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Lyman County Settler Births

Published at Lyman, South Dakota, 1906-1913. Submitted by Gay Murphy, LBGS member.

NameSon or DaughterYear
Allers, Edwarddaughter1910
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Paulson1907
Blaker, C. A.son1914
Brakke, Thomasdaughter1912
Brown, Fredson1912
Buehrig, Willdaughter1911
Casey, Phillipson1913
Collinge, Walterson1907
Cropsey, Mr. and Mrs. Freddaughter1907
Delay, Edson1908
Dirks, David1911
Dutcher, Tiltondaughter1911
Dybing, Theodaughter1907
Easly, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. F.daughter1907
Frye, Emerydaughter1906
Gerard, Theodaughter1912
Gilman, Willson1912
Gray, John Wiliamson1912
Hamp, Walterson191?
James, Raydaughter1912
James, Ray1909
Jones, L.D.son1913
Jordan, J.A.son1909
Kennobie, F.M.daughter1907
Ketchum, H.J.daughter1907
Knobbie, Mr. & Mrs.son1912
Lathrop, Carlson191?
McClarrinon, Georgeson1911
McCleliand, Mr. & Mrs.son1912
McCraig, Dandaughter1909
McLean, W.S.son1912
McMaster, Myrtle A.1906
McWilliams, Rubeson1911
Mullen, Judgedaughter1912
Preston, E. G.daughter1911
Reed, Mr. & Mrs.son1912
Sheffer, Mikeson1909
Siegfried, Mr. & Mrs. daughter1907
Snodgrass, Harveytriplets1911
Stevens, Georgedaughter1912
Swenson, Peter M.daughter1911
Vickerman, C.H.daughter1909
Wagner, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest1910
Westergaard, C. S.son1910
Wilcox, A.C.son1909
Williams, T.C.daughter1912
Wilson, O.A.daughter1907