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Cemeteries – Native American

Native American Cemeteries

and burial records

Native American Cemeteries, Lower Brule, Lyman County, SD

All Native American data submitted by Leola (Schaefer) Peterson, Lower Brule genealogist/historian. Printed as submitted.  Thanks Leola! 

Cemeteries included on this page are:

St. Albans – Fort Hale, Fort Lookout-

Holy Faith – Cedar Creek

St. Mary’s Catholic – Reliance

St. Mary’s Catholic – Lower Brule

Holy Name Catholic – Fort George

Catholic – Fort Thompson

Riverview – Chamberlain

Holy Angels’ Catholic – Presho

Catholic – Stephan

Holy Comforter – Fort Thompson

Messiah – Iron Nation

Black Hills VA – Sturgis

Records from churches and cemeteries as found by Leola. Some data may be duplicated.

Data records for these churches and cemeteries:

· Holy Comforter-Lower Brule

· Messiah-Iron Nation

· Holy Name-Ft.George

· Holy Faith,Cedar Creek

· St. Albans, Fort Hale

Burials to VA plot in Episcopal Holy Comforter cemetery

Ft. George Catholic Church cemetery

VA plot in Holy Comforter Episcopal Cemetery

Black Hills VA Cem.

Stephan Catholic Cem.

Presho Holy Angels cemetery

Riverview Cemetery

St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery,

Ft.Thompson Catholic cemetery

St.Marys Catholic Cemetery-Lower Brule


Holy Faith-Cedar Creek–

Holy Name- Ft.George–

St Albans-Ft.Hale/Ft.Lookout

Messiah Iron Nation-burials from Holy Comforter

ST.ALBANS, Ft Hale-FT. Lookout-1965-to 1988 records

HOLY NAME–Ft. George–1965-1988 records

HOLY FAITH Cedar Creek-1965-1987 records

MESSIAH–Iron Nation-1965-1988 records

Also included is a partial list of some of the ministers,deacons and lay leaders serving the Episcopal parish–1890 to the 1990’s at the bottom of this page

Native American records

1926 to 1997

as submitted by Leola (Schaefer) Peterson, Lower Brule· Funerals for Native Americans held at St.Mary’s Catholic Church in Lower Brule. · Burials Lower Brule and other cemeteries as listed-: Fort George Catholic, Fort Thompson Catholic, St. Mary’s, Reliance; Riverview, Chamberlain; Holy Angels Catholic, Presho; Stephan Catholic, Black Hills VA Cemetery, Holy Comforter Episcopal VA plot.

Ft. George Catholic Church cemetery

Name age date of death

Yellow, Adam–2 mo.—-June 10,1926

Gillen, Emma 20 August 2,1927

Langdeau,Hilda 13 August 4,1927

Swift Hawk, Joseph 32 Dec.30,1928

Atkinson, Jeanette ? Oct.20,1929

Forked Butte, Ambrose ? Feb.5,1933

LaRoche, Winnie 34 Apr.10,1935

LaRoche, Newman 12 Mar.23,1936

LaRoche,Philip,Sr. 67 Apr.14,1937

Forked Butte,Finton 10 Apr.14,1937

Swift Hawk,Simor 16 Nov.26,1939

Forked Butte,John 29 Apr.3,1945

Fallis,Bessie ??-Aug.29,1961

Langdeau, Joseph 74 Feb.19,1962

Forked Butte, William ??? 1966

Durkin, Elmer 57 Apr.1,1966

LaRoche,Amy 79 July 4,1966

Langdeau,Lottie 74 Aug. ?,1966

Swift Hawk,Eugene 88 Feb.8,1967

Yellow,Elizabeth 69 May 28,1967

Durkin,Lucille 64 Apr.23,1973

Hudson,Lawrence Jr. 22 Nov.27,1974

Hudson,Lawrence,Sr. 69 June 10,1976

Hudson,Richard 42 Aug.20,1976

Peck, Sharon 31 Mar.13,1977

Fallis, George 66 Nov 17,1977

LaRoche,Richard 60 Apr.1,1980

Hudson,Alvena 68 July 25,1981

Collins,Ella Fallis 73 Oct.2,1987

Herman,Carol Jean Hudson 52 Dec.25,1989

Yellow,James 89 Mar.22,1993

Durkin,Jean ? 1995

Ft. George Catholic Church cemetery

Atkinson,John H. 45 Mar.20,1968

Bad Horse,Harry 51 Jan.12,1972

VA plot in Holy Comforter Episcopal Cemetery

Skunk,Joseph 45 Nov.29,1977

Flute,Ruth Lucy F.C. 48 Sept. 11,1994

Black Hills VA Cem.

