child.  (and thank God, because I’d have been one that didn’t show up!!)  I can’t even imagine growing up in any other family.  Mom and Dad definitely got their jobs done!
Just let everyone who went to school with her know that the saying is true.  There ARE angels walking around on earth, disguised as human beings.  They may not have known it then, but they know it now, because they went to school with one!
I know this is lengthy, but if you can’t print it all I understand. But PLEASE put my email address for anyone who wants to know about her.
If you’d like other information about her 10 siblings who also mostly attended Kimball HS, I can have my aunt get that to you.  Five of momma’s siblings are still with us, the other 5 are “Upstairs” watching over the rest of us.
I sure do appreciate it.
Tim Flannery
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