Pourier,Percy 58 May 25,1978

Stephan Catholic Cem.

Iron Elk,Harry (Jr?) 9 Feb.12,1937

LaRoche,Carrie Aug.14,1940

Presho Holy Angels cemetery– (listed on their records).

Jandreau,Martin 2 Dec.1969

Jandreau,Jerauld 33 Dec.18,1974

Gourneau,Blaine E. 24 Nov..9,1984

Jandreau,Leo (Tete) 70 July 7,1988

Jandreau,Bridger 2mos Oct.11,1994

Howe,Cecelia (Cissy) LaRoche 75 Nov.30,1994

Riverview Cemetery, Chamberlain

Pickner, Marjorie D.H. Janis 42 Oct.19,1989

St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery,  Reliance

Maag,Patricia Clara–2 1/2 -2/18/28

Ft.Thompson Catholic cemetery

Plays With Iron,Highmore 50 Feb.2,1938

Michalek,Darrell E. 20 Sept.13,1978

Michalek,Irene 69 Mar.29,1997

Burials in the St.Marys Catholic Cemetery-Lower Brule

1926 records to 1997

Name -age—date of death


Poor Clown,Catherine–73–3/20/27

Iron Elk,Israel–10 mos.–5/10/27


Eagle Thunder,Adam–5 —–1927

Driving Hawk,Peter P.–9–3/11/28

DeSheuquette,baby Alice J.-4 da.–1928


Pretty Shield,Eugene–?–2/23/29

LaRoche,Stephen–1 1/2–7/22/29

Good Road,Hannah–57–4/25/30


Handsome Elk,Thomas-36–5/18/32



Reinhart.,Lola DeS.,.-27-10/22/33


Good Road,Jim-65-1/25/35

Sawalla,Richard Ashley-1 mo-3/3/35

Elk Horn,John,-80-4/9/36






Big Eagle,Edith-33-8/31/42

Bad Horse,Mary-8 mos-1/31/44

Clairmont,Elgin N.-6 mos.-9/2/45

Pretty Shield,Belle-67–9/12/45


LaRoche,Barbara-4 1/2 –7/29/46


Bad Horse,James-?-1946

Eagle Thunder,Ruby Irene–2/9/48

Eagle Thunder,Obed-?-1948


Long Turkey,Lyda-?-5/30/52


Eagle Thunder,Florence,(Mrs.Obed)-?-3/12/53

DeSheuquette,Eva LaRoche-73-10/?/53

Todd, Ann LaRoche-28-6/20/62

*Note-Cemetery was moved in 1963 due to Big Bend Dam

LaRoche,baby girl-infant-7/9/65

Estes,Andrew R.,Jr.-11–7/13/65


Driving Hawk,Henry-55-6/2/67

Driving Hawk,Connie Rae-17–7/23/67


LaRoche,John F.–73-12/6/67

King,Elinor Kay-34–5/13/71

Goodlow,Marvin G,Jr.-14-8/16/71

LaRoche,Danny Ray-2da.-9/17/71

LaRoche,Donald Richard-29-10/30/71

Bad Horse,Corrine B-52-11/3/72

LaRoche,Alex N.-87-10/10/72

Driving Hawk,Leonard-28-2/28/73

LaRoche,Garrett Todd-5 mos.-2/14/74


McCauley,Theodore (Ted),Sr.,-64-7/15/77

Wright, McKenzie-4 hrs.-11/27/77

Bad Horse,Emma High Elk-83-1/19/78

Provencial,Jenneifer-3 mos.-2/7/78

Bad Horse,Ernest,Sr.,-84-4/15/78

Short Bear,Leroy-36-1/6/79

LaRoche Pearl B.-95-9/28/79

Felicia, Dennis J.-49-5/30/80

Bad Horse,Milburn James,-53–2/13/81

Whitney,Joseph-1 da.-1981

Estes,Patricia Renee-infant-2/24/82

LaRoche,Sylvester (Buster)-76-6/10/82


Wilson,Everette T.-30-12/23/83

LaRoche,Desme Troy-1 1/2-2/23/84

Big Eagle,Ulysses Grant -73-3/1/84

Good Face,Catherine, ET-64-8/31/86

Banks,Clyde C.-59-8/3/87

Estes,David C.-22-12/19/87

Fuhrman,Jeanie (Genevive)-48-1/22/88

Thigh,Hilary Jean-11-9/16/88

Smith,Alexis Helen-5 mos.9/18/88


Bad Horse,Daniel-53-10/20/89

Quilt,Viola-Black Dog-62-10/30/89

Estes,Andrew R. Sr.,-73-8/11/90

Bad Horse,Gayla Marie-2 1/2-9/28/90


Iron Heart,Monti E.Infant-9/8/93

Iron Heart,Muriel J. Infant-9/9/93-twins


Bad Horse,Tim,Jr.,-2-12/31/91

Fire Cloud,Bertha E.T.69-4/6/94


Langdeau,Velma Irene-58-5/13/95

Bad Horse,Rena Gail-34-7/1/95

Smith Delmar -77-4/19/96


Skunk,Betty Jo-39–7/21/96

Bad Horse,Velma Jean-36–12/10/96-


Posted in its entirety as received from Leola Peterson, Lower Brule, SD 1997

Burials for:

· Holy Comforter-Lower Brule

· Messiah-Iron Nation

· Holy Name-Ft.George

· Holy Faith,Cedar Creek

· St. Albans, Fort Hale

· Researched and listed each cemetery separately by Leola Peterson

1890 to 1919 church books missing

1919-to- 1947-listed

1947-to 1965-book missing

1965 to 1988 -listed

1988 to 1997–made up from obituarys and news clippings.


NAME age Born date of death

Vicki Victoria Estes 7/15/19 July 1919

Viona Mellissa Estes 7/15/19 17 July 1919

Frank LongTurkey 14 August 1919

Charles Councilor- 43 6 September 1924

Millon EagleThunder- 9 26 September 1921

Annie Four Eagle -60 16 January 1925

Lorine Harriet Pretty Head- March 3,1925

Cora Long Fish -08 Sept 15,1924

Abraham Splintered Horn – 56 Sept 3,1925


Susan Councilor 78 January 16,1926

Paul Roubedeaux March 19,1926

Mrs.Paul Roubedeaux March 19,1926

Milton Black Dog 4 mo.27da May 31,1926

Rachael Joy Packard–1yr7mo.— July 26,1926

Cato Sell Black Dog 10 Dec.12,1926


Milton Grass Rope 5 mo.19 da. 1-15-1927

Thomas Small Jumper 52 Jan.27,1927

Delphine Caroline DeSmet 4 April 22,1927

Mary Fool Hawk -(or Trick in Light) 84 May 12,1927

Willis Elmer Small 1 May 7,1927

Geneva Mae? Long Fish 10 mo. June 12,1927

-Eat Her Foot/or Thunder Hoop 88 June 21,1927

Mrs.John Black Partison/or Hair Blanket -77 July 7,1927

Mary Flute 10 July,17,1927

Ben Grass Rope 27 July 29,1927

Emma (Mrs.Tom)Bow 51 Sept. 13,1927

Mary Grass Rope 6 Dec.24,1927


Lear ? Gary Flute 8 mo. June 2,1928

Emma or Anna W. Pretty Head 9 mo Dec.1,1928

Samuel Pretty Head 30 Feb.17,1928

Arthur Long Fish 32 Dec.2,1928

Mary Long Fish 12 Dec. 6,1928

Alice Spotted Hawk/(Eat No Dog)–74 Dec.14,1928

Josephine Councilor 14- Dec.14,1928


Arleen Gloria Long Fish 7 mo Jan. 3,1929

Fool Hawk 85-(from Rosebud) Jan.22,1929

Mable Long Fish 4 March,2,1929

Edna Estes 17 March 2,1929

Steven Grass Rope 16 Apr. 19,1929

Rose Flute 14 May 2,1929

Amil(Emil) Flute 21 Nov. 11,1929

?Clein Roy Arcoran? 82 12-22-29


George Thomas Banks March 14,1930

Alice Useful Heart 54 May 5,1930

Isaac Horace Day Boy June 15,1930

Guy Wallace Zephier 14 buried at Yankton

Robert James Pretty Head 4 July 27.1930

Harry Bow 0 March 10,1930

Raymond Flute 19 May 5,1930

Rebecca Big Mane 90 Dec.23,1930


Annie Felecia 25da. Feb.18,1931

Charles Forked Butte April 22,1931

Lizzie Quilt 33 May 28,1931

Lema DayBoy 10 May 30,1931

Phillip Councillor 73 July 8,1931

Celeste EagleHorse 0 June 20,1931

Baby of John Small 0 Sept. 21,1931


Eunice Small Jumper 22 Feb.9,1932

Adelia Flute Stricker 22 March 9,1932

Frank LaRoche 25 Apr.24,1932

Steven Spotted Horse 87 May 20,1932

Sylvia Black Dog/(Iron Woman) 86 Aug.10,1932

Robert Emmett Splintered Horn 8 August 22,1932

Mercy Flute 17 Sept.24,1932

Dolly Ann CrazyBull 3mo. -Nov,4,1932


Evelyene Eleanor Big Eagle-8 mo- March 10,1933

Mary Dismounts Thrice–68–May 9,1933

Francis Flute–12–June 5,1933

Ardyce Blanche Roulliard-22mo16da.–Aug,8,1933

Titus Little Crow/(Kangi Ciqlelu)?–86–Aug.20,1933

Emma HighElk-59– Aug.28,1933

Eugene HighElk Sept.1,1933

Lois Small–29–Sept.3,1933

Rev.Iver Eagle Star–69-Sept.8,1934

Tom Bow (Itazilpa)-74-Oct.14,1934

Edith Small-12-Dec.3,1934


Gladys Agnes Flute 14mo10da. March 25,1935

Geraldine Small-2da-March 22-1935


James BlackDog–4–January 24,`1934

Phoebe Quilt–33–Feb.5,1934

Bertha SmallJumper-39-April 7,1934

Mary (S.J.) Small–59–July 10,1934

Vincent Small Jumper -5–July 12,1934

Silas GrassRope-17-June 3,1935

William DayBoy–23–June3,1935

Emily Flute–58–June 10,1935

Baby Eagle Thunder-0-Nov.2,1935

Susan Spotted Horse -87-Nov.4,1935

Edward Pretty Head -(Cate chist)-65-Dec.16,1935


Rita Amorita Eagle Horse-7mo.-Feb.8,1936

Mrs Annie Small Waisted Bear-58-Feb.11,1935

Philip Felecia-4mo-Feb.29,1936

Anita Annie Quilt–11-April 4,1936

Henry Useful Heart-68-Aug.2,1936

Stella Black Dog-18-1936

Mrs.Amelia Councillor -84-Nov.11,1936


Baby Small,(parents Geo.and Victoria)-0-Jan.6,1937

Peter Two Hawks-Jan.13,1937

Charles Councillor—Jan.14,1937

Baby Eagle Horse-(parentsWilson and Mary)-0-Jan.14,1937

Rebecca LongTurkey–81–Jan.17,1937

Elsie BuffaloMan-91-Mar.30,1937

Viola Nancy Sue MallowHawk-4mo-May 12,1937

Bert GoodFace-19-Aug.7,1937

Mrs.Ed (Jessie)PrettyHead-67-Aug.22,1937

Florence High Elk-34-Nov.11,1937


Marylinn Joann Black Dog-14mo.-Mar,17,1938

Joseph Ellsworth son of Nancy Wilson-2 1/2 Mo.3-17-38

Mary Flute–6–June 21,1938

David Small Jumper—- Oct.12,1938

Alice BlackDog-18– Nov.20,1938

Baby Sawalla-(parents Joe and Angela)-0- Dec/14,1938


Verdell Leroy Small–7–Jan.25,1939

Loretta Mae Rencountre–17mo.-Feb.6,1939

Baby Black Dog-(Parents Silas and Julia)-0-May 21,1939

Whitley Eagle Horse-2- June 16,1939

James Chase the Bear-19mo.-July 16,1939

Stephan Alvin Grass Rope-11mo.-Nov.19,1939


Baby Sawalla–0-Jan.13,1940

Evert bert Two Hawk-6mo.-Aug.22,1940

Deloris Yellow hawk-14-Aug.30,1940

Robert Delano Small-4- Nov.3,1940


Seymour Two Hawk-20-Jan.9,1941

Geraldine Marie Zephier -9mo.-March 26,1941

Baby Sawalla-(parents Joe and Angelic)-0-April 17,1941

Hermine LongTurkey -54-May 18,1941

Martha Alice GrassRope-3-May 21,1941

Lucy Corine GrassRope-17mo.-June 1,1941

Mrs.Victoria Small-19-June 7,1941

Marie Louise Sawalla–5-June 12,1941

Edward Russell Councillor-35-July 12,1941

Mrs.sophia rencountre-49-Sept.7,1941

George Tompkins-87-Nov.18,1941


Melissa B. Tomahawk-21-Jan.18,1942

Etheline Small Jumper-4-Feb.21,1942

Agnes Hope TwoHawk-4mo.-April 2,1942

John Small Waisted Bear-65-April 26,1942

Delight Grace GrassRope-6-August 2,1942

Mrs.Marcella TwoHawk-24-Aug.13,1942

Ramon Narciss ? Felecia -2yr.4moAug.21,1942

Alberta M.BlackDog–2-Dec.13,1942

Mrs.Nellie Long Fox.–63-Dec.14,1942


Mrs.Margaret CrazyBull-78-Jan.30,1943

Chris Vinson P.S.Flute-1-Feb.3,1943

Baby Black Dog-(Parents Si and Julia)-0-June ,19,1943

Dorothea Small-3-Sept.28,1943

Harry Edward Iron Elk–9mo.-Nov.22,1943


Samuel HighElk-68-Jan.2,1944

Herbert Flute,Sr.-71-Feb.8,1944

Amos YellowHawk-77-March 9,1944

Barbara Jean Estes-27da.Nov.29,1944

Samuel Clark Sawalla–3mo.-Nov.11,1944


Cordelia Gail P.S.Flute -65-March 3,1945

Florence May EagleThunder-13-March 7,1945

Utahama Joyce LaRoche -1 1/2 -May 29,1945

Darline May GrassRope -1mo.-June 5,1945

Allouise Wastina-5mo.-June 15,1945

Maude TwoHawk-63-June 20,1945

Edward BigHeart-73-June 23,1945

Jean Marie Yellow Hawk-5-Sept.9,1945

Bernard Yellow Hawk-7-Sept.10,1945

Lena Yellow Hawk—–Sept.11,1945

Stephan Yellow Hawk—-Sept.Sept.19,1945

Mrs.Angelic Sawalla-39–Nov.11,1945


Mrs.Esther Tompkins-84-Nov.1946


Milton Waybun Wilson-21-Feb.2,1947

Frances Marlene Estes-8mo.Mar.13,1947

Brenda Fern BigEagle-0-July 15,1947

Harvey BigEagle-60-Oct.9,1947

List from book in Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, Lower Brule,SD.. Burials for St. Albins, Messiah, Holy Name and Holy Faith made up in own lists. By Leola Peterson, Lower Brule

Holy Faith-Cedar Creek–

Name age-date of death

Sarah Big Eagle-April 24,1925

David Two Hawk–03-July 30,1925

Hazel Two Hawk— Sept.22,1930

Zachois (?) High Elk Dec 26,1930

Amos Two Hawk -20-March 2,1932

Mrs.Peter(Hannah)Two Hawk -66-Sept.27,1933

Holy Name- Ft.George–

Name age-date of death

Dolly Josephine DeWitt –22-Nov.26,1925

Marcus Langdeau-79-Sept.26.1929

Jeanette Two Hawks-41-Jan.23,1933

Louis St. Pierre-15–June 28,1934

Jacob Flute-40-May 16,1937

Verna Amelia Long Fox -1-Apr.9,1938

Olaf Carleson-July 30,1938Sophia Leggs-78-Jan.13,1940

Daune? Maurice Long Fox-18mo.-Aug.6,1940

Louis DeWitt-86-Dec.7,1940

Miss Victoria Leggs -54-May 6,1945

St Albans-Ft.Hale/Ft.Lookout

Name age-date of death

Ida Richardson Fire Cloud Grim-25- May 11,1925

Ella High Otter-65-May 18,1925

Dina Rencountre –56-Jan.27,1926

Curtis Philip DeSmet-6mo.-Feb.2,1927

Clara Packard-80-Feb.2,1927

John Lewis LongTurkey-2 1/2 mo.-March 2,1927

Peter Quilt-25-April 18,1927

Elmer Wilson-9da.-June 20,1924?

Pearllow Grime— Dec.30,1928

John DeSmet-90-March Mar.29,1930

Rowena Patricia Grim-6-May 18,1930

Matthew Quilt -8—–1930

Moses High Otter-(Mapiya Najean?)–Aug.16,1931

Luke C. Walker-82-May 22,1933

Edna May Long Fox-4mo.-April 14,1938

Philip Carpenter-55-July 11,1938

James Rencountre -65-May 25,1939

Joseph Bice Thompson-2mo,July 13,1945

Joseph Paul Thompson -2mo.-July 24,1945

Messiah Iron Nation-burials from Holy Comforter 1919 to 1947

Rebecca Thundering Bull-age 75–died April 24,1923

Thomas Tompkins-20–Jan.10,1925

Baby Langdeau-Jan.24,1925

Eli Burt Small Waisted Bear–Dec.3,1925

Susanna DeSheuquette-(Laming)-28-Oct.1,1925

Baby Joe Edward Johnson-3-Dec.19,1925

Philip Seth Stricker-16-Aug,25,1926

Daniel C.Forked Butte-5da.-Oct.10,1926

Lucas Stricker-56-

Emma LaRoche-40-Dec. 16,1926

Charlie Small Waisted Bear-15-March 25,1926

Mary Archambeau-9-Dec,24,1926

Sadie Irene Good Face-1 1/2–Mar.7,1927

Arthur Tompkins-20-Mar.30,1927

Irene DeSheuquette-Apr.6,1927

Leonard Tompkins–May 5,1927

Naomi Phylis Forked Butte—July 2,1927

Townly GoodLow-44-Sept. 4,1927

Lone Horn -67-Apr.27,1928

Nellie Forked Butte-57-May 29,1928

Nellie Iron Nest-78-Mar.8,1929

Thomas Johnson-83-Nov,24,1929

Silas Swift Cloud–54–Apr.14,1930

Mary Two Hawk–62-Sept.18,1932

Lutie Johnson-41–Feb.13,1933

Lutie M. Langdeau-2-Aug.28,1933

Mrs.Seymour Felecia-30-Jan.23,1934

Viola Marie Tracks-2mo.-Feb.4,1934

Oliver Small Waisted Bear-37-

Amos Boy Elk-(huksila wamble)-88-July 25,1934

Amos White-18-Nov,2,1934

Eugenia Byrnes-56-Nov.5,1934

Clifford Jobe White-15 mo.Nov.27,1934
Leon DeSheuquette-74-Mar.3,1936

John Fire Cloud–78-July 8,1937

Doris Anita Johnson-14 mo,April 6,1939

Wayne Emery-62-July 8,1939

Helen Plays With Iron-69–Jan.15,1940

Mrs.Susie Johnson-81-June 26,1940

Martin Harold Johnson-Jan.1,1943

Mrs.Julia Stricker-70-summer of 1945

Maggie Florence Bad Horse–54–January 4,1979

Bessie Mattie GrassRope–76–March 18,1979

Clayton Gilbert BigEagle,Sr.,-44–April 9,1979

Delbert Eagle Horse–37—Oct.8,1979

Baby boy Quilt-(mother Ethel)-0-Oct.-28-1979

Guy Sherwood SmallJumper–27–Nov.22,1979


Marvin DeWayne LaRoche—44—Oct.30,1980

Selwyn Bryan Eagle Horse-40–Nov.4,1980

Milton_Patrick Wilson–28–Dec.6,1980

Aaron Odell Crazy Bull—45—June 17,1981

Alva G. Crazy Bull–died in Chicago-buried 8-8-81

Audrea Marie Calcari–9–Sept.15,1981

Harry Felecia—-Nov.12,1981

John Gilbert Big Eagle-72–Nov.17,1981

Joseph Michael GoodFace-4mo.-Nov.11,1981


Cecelia B. LongTurkey-56–March 1,1982

Madeline Eagle Thunder–79—Sept .6,1982

Baby Boy Irwin LaRoche-1mo.-Dec.9,1982


Nellie GrassRope–64–Jan.19,1983

Joseph C.BlackSmith-62-April 18,1983

Fred E.BlackDog-59–Feb.?,1983


William Abraham FireCloud–61–Feb.1,1984

Philomine SplinteredHorn–61–Aug.12.1984

Harvey Clifford Wilson-63–Sept.20.1984


Isabell Rose Flute–54–Feb.24,1985

Owen O. GoodFace,Sr.–62–Mar.6,1985

Elizabeth E.DeLoria–70–March 9,1985

Franklin Metcalf–38–May 10,1985

Baby Johnson-????1985

George Christ Estes-84–July 9,1985–buried Ft.Pierre

Jobe Avery Small Jumper -86–Aug.31,1985


John DeWitt -?71–Jan 22,1986-buried Eagle Butte

Lucy Ida BlackDog-68–May9 1986


Olive LaRoche-74–March 7,1987–buried in Catholic cemetery-LB.

Lucille Carolyn GrassRope SnowFly–28–Oct.25,1987

Francis LeRoy Charging Whirlwind–44–Dec.17,1987

1988—-Book #VI-

ST.ALBANS, Ft Hale-FT. Lookout-1965-to 1988 records

Weldon Craig Thompson—17–May 30,1970

Alberta Simons Thompson—47—Dec.29,1972

Carl Victor Thompson-50-Mar.14,1974

Alex Rencountre–71–Nov.7,1975

Floyd Wilbur Thompson-64–Nov.15,1975

Harry Thompson,Sr.–91–Sept.9,1976

Mose DeSmet-87–July 30,1979

Amy D. Carpenter–98–Sept.6,1982

Alice Ann Rencountre Good Face–50—Oct.23,1982

Samantha Bolman -0–a twin-April 20,1986

Vera Frazier White –62–May 2,1986

HOLY NAME–Ft. George–1965-1988 records

Emma Langdeau Bull Eyes–104–Oct.28,1969

Louise Long Fox–60–Nov.15,1971

Baby Don Yellow –18mo–Oct 24,1971

Shawn Richard Spears–4yr9mo.–Dec.3,1979

Patrick Edward Spears–3yr 11mo.–Dec 3,1979

Cheryl Kay HawkWing–24–June 15,1981

Eliza Flute–91–Feb.10,1985

Benjamin Walton Thompson–71–Mar.17,1985

HOLY FAITH Cedar Creek-1965-1987 records

Joseph TwoHawk—-Aug.18,1970

Jonah Small–68–Oct.11,1971

Hannah Amy (TwoHawk) Small–66–Sept.11,1975

Cecelia M. TwoHawks–64–Aug.27,1977

Richard Paul MiddleTent-46-Mar.2,1985

MESSIAH–Iron Nation-1965-1988 records

Eldalane Beth Grooms-24–May 16,1965

Julia Elizabeth Fire Cloud–84–Sept, 18,1967

Marlow Langdeau-42–March 25,1968

Marilyn(GoodLow) MiddleTent–22–July 6,1968

Mary Alice GrassRope–98–May 16,1969

Pierce Felecia-57–Aug.12,1969

Earl Nathaniel Langdeau-36–Sept.1,1969

Emma LooksBack GrassRope-67–Feb.?,1970

Sylvia Ann Banks Langdeau–37,1970


James Rueban Stricker–66–Apr.16.1971

Thomas Jay Johnson,Jr.—Dec.4,1972

Robert Henry Quilt–41–Jan.16,1973

Kenneth Pierce Felecia-28–Sept.5,1973

Walter Sazue–73–Sept.25,1976

Alvina Catherine Johnson Wilson–65–Oct.4,1976

Elmer W.Ziegler–16–Nov.7,1976

Baby girl of Betty JoSkunk-0-Oct.1,1977

Josephine Spotted Hawk–96–May 27,1978

Jasper DeSheuquette—-Feb.5,1979

Ben DeWitt–79–Mar.29,1979

Velda Mae Quilt–49–April 10,1979

Gerod DeSheuquette——1979

LeRoy Track—-1979

Sophie Forked Butte–97–July 18,1979

Viola Reed–79—Apr.20,1980

Laura Ziegler–88–Dec.17,1980

Christine Klemen ne Johnson–73–Sept.24,1981

Matthew GrassRope–Aug.14,1982

Kyle LeeTwoBulls-2mo. son of Carol HarmonNov.26,1982

George Tracks–72–Dec.1,1982

Roberta Susan Johnson–_Dec.21,1982

Ellsworth Clayton (Buddy) Langdeau-54–Dec.21,1982

Lawrence H. GoodLow-57-May 28,1984

Justin Lee Story-4mo.-June 25,1985

Robert Sazue–50–Dec.5,1986

Lillian White–94–March 14,1987

Aldena CelesteTompkins Langdeau-83–July 16,1987

Katherine Josephine Hay-20-Audrey J. Dau.)July 28,1987


Effie LongTurkey LaRoche-65-d.10-6-87,


Ronny Jean LeCroix-0- 3-16-89

Harriet Arlene High Elk Slowey-50-d.8-28-89


Faunell Lynn Quilt Ness-46-d.3-9-90


Cephais Frederick GoodFace-60-d. 2-3-91

Robert Samuel Thigh-15-d.4-6-91

Jasper Eagle Star-44-d.8-26-91

Elmer Big Eagle-57-d.10-18-94


Albert (Boots) Crazy Bull-52-d.8-5-92

Marian Amber Councillor Zephier Buck-80-d.12-1-92



Robert T. Thigh -40-d.3-17-94

Tamara Jean GrassRope-15-D.6-26-94

Grace L. DeWitt Blacksmith-70-d.7-9-94

Herbert P.S.Flute-82-d.8-1-94.


Agnes Norah-GrassRope Hawk-Stricker-49-d.1-28-95

Joseph W. (Jiggs) Thompson-75-d.3-18-95 (buried Scotty Philip Cem.Ft.Pierre)

Wilfred Elvis GrassRope-38-d.5-6-95

Annie Catherine Tompkins PSFlute-87-d.6-23-95

David Tompkins-97-d.9-8.-95

Lavina LongTurkey LaRoche Goodlow Langdeau-78-11-16-95


Antoine (Tony) LaRoche Sr-79-d.5-11-96.

Mrytle Lunderman GoodFace(Mrs Henry)-78-d.7-29-96

Francis Stricker,Jr.-17-d.10-5-96


Norman G. Wilson-71-d.Feb.1,1997

Darius T. LaRoche-3 d.Feb.24,1997

James Henry Estes-68 D.March 25,1997

Partial list of some of the ministers,deacons and lay leaders serving the Episcopal parish–1890 to the 1990’s

Luke C. Walker, Joseph DuBray, David W. Clark, Henry H. Whipple, J.B.DeCory, Alfred Barber, Paul H.Barbour, Ed P. Pretty Head, Wallace H. Zephier, W.B. Roberts, (Bishop) A.J.Klein, C.M. Jones, Cyril C. Rouilliard, Iver Eagle Star, Reuban Estes, Conrad Gesner, Thomas Hemminger, Isaac High Elk, John DeWitt, Thomas J. Rouillard, Paul Chekpa,priest, C.B. Harnsberger, John Grass-lay leader, Clyde Estes, William Bears Heart, George Selwyn, Sister Jeanette Kastorfff, John Lurvy. In the 90’s Rev.James Pearson.

Burial records


Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, LowerBrule

In new cemetery-

As submitted by Leola Peterson, Lower Brule, 1997 May-1965 to July-1988


Name———————-Age—date of death

Ronald G. BlackSmith–18–May 16,1965

William Hendershot–32—May 16,1965

Pamela Hendershot 4—May 16,1965

Baby boy Hendershot–0–May 16,1965

Joseph Philip Langdeau–48—June 13,1965

Christopher Marvin Flute—??1965

SP4- Elmer Sees The Elk–20—Sept.1,1965


Peter Pretty Sounding Flute–82-Sept.13,1966

Cheryl Lynn GrassRope-5 mo.-Dec.15,1966


Mavis DeSheuquette Johnson—Mar.25,1967-buried in Mont.

Angelic White Bird-57-Mar.5,1967

Josephine LongFox-Chase the Bear-88-Sept.30,1967


Jessie FireCloud-84-Mar.24,1968

Delphine Langdeau-March 30,1968

Russell Frederick Long Turkey–52–April 26,1968

Emma Good Face-56–Aug.25,1968

Alice Elizabeth Wilson-37-Sept.28,1968

Annie Virginia BigEagle–53–Dec.31,1968


Lester Nathan Eagle Star–24–Jan.18,1969

Harry Iron Elk-54-Sept15,1969

Edmund Elijah Quilt–54–Oct.27,1969

Daniel Emil Flute–40–Oct.31,1969

George Guy Small–55–Nov.11,1969

Elmer Pretty Head-68–Nov.28,1969


Phyllis Dorene Felecia–27–May 16,1970

Sylvia Ann Banks Langdeau-34-May 23,1970

Margaret Elaine Wilson–40–Aug.1,1970

Arbie Small–?? 1970


Mercy Rose Quilt–32–Jan.10,1971

Gary Ellsworth Small Jumper-18–Jan.31,1971

Loretta Flute LaRoche—Oct.30,1971

Herbert (Doc) Gandt-51–Nov.29,1971


Russell Thigh-?-July 7,1972

Pansy High Elk(Sawalla)-20-Sept.23,1972

Ralph Quilt-55-Oct.1,1972


Clyde G. (Duke) Estes,Jr.–21-Oct.2,1973


Eunice Good Face-79- Feb.12,1974

Vernon Lloyd Crazy Bull-44-May 27,1974

Philip Joe Touche,Sr.-29-June 14,1974

Edmund E. Quilt,Jr.-30-Nov.7,1974


Salina Flute—1-29-75-buried Ft.Thompson

Linda Big Eagle Sanden-28-March 18,1975

William Quilt-42-April 9,1975

Silas Black Dog-89-April 23,1975

Travis Heath GrassRope-2-Aug.7,1975

Boneta Linda Big Eagle-21-Aug.29,1975

Frederick Daniel LaRoche-64-Aug.30,1975

Zoe Edith LaRoche-77-Nov.16,1975


Muriel Joyce Small Jumper-29-March 9,1976

Wilson Whitley Eagle Horse–63–May 4,1976

Calvin Wilson Eagle Horse-33-May 4,1976

Alan Gene High Elk-34-May 19,1976

John Roderick Big Eagle-32-July 24,1976

Joseph Bernard Good Face-53–Aug.5,1976

John H.Potter-83-4-7-77-buried Ft.Pierre


Helen Fern Small Jumper-57-Aug.18,1977

Geraldine Anette GoodLow-38-Nov.2,1977

Felix Anton Quilt-53-Dec.12,1977

Grace E.Potter-85-12-25-77-buried Ft.Pierre


Juanita Aldena Langdeau Isburg-40-Jan31,1978 bur atCrowCreek

Howard Faye DeWitt-41-April 29,1978

Gilbert Crazy Bull- ?-Aug.4,1978

Joe Grass Rope-?-Aug.8,1978

Martha Elizabeth Skunk-58-Nov.5,1978